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Who killed Alison Dilaurentis

Who killed Alison it's really confusing is it Ian, Garrett, Melissa or the A-Team

My friend Dan says it's Ian but for some reason I think he's dead probably because I just started watching it and it says he's deceased in his profile page.

please tell me who killed Alison Dilaurentis

I'm so curious


Okay, well, its very confusing! i've read all of the books and in the books Courtney DiLaurentis (ali's twin sister) kills Ali. I know the books and the t.v series are differnt but i think it will be Courtney in the t.v series because of a couple of hints.

At the moment, in series 2 there was a conflict between Mr. Hastings and the DiLaurentis Family and in episode 12 i think it is, you see Mr. Hastings and Jason DiLaurentis arguing in the police station. In the argument, Mr. Hastings says "I've done all i can to protect to you" and Jason says "Does she know about all of it?" (refering to Mrs Hastings) the reason this is relevant to it being Courtney DiLaurentis is, in the books Spencer's dad and Ali's mum have an affair, meaning that Ali and Courtney are his children. The arguing in the T.V. series so far seem to be leading to this story line there for i think it will be the same.

Also, THE MAIN REASON. In the episode in series 2 (episode 13 i think) the one where Ali is alive and its halloween, out side that creepy hosue is a car that says 'Radley Sanitarium'. This is relevant because in the books, the name of the mental instatution that Courtney stays in is called Radley Sanitarium.

This probally won't make much sense tbh because i don't want to spoil the whole thing for you, BUT its along these lines. ;)

^ Fixed those blanks you left after "Radley". Hope you don't mind!

Ravenclaw Prefect (talk) 03:46, August 22, 2012 (UTC)

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