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You know there isn't anything I wouldn't do for you, right?
Ezra to Aria
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Aria Montgomery and Ezra Fitz

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1st Relationship: Pilot

2nd Relationship: Keep Your Friends Close

3rd Relationship: The Goodbye Look

4th Relationship: Through Many Dangers, Toils, and Snares

5th Relationship: The Blond Leading the Blind

6th Relationship: Close Encounters

7th Relationship: EscApe From New York


1st Relationship: Reality Bites Me

2nd Relationship: For Whom the Bell Tolls

3rd Relationship: Between Over My Dead Body and Through Many Dangers, Toils, and Snares

4th Relationship: A Hot Piece of A

5th Relationship: A DAngerous GAme

6th Relationship: Free Fall

Ezria is the name of the romantic relationship between Ezra Fitz and Aria Montgomery.

Season 1

Ezria Day 1
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In the "Pilot," Ezra meets Aria at a bar. The two start talking about college, traveling, writing and music, hitting it off right away. Ezra mentions that he begins his first teaching job soon. Aria lets Ezra believe she is a college student thinking of majoring in English. They go to the bar bathroom and make out next to the sink.

"Holy crap."
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The next day, they are both shocked to find that Ezra is Aria's English teacher. The whole class stares at Aria wondering why Mr. Fitz reacted so strangely to seeing her. When they get a chance to speak privately, Ezra expresses that he felt Aria was dishonest, but Aria clarifies that she chose her words carefully and didn't lie. She says nothing has changed and touches his hand, but he says even though she's amazing, things have changed and leaves the room.

Ali's funeral
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They see each other at the church for Alison's funeral. He apologizes for being a jerk and Aria says goodbye, thinking this is the end of something that never really began, but as she turns to walk away, he grabs her arm and kisses her.

It Happened One Night
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In "The Jenna Thing," Aria asks Mr. Fitz to sign the slip giving her permission to transfer out of his class. He tries to persuade her to stay, stating that he can keep his feelings in check, but the problem is she can't. He signs the slip for her. When the request is denied by the school, they glance at each other longingly realizing the only chance they had to be together just slipped through their fingers.

Out of the rain
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Aria runs into Mr. Fitz outside the movie theatre where she is seeing It Happened One Night with her mom. Ella invites Mr. Fitz to join them. They sit next to each other uncomfortably for the duration of the film. Later, Ezra sees Aria walking home during a rainstorm. He pulls up next to her and opens the passenger side door. He drives to a secluded street and they give in to their feelings once again.

Taking risks at school
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In "To Kill a Mocking Girl," Aria slips into Ezra's classroom between classes to ask what his plans are for the weekend. She suggests attending an opening at her mom's gallery, but he thinks it's a bad idea. She suggests meeting up afterwards; she can tell her parents she's attending Noel Kahn's party. Ezra suggests she actually go to the party so her friends don't think she is losing interest in them. She touches his hand for a moment and they don't speak until another teacher walks in the room. Flustered, they pretend Aria was there to talk about a homework assignment and she leaves. After a distressing encounter with Meredith at her mom's gallery, Aria shows up to Ezra's apartment. He gives her a much needed hug.

Nice legs, Mr. Fitz
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In "Can You Hear Me Now?," Aria and her friends spot Mr. Fitz riding his bike through town. She later mentions to him that her friends thought he had nice legs and that she felt embarrassed and awkward. He invites her to dinner at his place to talk and she accepts. Dinner doesn't go quite as planned though. They argue about Aria's way of dealing with the troubles in her parents' relationship. She accuses him of looking at her as a child and leaves.

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The tension is evident in the classroom the next day when Mr. Fitz defends Aria's opinion related to the assigned reading to a student (Sperling) who disagrees with Aria, unprofessionally accusing him of not having attempted to understand the book. Later, at his apartment, Aria calls Ezra out on such unacceptable behavior, and he agrees it was not his finest hour. The two talk over leftovers. Aria leaves when she realizes she has to talk to her mom despite Ezra's desire for her to stay.

Hardy disapproves of Ezra's relationship
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In "Reality Bites Me," Ezra invites Aria to a poetry reading, where he will be showing off his work. There, Aria meets Hardy, who can tell that she is there to support Ezra. Aria explains that she is his student. After his piece, Ezra is surprised to find that his old college friend Hardy in attendance. The three then hang out playing darts, eating French fries, and sharing college stories with Aria. Hardy is quick to pick up on Aria and Ezra’s scandalous relationship, warning Ezra that it could bring him more harm than good down the line.

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Later, Ezra takes Hardy's comments to heart; he mocks Aria that she will find out what college guys are like when she gets to college after she asks if all college guys are like Hardy. They discuss their relationship, whether it is right or wrong and if it should continue. Aria convinces Ezra that when they're alone with no one to judge, it feels right. Ezra asks her to stay, but Aria has to get home, promising to cook him dinner tomorrow night. When she shows up at his door with groceries in hand, Aria learns that she accidentally left her phone there overnight, and he intercepted a message from "A." Assuming it’s a friend of Aria’s she confided in about their affair, he quickly puts an end to their relationship without allowing for an explanation.

"A" is not a friend
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In "There's No Place Like Homecoming," Aria is depressed over the breakup. Her friends come over to cheer her up, thinking she is depressed because her parents are fighting. She tries to talk to Ezra in the halls at school, but he brushes her off, late for a staff meeting. At the dance, Aria is assigned to the same booth Ezra is working. She tells him again that she did not tell anyone about them and that "A" is not a friend; that someone is messing with her. She nearly tells him about The Jenna Thing, but stops because it's not only her secret to share. When given to the opportunity to leave the booth, she takes it.

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Later, Ezra sees Aria dancing with Sean and walks away looking disappointed. She spots him and follows after him down the hall away from the dance. She tells him that she knows it's over, but she can't stand the idea of him hating her. Ezra says he could never hate her. He regrets not being able to take her on real dates in public and is afraid he's asking too much of her. He admits to only coming tonight in hopes of seeing her. Things are left unresolved as they go their separate ways.

Aria misses Ezra
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When flowers are delivered to Aria in "The Homecoming Hangover," she hopes they are from Ezra and is disappointed and a bit perturbed they are from Sean. Aria tries to get a hold of Ezra many times, but he is unreachable. She tries his cell and house phone, asks the substitute when he might be back and even goes to his apartment to check on him. She uses the key under the mat to get inside just in time to hear a message from a school in New York confirming a job interview. She sulks in her room reading a book he inscribed for her.

Ezra is nowhere to be found in "Please, Do Talk About Me When I'm Gone," but Aria still thinks about him every moment. Hanna convinces her to go on a double date with her, Sean, and Noel Kahn, a guy Aria had a crush on years ago. Noel asks her about the boy back in Iceland Hanna filled him in on. Aria explains that she is still hung up on him, meaning Ezra, and is hoping things will work out, even though it doesn't seem likely at this point.

Ezra returns
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Aria has been getting closer to Noel lately. She turns down his offer for a date in "The Perfect Storm," but still sneaks away from the SAT with him to the music room where they almost kiss. Ezra returns from his trip to New York at this exact moment, soaking wet from being in the rain and looking dejected at the sight of Aria with Noel. They speak privately for a few moments. He explains he went to New York to deal with his "issues" and had time to think about the consequences of their relationship. He says things need to change. Aria says they already have and walks out holding back tears. Later, Ezra chats with Ella in a school storage closet. She says she is glad Aria has an adult in her life she can admire, causing Ezra to reevaluate his feelings once again.

"A" - an Ezria fan?
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In "Keep Your Friends Close," Ezra watches Aria talk to then kiss Noel. He asks if Noel plays football and Aria starts defending Noel, saying he's really smart and loves old movies. Ezra says she is entitled to be with whoever she wants to be with, but he is clearly not thrilled seeing her with someone else. "A" leaves a gift in Aria's locker - a book of poems with a note to read page 22. It is a poem by Ezra entitled B-26, referring to the song on the jukebox playing the day he and Aria met. She reads it with tears in her eyes then heads straight to Ezra's classroom to confront him about it.
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She is sick of his mixed signals and angry with him for letting her believe he didn't love her. He tries to tell her he was trying to do the right thing, but she won't have it. Noel catches the tail end of their conversation and asks what's going on. Aria says absolutely nothing is going on and walks out. Ezra asks if Noel has something to say to him realizing they are probably caught. Noel walks away and Ezra, in a moment of high emotion and frustration, throws the book of poems across the room.

Forgive me
"Forgive me"
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While Aria is at Mona's birthday party, Ezra texts her, "I need to see you." He pulls up in the woods and Aria gets in his car. He tries to explain why he was looking for a new job. It wasn't to leave her, it was to make it possible for them to be together. When he saw her with Noel, he decided to let it be and give her a chance at a normal relationship. She calls him a jerk and tells him off for making decisions that weren't his to make. He asks her to forgive him. She refuses. He gets closer and asks again. She can't resist him any longer and the two kiss passionately. Little do they know, someone is watching.

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The next day, in "Moments Later," Aria meets Ezra outside his apartment. He spotted the writing on the back of his car that morning and is understandably concerned someone saw them together last night. Aria insists it doesn't mean anything and wipes the writing away with her shirt sleeve. Later, Aria waits for him in his empty classroom. He agrees the writing on the window was probably nothing. They talk about their complicated relationship and discuss whether it would be better had they never seen each other in the bar that first day. Aria admits he makes her miserable sometimes, but not unhappy, and she would not go back and change things if she had the opportunity. He agrees. Ezra wants them to "move forward, together."

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In "Salt Meets Wound," Aria admits she knows who is responsible for writing on the car - Noel Kahn. She tells Ezra Noel promised not to say anything about what he saw. However, later that day, Noel tries to extort a higher grade on his essay out of Mr. Fitz, threatening to get the principal involved if he doesn't change the grade from a C to an A. When Ezra next sees Aria, he tells her Noel doesn't seem to be keeping his promise. While discussing this, Jenna enters the room, needing a signature on an absence card. On her way out she says, "sorry to interrupt," as if she may have heard.

"I love you."
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Noel threatens Mr. Fitz to change his grade again in "Know Your Frenemies." Noel comes this close to exposing his relationship with Aria until Mr. Fitz seems to give in, but when he returns to pick up his A paper, he finds it is still a C and makes it clear he will follow through with his threat. Noel mentions to Mike that he saw Mr. Fitz with a student and will be telling the principal tomorrow. Mike relays this information over the dinner table, freaking out Aria, who nearly exposes her secret with her dad standing right there.

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She drives straight to Ezra's apartment and finds him drinking and looking disheveled. She insists on knowing what happened today. Ezra clasps her hands and says he refuses to change Noel's grade, but whatever happens tomorrow, she has to know how he feels about her. "Even though this doesn't look right, it has always felt right." Aria touches tenderly touches his face and says, "I love you," then softly kisses him. Later, she calls home and lies about spending the night at Spencer's. He lights a candle and she leans on him on the sofa, both hoping this isn't the last time they'll hold each other.

Saved by "A"
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The next day, Ezra stands in his empty classroom preparing to resign. He exchanges a wistful look with Aria while walking down the hall. The principal, along with a security guard, is escorting Noel to his locker where the stolen answers to 3 midterms are found. Ezra looks beyond relieved and ducks out just before Aria and the girls receive texts from A, taking credit for setting Noel up. Aria is overjoyed, and strangely grateful to A for saving her relationship.

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Aria's old babysitter, and published author, Simone, comes to Rosewood for a visit in "Careful What U Wish 4." Ella arranges for her to talk to the English classes at Rosewood high. Ella also arranges for her to have coffee with Ezra because he is "very single and very handsome." Aria doesn't love the idea, but she can't exactly object. She arrives unannounced to his apartment on a Saturday morning, with coffee and pastries, and finds Ezra reading Simone's short story. He is happy to see her, but distracted because it is almost noon and he has to meet Simone. Aria offers to stick around, but he basically pushes her out the door, making sure she leaves first so no one sees them together.

Ezra and Simone
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At the dance-a-thon, Simone and Ezra chat by the coat room. Aria walks up and Simone tells an embarrassing story about how Aria used to sleep with a cookie monster doll. Later, Aria sees them together again, this time on the dance floor, and jealousy takes over. She marches up to them and demands, "We have to talk." Spencer sees what is happening and intervenes, asking Mr. Fitz to dance, giving Aria a chance to cool off.

Outside, in the parking lot, Aria says that Ezra would be better off with Simone, who is smart, pretty, and accomplished, and sheds a tear. Ezra replies, saying that he is in love with someone already, meaning Aria. He moves in to kiss her, but backs up, knowing that anybody could see them in the school parking lot.

Ezria in public at last
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In "If At First You Don't Succeed, Lie, Lie Again," under the guise of asking him to "look over her assignment," Aria seductively confronts Ezra with two tickets to a gallery exhibit in Philadelphia tomorrow night. "A" intercepts the information and gives Hanna a ticket to pass along to Ella to ensure Aria and Ezra get caught. Reluctantly, Hanna complies. When Aria goes to Ezra's apartment, decked out in heels and a red dress, ready for their date, she can't find him. Then Ezra pulls up in a limo, commenting on how good she looks and why a limo is much better than the train. The driver opens the door for Aria allowing her to get close to Ezra in the backseat. The two spend a romantic outing in Philadelphia, pleased they don't have to conceal their kisses and hand holding in public. The next day, Aria tells Hanna it was one of the best nights of her life. Evidently, Ella never made it to the opening.

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Parent-teacher conferences take place in "The New Normal." Aria tells Ezra he has nothing to worry about meeting her dad even though he is worried about the complexity of the situation. His meeting with Byron does not go well because Byron is under the impression Ezra may be interested in his wife. (Little does he know...) Ezra tells Aria he is sure her father hates him. Either that, or he's crazy. Another day, Ezra and Aria are alone in his apartment fooling around when Byron's voice comes over the answering machine, apologizing for the way he acted, inviting Ezra out for a beer, and decidedly killing the mood.

Awkward working relationship
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In "The Badass Seed," Aria ambushes Ezra with the idea of making her stage manager for the school play he is directing, called "The Bad Seed." Though initially uncertain, he is powerless against her persuasive arguments and agrees. He is also unsure about making plans with her father. She, however, likes the idea of them getting to know one another, hoping her dad sees how special he is. Aria mentions how she'd like her friends to see how special he is as well, lying that she hasn't told them about their relationship. He says they like him just fine; as a matter of fact, he just cast them in the play. Aria is excited she will get to spend so much time with him on and off-campus working on the play. Aria is a little too eager to help though, and slips up, calling him "Ezra" in front of everyone. She realizes her mistake and hopes no one picks up on it, but it's clear they do. This makes Ezra understandably edgy about their relationship.

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In that same episode, Ezra goes for drinks with Byron. There Byron mentions that Aria is already "applying to colleges in California," giving Ezra pause, and that Ezra should consider teaching at the college level where he would have more time for his writing. Later, Aria asks how the get-together with her dad went. He mentions how Byron might try to get him a job at Hollis College. Aria doesn't see the need for Ezra to get a new job. He mentions eventually he will want to move on, just like she will.

Kiss and make up
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Tensions rise when a conflict over scheduling causes Aria to admit becoming stage manager was not the best idea. She offers to find a replacement. Then they delve deeper into Ezra's comments earlier about leaving Rosewood. He says that their futures may not be linked, causing Aria to step back, bewildered. She explains she was only looking at one college in California, in Ezra's favorite city, where they could move together. She expects them to have a future, while Ezra is not as certain. She stops by his place later to make her feelings known - the future is uncertain, so they should enjoy what they have now. He seems to agree with the sentiment.

"Welcome home, honey."
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In "A Person of Interest," Aria walks in on Ezra talking to Jenna about a short story she is entering into a writing competition. Aria pretends not to know much about the incident which caused her blindness. She arranges to meet him at his place later to cook. When he arrives, Aria has already prepared dinner and is wearing a knockout purple dress which causes him to say, "Wow." He mentions why he was late and how he can't stop thinking about Jenna's story, which makes Aria uncomfortable and jumpy. She asks him to change the subject.

"It doesn't change anything."
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Aria talks to Emily who encourages her to tell Fitz the truth about The Jenna Thing if she trusts him. After two hours of pacing his block, she finally builds up enough courage to go talk to him. Tears trickle down her face while she explains that he may never look at her the same way again once she says what she's about to say. She tearfully tells him everything and, afterwards, thanks him for looking at her the same way he did yesterday. He says nothing she just said changes anything; he still loves her.

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In "Someone to Watch Over Me," Aria accidentally sends a text meant for Ezra to her mom. Knowing Ella is watching, and that the cops might be searching her room, she gathers up all the mementos of her relationship with Ezra (except a book he inscribed to her - it's too special), and gives them to Emily for safekeeping. She doesn't tell him about the close call.

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In "Monsters in the End," Aria catches up with Ezra in the hall to ask him about their plans for the upcoming Founder's Day Festival. Just then, Aria spots Ella walking by, so she purposefully knocks the coffee out of his hand and ducks down to avoid being seen. Both bending down to clean up the mess, she is able to (somewhat) discreetly whisper an invitation to Ezra to a quiet weekend together instead of going to the festival, but he does not answer definitively.

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Later, Aria finds out that Ezra has an ex-fiancée named Jackie Molina, having seen a picture of the two of them on his laptop. Aria is quite shocked by the photo and thinks he may be leading a double, er, triple life. She asks her friends for advice, and almost gives in to stalking Jackie online, but instead decides to be direct and ask him about it. She feels that he knows everything about her, but he hasn't shared as much about himself. Ezra explains that yes, he was once engaged. They dated throughout college, he proposed in Italy, she accepted, but later broke it off. Aria is not thrilled to hear he wasn't the one to break it off, realizing they could easily be married right now. Ezra reassures her that Jackie is his past and she is his present. This seems to satisfy her and they continue their movie marathon.

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Later, Aria decides to have some fun. She drew faces on some paper bags and has them wear them over their heads to pose for a photo. They, of course, cannot take real photos together, in case they were found. Aria gets a text from Emily and leaves in a hurry. We see Officer Garrett standing outside Ezra's door, probably seeing Aria exiting his apartment. He knocks on the door and asks to come in, spying the paper bags and a girl's scarf strewn on the sofa. The episode then ends with Garret saying "I'd like to talk to you about one of your students." We then see an unknown person take the spare key to his house from under his welcome mat. Could this be the end of Ezria?

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In "For Whom the Bell Tolls," Aria gets 10 text messages from Ezra saying that a cop was at his house and he needs to talk to her. Aria anxiously rushes to school to find out what's going on, fearing the worst when he says he just met with the principal. Smiling, he says he just turned in his resignation because "Hollis offered me the job." Aria punches him in the shoulder because she was certain they'd been caught. Ezra apologizes, explaining the cop was there to ask about Spencer, the trophy, props, etc. The real news is how happy he is he and Aria will be able to be seen out in public together, at a coffee shop, or a poetry reading - they don't always have to be looking over their shoulder anymore. He informs her that he'll be attending the faculty mixer at her house tonight. She offers to give him the tour, suggestively offering to show him her room.

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At the mixer, Aria answers the door to face none other than Ezra's ex fiancée, Jackie Molina, who explains that she works at Hollis. Aria, taken by surprise, leaves Jackie standing at the door and storms off. Ezra spots her leave and sees Jackie at the door, realizing why Aria might be upset. Alone in her room, she tells him that she can't help but think that he still has feelings for Jackie. Ezra says that he didn't know she would be there; he hasn't seen her since last summer and she was just a TA back then. Aria points out that up until then, Ezra was the only guy who had never lied to her. Disheartened, Aria leaves him standing in her bedroom, speechless.

Season 2

Ezra tries to win back Aria's love
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Noel has returned in "It's Alive," much to all the Pretty Little Liars' chagrin. After the Pretty Little Liars return to school after the Ian-church bell incident, Ezra beckons Aria to speak privately in the classroom. He checks if Aria is alright and if she wants to talk about it, but she is uncommunicative. He tells her nothing has changed, he is here for her and still loves her. Ezra tries to apologize about Jackie, but Aria is mostly unresponsive. He asks if they are over, and Aria can't manage more than a "I don't know..." She leaves the room and he looks very upset.

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That day after school, Aria does decide to make an appearance at Ezra’s place. There, shirtless Ezra assures Aria he believes she and her friends are telling the truth about the Ian incident. He offers his support to Aria. She says she feels like things have changed. Ezra says she can ask him anything and Aria is curious to hear more details about Jackie. He tells her Jackie wasn't ready for a commitment and assures Aria that she is not a rebound, but cannot bring himself to lie and say he wasn't still in love with Jackie when he first met Aria. He promises he was never thinking about anyone else while they were together. Ezra asks her to spend the rest of the day, like they usually do, but Aria declines. She tells him she's spending Sunday with her family and that she'll see him Monday. Outside, Aria receives a text, containing a picture of Ezra’s desk in his apartment. "A" claims something is missing and Aria instinctively looks under the doormat to find Ezra’s key gone. Will she let him know he needs to change his locks?

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In "The Goodbye Look," at school, Aria is cold towards Ezra when he attempts to be friendly. She accuses him of not letting her know about his last day on the job being Friday, and not being clear enough about what to expect after he packs up his desk. He feels he's been perfectly clear about how he feels, but that they won't be able to figure things out before the next bell. She finally consents to meeting Ezra in his apartment the next day to sort out the complicated details of their relationship.

Apologizing for being late
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Later, Aria gets a call from Ezra, while waiting for him in his apartment, as per their agreement. Ezra is stuck in a meeting with his new employers at Hollis College, surprised by how the long the meeting has gone. Aria is frustrated, thinking that this should have been anticipated, but she agrees to wait for Ezra in his apartment a while longer until he comes home. After getting off the phone, Aria pulls out Ezra's diploma from her knapsack and replaces it on his desk. After waiting over an hour, she calls Spencer for advice, but gets none.
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Growing more and more impatient, Aria starts pacing Ezra's apartment trying to busy herself while she waits. She receives a text from him asking her to wait, and she rolls her eyes. After pacing restlessly for a while longer, she pens a letter to him explaining that she has decided that she just can’t make their relationship work. She leaves it perched in the typewriter's output and finally leaves his empty apartment.

Goodbye Mr. Fitz!
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The next day in English class, Ezra uses his last moments with the Rosewood High students to give a parting speech. It is given to the whole class, but the innuendo is clearly intended for Aria alone, telling what an unexpected sense of loss he feels leaving and that he'll never forgot their time together. The other Pretty Little Liars no doubt pick up on the subtext, as well as Aria, who sits somewhat uncomfortably in her seat.

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After class, Aria does not approach Ezra right away, but silently broods over his words, remaining in school, while everyone else leaves. Suddenly, overcome with regret for letting him go, she rushes into his classroom, only to see it empty. She then catches sight of Ezra outside the window, packing up his car against the twilight. She chases him down, calls out his name running to embrace him, and the two kiss passionately.

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In "My Name Is Trouble," Aria enrolls in an extension course at the college where Ezra works. While on campus, Aria and Ezra revel in the fact that they can outwardly show their affection for each in public. (Although, doesn't Byron work on campus at Hollis College too?) The two lovers share a kiss, not realizing that a stunned Jackie is eyeing them from across the way. Later, Aria grumbles about the fact Jenna is in her pottery class. Ezra, in a robe, just out of the shower, sits beside her and listens. He mentions maybe the universe is trying to tell her something, maybe it's time to bury the hatchet with Jenna they share an interest in art after all. He pulls her closer and gives her a kiss while she contemplates his advice.

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In "The Devil You Know," Aria visits Ezra at Hollis. She sits perched on Ezra's desk, cluing him in on the details of discovering Ian's body. They are sharing an intimate moment, which is silently overheard by Jackie, who purposely barges into the office to break up their tête-à-tête. Ezra awkwardly introduces Aria as a former student, and she explains she just stopped by on the way to her dad's office. Jackie patronizingly calls Ezra by a nickname, probably to make Aria jealous and later remarks that "Mr. Fitz" should start letting "the girl" call him by his first name. After Jackie leaves, they discuss everything wrong with that little encounter. Aria's not crazy about the nickname "Z," mentioning how her family used to call her Pookie Bear and don't anymore, for good reason. Aria felt disappointed being introduced as a former student and Ezra felt demoted to a pit stop when she mentioned her dad. They agree in the future that he will introduce her as "a friend," and he just might have to start calling her Pookie Bear.

"I really needed a hug from you today."
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Later, when Ezra shows up to the church for Ian's funeral service, he is questioned about his attendance by Ella and Byron Montgomery. Ezra is at first forthcoming, admitting Aria invited him. However, he explains that it was to support his former students, all of them. Aria is rebuffed, especially when her father acknowledges the gesture towards the "kids." After the burial in the cemetery, Aria makes a comment about rounding up the entire student body so they can talk, chiding him for his earlier remarks. She wishes they could move forward and start being seen as a couple in public, but both know it's not the time or the place for a big step like that. Aria expresses her need for a hug, but all he can do is say he'll call her later.

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In "Surface Tension," Byron gets the idea to invite Ezra and a plus one to their family dinner. Alarmed, Aria goes to Hollis to see Ezra. There she tries to talk him out of accepting her father's dinner invitation, but he has already accepted and feels inclined to go. He persuades her that it will finally be their opportunity to warm Ella and Byron up to the Aria and Ezra interacting in a way other than as teacher and student. It will be "a baby step," just like she wanted. Aria reluctantly agrees.

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At dinner, Ezra comes over bringing flowers and scotch. He and Aria joke about the scotch, then Aria introduces him to her guests as "Ezra." Jason brings a similar gesture, and Aria's two suitors meet for the first time. Ezra notices Aria take a phone call upstairs. Later, when Officer Barry shows up to make the announcement of Mike's arrest, Jason and Aria exchange knowing looks, at which Ezra raises an eyebrow. Byron and Ella leave, to pick Mike up, along with the couple, who cannot wait to return to their newborn, leaving Ezra, Jason, and Aria alone in the house.

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Ezra helps Aria clear the table and runs the dishwasher. He remarks how well he was doing tonight before they were interrupted. They joke about him practicing what to say in front of the mirror to impress her father. Ezra questions why Jason was invited tonight, expecting a more specific answer than he is Ali's brother, and Aria explains her mom and his mom are friends. Aria goes to the living room to offer Jason more coffee, while Ezra watches intently, wondering what the two are whispering about. A little later, Aria suddenly declares it's time for them to leave. She tells them both she'll call them tomorrow and says goodnight.

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In "Save the Date," Ezra pops in on Aria working in the Hollis College pottery studio. He puts his arms around her and jokes about the pottery wheel scene in Ghost, but she's not in the mood. She flew past his apartment that morning in order to make sure her bowl gets put in the kiln. He asks, "how are things at home?" He tries to explain Mike's behavior by suggesting that Mike's friends put him up to it, but Aria informs him that he's broken into other houses too. She mentions him trying to break into Jason's place, and it dawns on Ezra that that was why she and Jason were privately whispering to each other at the failed dinner party.

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Aria just nods and picks up her finished piece and sets it on the shelf of pottery awaiting the kiln. Ezra picks up Jenna's candle holder and compliments it. Aria lets him know who its artist is. He asks about patching things up with Jenna, but Aria has nothing to report. Ezra asks why Aria hadn't confided in him about Mike, and she replies because it was embarrassing. He reassures her she shouldn't feel that way around him because he's understanding. He invites her over for later that day, and she accepts the offer, telling him she'll call him. During their conversation up until this point, Aria's voice has been very subdued. Ezra is about to leave, but turns quickly on his heels and asks if Jason is a threat to him. Aria gives a little laugh and denies it. When he leaves, she doesn't bother to turn her head to watch him go.

Ezria talk, and Aria lies
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Later in the hospital, Ezra stops by after Aria did not call him. In the waiting room, Ezra and Aria talk. He asks if there's anything he can do and invites Aria over if she could use company, but before she responds, she gets a call from Jason. Instead of picking up, she ignores it and tells Ezra that it is her dad. She tells him that she has to get home, then kisses him goodnight. The lyrics "breaking your heart was never my intention" play in the background.

Stripping in Ezra's office
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In "Picture This," after having conflicting sex dreams about herself with Ezra and Jason, Aria saunters into Ezra’s office, trying to fix her relationship and wash away her insecurities. She removes some layers until her bra and black lace top is revealed. She props a chair in front of the door, then starts to kiss Ezra passionately. He mumbles something about having class in fifteen minutes, so Aria decides to make the best of the time they have. She wraps her legs around him, and Ezra surrenders; they move to the couch. Later, Aria is waiting for Ezra in his office with snacks and sodas from the vending machine. Ezra asks if anything is going on and Aria says she is just happy and wants to share the feeling.

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In "Touched by an 'A'-ngel," Aria spots Ezra at the school college fair, but doesn't approach him because Jackie is with him and obviously flirting. Later, he spots her at another booth and approaches her, feigning a hard sell for Hollis College, specifying how "hands on" the teachers there are, but she doesn't play along. She assures him she's not mad at him, but she's frustrated with the "outside forces" which are threatening their relationship. He assures her that he does not have feelings for Jackie and there is nothing to worry about, but in the process of explaining her feelings, she blurts out that Jason kissed her. She doesn't get a chance to explain because Jackie walks up enlisting "Z" to get some brochures out the car. He walks away, still shocked and dismayed by what Aria just told him.

Ezra steps up
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After Spencer approaches Ezra with the information that she believes Jason to be dangerous, he pulls up to Jason's house, where Aria is standing outside. He tells her he came to get her because Jason could be a threat. She assures him that Jason had a legitimate explanation for the photos. Even so, he believes Jason to be a threat to their relationship. Aria had been pushing for them to go public, and Ezra finally seems to realize it may be the only way to keep their relationship afloat. He says that he doesn't want to lose her and thinks they should inform her parents about their relationship and eventually go completely public. Aria is thrilled by the idea and they kiss. Jason walks out, hands her the box, and watches her get into Ezra's car.

Little does Ezra know that Ella finds the prospect of Ezra dating a student completely distasteful and an abuse of his position. Ella shares her thoughts with Aria soon after Ezra's declaration; it is unclear whether this development will change Ezra's plan to come forward to Aria's parents. Meanwhile, Jason now realizes who Aria was referring to when she called herself unavailable, and he looks disappointed.

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In "Over My Dead Body," Aria shows up to Ezra's office with two cups of coffee, but does not enter because Jackie has beaten her to it. She overhears Jackie make an advance and Ezra tell her he is seeing someone and not interested. She leaves when her phone buzzes. A message from A instructs Aria to "get rid of Jackie" using a copy of the paper she is publishing and the article she plagiarized it from. She doesn't want to use this information against Jackie because she is afraid Ezra will never forgive her, but ultimately decides she has no choice. She goes to Jackie's office and shows her what she has on her, saying, "I think you should leave Hollis."

While getting ready for Tom and Isabel's wedding, the doorbell rings at Aria's house. Aria answers it and it is Jackie there to threaten to make Aria and Ezra's relationship public if she doesn't break up with him. Aria says, "you know that would hurt him much more than me." Jackie says she doesn't want to hurt him, but will if she has to.

"I need you."
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Aria, Hanna, Spencer and Emily are arrested them on suspicion of murder because they were found with Alison's murder weapon. At the police station, Aria asks to make her phone call. She appears to call Ezra, crying, "I made a terrible mistake and I need you." Ezra shows up a little while later while the girls' parents are gathered around discussing what to do.

"I'm in love with her."
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Byron spots him and wonders why he is there. Ella goes over to him and says, "I know why you are here." She says it is a small town and people talk. Ezra says, "I'm in love with her." Ella gives him a chance to walk away because "if Spencer's parents find out, they will ruin you." Ella still thinks Ezra is having an affair with Spencer. We won't know if he corrects her until after the break.

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Aria momentarily bumps into Ezra in the Hollis College hallways of her father's office building in the prequel episode, "The First Secret," demonstrating that she had encountered him long before she officially met him.

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One month after the girls' arrest, in "Through Many Dangers, Toils, and Snares," and after Aria finishes community service, Aria and Mike bump into Ezra on the street outside the bike shop. Things are clearly awkward as they talk about not having seen each other lately. She offers to return the book of poetry he loaned her, but he says there is no need. Aria asks Mike to throw out her empty coffee cup in order to get a moment alone with Ezra. She asks how he's been and he replies numb since she won't let him see her. Their conversation is cut short when Mike returns and they all exchange awkward goodbyes.

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The next day, Ezra walks in on Jackie and Aria arguing in his office. After Jackie leaves, he finally learns from Aria why she broke up with him. Jackie had been blackmailing her and after all the trouble with the cops, Aria didn't want to drag Ezra into it. Ezra regrets not telling her mother the truth in the police station. Aria is about to leave, resigned to the futility of the situation when Ezra asks if she still trusts him. She answers yes and he informs her that there is something important they have to do that afternoon.

"I love Aria."
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Later, standing before Byron and Ella in their living room, Ezra and Aria finally come clean about their relationship, much to her parents' shock and anger. Ezra does most of the talking, explaining he's in love with Aria and admits it started before she was his student and that it continued while she was his student. Ella and Byron are both in disbelief. Before Byron can hit Ezra, Mike walks up and does it first. After a stunned silence, Aria advises Ezra to leave.

Back at work, Jackie tries to defend her actions to Ezra, but it falls on deaf ears. He angrily tells her in no uncertain terms that he does not want anything to do with her, that she will not do anything to hurt Aria and then kicks her out of his office.

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In "A Hot Piece of A," Aria uses Hanna's cell phone to leave Ezra a voicemail. She tells him how much she loves him and that things will blow over. Later on, Byron shows up to Ezra's apartment to get his assurance he will never see Aria again. Ezra is unable to give it to him, and Byron threatens to get the police involved. Aria calls Ezra again the next day and this time he picks up. She says she just needed to hear his voice. He says he needed to hear hers as well, but she can't call him again. Aria tears up when he hangs up on her.

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Aria and her parents walk toward a restaurant in town for dinner, but stop short when they see Ezra through the window dining alone. Aria and Ezra stare longingly at each other before she's forced to walk away. Later that night, Aria leaves Ezra another voicemail, saying that she thinks her mom is coming around if they are just patient.

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Aria concocts a plan to see Ezra without her parents' knowledge in "Let the Water Hold Me Down." She arranges a date with old friend Holden to see a play she knows Ezra will be attending. When Aria turns from the ticket office, she sees Ezra getting out of a cab. She begins walking towards him, thrilled he showed up. He looks surprised, then happy to see her, but their moment is interrupted by Holden and Mrs. Welch. Ezra walks past them to the ticket booth.

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In "The Blond Leading the Blind," Aria leaves Ezra a voicemail from Emily's phone. She tells him she doesn't want their relationship to be over, but if it is, they should talk about it in person. If there is any chance of staying together, he will meet her under a clock in Philadelphia at 8 o'clock. Ezra sees the voicemail, but doesn't listen to it until prompted by a student's wise words.

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Aria waits patiently on a bench in the rain, watching every car that passes until Ezra finally arrives. He calls her name and they kiss in the middle of the street, stopping traffic. Inside his car, they both agree what they are doing is dangerous. He wants her to be safe and happy and make sure that being together is what she wants. She answers him with a kiss. They realize what they are doing is crazy try to figure out how they can make it work without meeting on sidewalks in the rain for the rest of their lives. Aria tells him she has a plan.

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In "A Kiss Before Lying," Ezra and Aria drive to an unknown location in Ezra's car and discuss their situation. Aria hates having to lie to her friends. He tells her she doesn't have to, but she recalls being "burned before." The good news is her mom seems to be slowly coming round to the idea of them dating. The bad news is her dad will probably never come around. They get closer when Aria mentions the need to generate some heat.

Aria and Ezra are able to see each other because of an arrangement she has with her good friend, Holden. They have another date planned for the next night, but it is canceled because Ezra has to attend a Hollis function. There, he is offered an assistant dean position in New Orleans, as it turns out, courtesy of Byron Montgomery, in an effort to ensure Ezra never sees Aria again.

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In "CTRL: A," Aria and Ezra talk on the phone, discussing Ezra's interview for the job in New Orleans tomorrow. Aria says it's a huge opportunity for him, but Ezra says that isn't the problem, it's what Byron will think if he doesn't take it. Aria says they need to discuss it in person, and Ezra suggests a restaurant which just opened up. Aria jokes that Ezra must really like her if he's taking her to a French restaurant. Ezra corrects her, saying he must really love her.

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That night, Ezra gets a text from Aria just as he walks up to the restaurant. She can't make it and promises to explain later. A disappointed Ezra turns to leave, when he notices Byron inside. Shocked at the close call, he quickly flees the scene.

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In "Breaking the Code," Aria and Ezra talk on the phone about his interview. He says he will be back tomorrow by noon. Before they can make plans, Ella walks in the room and Aria pretends to be talking to Emily. She quickly ends the call.

"Are you giving up on us?"
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The next day, Ezra meets Aria in her car. Aria asks him about the trip and says she is glad it's all over. Ezra says that Aria's dad is clearly on to them and that he hasn't declined the offer yet. The job is an incredible opportunity and if he turns it down, Byron will know why. Aria says that they will figure something out like they always do. Ezra says that he's not so sure about that anymore. She asks if he is giving up on them. He says no, but they've been trying to work it out for a long time and maybe they should consider the possibility it is not meant to be. Aria is very visibly upset. Ezra leaves, having to get to class. She breaks down and cries in her car.

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Later, Aria and Ezra eat and talk at Ezra's apartment. Aria wonders when he is leaving because it feels like he's left already. He assures her he won't be leaving right away. There is a knock at the door. Ezra opens it to find Ella. Initially surprised, then prepared for the fallout, he lets her in. Outraged, Aria wants to know if Ella plans to bring her home in handcuffs or just yank her out by her hair. Ella says neither. She came to listen.

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Ella stares at Ezra and Aria sitting opposite her on the couch. Aria wants to know what they're all doing there. Ella admits she does not condone their relationship, but is afraid of what will happen if she takes the same stance as Byron. She wants to understand the relationship between Aria and Ezra before anyone makes any rash decisions. They are interrupted by the kettle whistling.

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In "Eye of the Beholder," Ezra has an intense conversation with Byron defining exactly why he will be turning down the job offer - he won't allow Byron to have that much control over him. Ezra calls Aria immediately afterwards to tell her he loves her.

"You can at least lean into it."
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Aria shows up to Ezra's office with coffee in "If These Dolls Could Talk." Ezra tells Aria he's worried about the fallout from him not taking the job Byron lined up for him. She tries to assuage his fears and reminds him her dad is not all that powerful, then tries to take his mind off things with a kiss.

Aria finds out her father is planning to ship her off to boarding school. She calls Ezra offscreen to tell him and apparently he is not surprised.

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The next day, Aria lets herself into Ezra's apartment, surprised to find him there, not working late. She informs him that boarding school is off the table thanks to some nasty dirt she had to dig up that she would rather remain buried. He responds by telling her he's been fired and next Monday will be his last class.

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Ezra has been told by the school they are no longer offering his course, which he assumes is Byron's doing. Aria is angry, but Ezra tells her breaking up her family is not an option. His plan is to live with his parents for a while and start looking for a new job, more than likely outside of Rosewood. He tells her he loves her and kisses her. Still kissing, they peel away layers of clothing and move to the bed.

Season 3

In It Happened 'That Night', Aria wakes up from a nightmare on Ezra's couch. She notices the newspaper on Ezra's table. They talk about Garrett and Maya. Ezra mentions the weekend that's coming up. Aria says, "How could I forget?" thinking Ezra was talking about the anniversary of Alison's death. He mentions that it's their anniversary too and wants to recreate their first date. The two then make out on Ezra's kitchen counter.

In Blood Is The New Black, Ezra is dropping Aria off at her house, 3 blocks away. The two talk about her dad warming an up to their relationship and Byron still disapproves throughout the summer between Season 2 and 3. Aria brings up Ezra tutoring Emily and he says he might not want to. Aria kisses him, but his phone rings, Emily calling about tutoring, and Aria leaves.

In Kingdom of the Blind, Ezra is still trying to find a job. He has recently been rejected in an interview. Aria tries to comfort him by kissing him, but she gets distracted. She confesses to Ezra that Ella altered Emily's grade, and the vice-principal now wants to talk about her grading practices. She's worried her mother is going to get fired.

In That Girl is Poison, Ezra is outside Lucky Leon's, buying a newspaper. Aria gets him food from the restaurant. He tries to pay her for the food, but she refuses. Ezra doesn't seem to appreciate the gesture. She tries to explain, but Ezra cuts her off, saying he has to go to an interview, and heads towards his car. Later Aria is talking to Spencer, and Aria receives a text from Ezra saying he was invited to Jenna's party.

Aria and Ezra are at his apartment and about to leave for their dinner reservations. Aria brings up Jenna's party saying she wants to go. Ezra seems confused at first, but then decides to give her an antique camera. The two then leave for the party. Ezra and Aria arrive. Aria tells him that Laurel was her teacher during the photography lessons she took over the summer. Aria asks Laurel about the vintage camera. Laurel says if the camera works it was expensive. Eventually, Ezra wants to leave, but Aria talks him into waiting a little bit longer. Ezra is getting angry that Aria keeps ditching him at the party. This leads to a discussion of money and he tells her he got a new job. Laurel spots her wet equipment and Aria offers to run to the studio and bring her back dry memory cards. When Aria gets the memory cards Lucas, shows up outside saying he needs to get inside. Lucas sprints off when Ezra pulls up.

In The Remains of the "A", Aria and Ezra are at Ezra's apartment. Aria brings up the idea of ditching her first day. Ezra says it might not be the best idea. He grabs the camera he gave her and the two have a little photoshoot. Later, as Aria is getting ready to leave for her first day, she needs a sock. She looks in Ezra's sock drawer and finds loads of cash. She then leaves in a hurry.

Aria goes to Ezra's place. She confronts him about the money in the sock drawer. Ezra tells her he sold a car belonging to his grandfather. He did not want to tell Aria because he is embarrassed that he lost his job, and is now answering want-ads for webzines and reusing coffee filters. Aria feels sorry for suspecting him and asks to join him on the couch. They snuggle together, but Ezra steals a secretive glance at his sock drawer.

The main storyline from now on in Season 3 with Ezria is that Ezra has a son. His Mom paid Maggie (who he got pregnant in high school) to keep quiet about it and have an abortion. Maggie kept the baby and gave birth to Ezra's son, Malcolm. Wes split the beans to Aria and Aria tracked Maggie down and discovered she had in fact kept Malcolm. By tricking Spencer into thinking Aria had text her (A had Aria's phone), Spencer revealed it to Ezra who got mad at Aria for keeping it a secret, "you're the person I'm supposed to trust". Ezra then left later that episode to go and visit Maggie and meet his seven year old son.

Whilst he was gone, Aria spent a lot of time with Wes who even tried to kiss her, but she pulled away and asked him to leave. When Ezra returned the couple reconciled and Ezra said he wanted Aria in every part of his life. However after Aria met Malcolm and babysat him, he hit his head, leaving Aria to question whether or not she's ready for this. The second time she looked after him and was supposed to pick him up from Karate, Spencer, as A, got their first. Spencer kidnapped him to prove herself to Mona. Although Ezra didn't find out about this, it shook Aria up and made her think whether her relationship with Ezra was right.

In the Season 3 finale Aria finds out that Ezra is teaching again at Rosewood High. She lies to the principal and says they are not together anymore. Once she finds out that Ezra has accepted the job, and with all the worry that A will harm Ezra and/or Malcolm, she breaks up with Ezra. They share a kiss which was identical to the one they had before Alisons funeral in Pilot. This leaves the possibility of a reunion o


Season 4

In 'A' Is For A-l-i-v-e , Aria and Ezra have an awkward encounter at the Brew where Ezra tells Aria that he took a full time job at Rosewood. He tells her it's okay if she wants to see other people and she responds by telling him that she isn't ready for that. After hearing people coming she says "goodbye Mr. Fitz" and leaves.

Later on in the episode she is talking with Emily and staring at Ezra across the courtyard. The

Ezria 401
'Goodbye Mr Fitz.'
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vice principal sees her and she thinks she's busted because she told him that she wasn't involved with him anymo re. She begins to freak out even more when she gets called to his office. He calls her in and tells her that he knows she's been 'sleeping with her teacher' and shows her pictures of Aria and Ezra having sex that a concerned student had sent him anonymously. He tells her that her parents are coming and recieves a phonecall to which he says 'I'm relieved to know he's in custody'. Aria runs out and sees Ezra being led out of the school in handcuffs by police officers. She stands there crying as they look at eachother. It's then revealed that she was just daydreaming and imagining it. The vice principal gives her some papers for her Mom to sign and says he hopes she feels better. Aria texts Ezra and says she does want to see other people.

At Wildens funeral, Aria glances at Ezra (who attented the funeral with Maggie), but he doesn't look at her. This is probably due to the fact that he was talking with the vice principal at the time.

In Turn of The Shoe, Aria takes up self defense classes to protect herself from A (because she thinks she's an easy target being small). Looking for Holden, she meets an intructer called Jake. She has a session the following day and kisses him randomly. She leaves quickly and bangs her car steering wheel. She is seen to really regret the kiss and tells Spencer she did it because she misses Ezra. 

At school, Spencer talks to Ezra after class about her college essay and getting into a good school.

He tells her that you should always have a second choice, "even if you had your heart set on something else" which could be a reference to Aria. He makes another reference to her when he talks about doomed romance and Aria and Ezra make eye contact.

Later, Jake turns up to Aria's house and says he is interested in her but understands if she's not because teacher student relationships can be weird. She awkwardly agrees and they decide to get coffee together sometime.

In Face Time , Aria and Jake are walking when Malcolm runs out of a store and asks her why she doesn't come over anymore (meaning to Ezra's place). When he goes back inside, Jake asks Aria who Ezra is, and wonders if he is a friend of the family, but she just says he's one of her teachers. 

Later, Aria tells Jake all about Ezra and their relationship. 

In Under The Gun , Aria agrees to help out one of Mike's friends, Connor, with his English paper. He goes to her house and after she's helped him, he kisses her. Aria rejects him straightaway and tells him that she's not interested in that way. The next day at school, Mike comes to her and asks her how she could ho

ok up with Connor. She is confused and he says that they're all talking about it in the boys locker room. Angry, she goes there straightaway and sees Ezra on the way and looks at him. She goes to Connor to tell him and his friends what really happened, but he tells her to 'quit the innocent virgin act' because everyone knows that she and Mr Fitz weren't just 'scrabble buddies.' He then asks her how many points for the word slut, and as she turns around to leave she sees Ezra standing there. He tells her that she shouldn't be in here and she storms off, leaving Ezra staring at Connor.

Aria then goes to the staircase (possibly the same one in which they kissed in 3x24) and sits on her phone, delting texts from guys, presumably Connor's friends, asking her to hook up with them, some saying 'am I too young for you?' She angrily throws her phone back into her purse and sighs. Ezra then appears and tells her that those guys are 'jerks' and that she shouldn't let some stupid rumour get to her. He tries to help her but she gets angry and says that it's not just a rumour if there's some truth to it. She also calls him Ezra, instead of Mr Fitz. She gets mad and tells him he can't be the guy that makes her feel better anymore, and storms off, leaving him stood there. 

At the end of the episode, Aria, Spencer and Emily are at the Open Mic night at The Brew. Ezra is seen 

walking up to the doors outside, and looking into the window at Aria. Not long after this, someone completely trashes Connor's car. It is unknown who this is at the moment. The main suspect is Mike, but it could of been Ezra wanting to get revenge on him for being so mean to Aria. 

In Crash and Burn, Girl!, Mike is getting in trouble because Conner's parents want to get him expelled as they think it was him who vandalized the car. Whilst Aria is waiting outside the principals office fo

r him and her Dad, Ezra comes over to talk to her. He says he understands that he can't be the one to sweep in and comfort her but it kills him. She says she knows and then quickly changes the conversation back to Mike. They talk about the topic but are interupted by Byron who comes out of the office. Ezra offers that he'd love to help if there's anything he can do and Byron thanks him, saying he appreciates it.

Later, it is seen that Ezra is talking to the Principal and he asks if Mike was actually seen there, or if there is any evidence to suggest it was him. He then goes on to ask about Mike's medical history and how the Principal had previously spoken to Aria about it. He says no and Ezra tells him that it could be an error in his judgement to ask his sister about that kind of thing. The Principal responds by saying that it could be an error in Ezra's judgement due to his close relationship with the Montgomery family.

Mike comes home later that day and tells Aria that he's off the hook. She asked what happened and he said that Mr Fitz happened.

Aria then goes to Ezra's apartment to thank him, but he wasn't home, so she left a thank you note u

nder his door. Just as she's leaving, he comes up the stairs. He tells her that everything feels in-personal lately, and she says she's really glad he swooped. He says that she knows there isn't anything he wouldn't do for her, and they stare longingly at eachother, until Aria cuts it off and says she's gotta go, rushing off down the stairs and leaving Ezra to sink and lean against the wall. 

In The Mirror Has Three Faces , Ezra discovers that Malcolm isn't actually his son. He cries, getting upset and decides to call Aria. She tells Jake she has to take a call, but then changes her mind and declines it, leaving Ezra standing alone in his apartment. 

In Bring Down The Hoe, Ezra tries to reach out to Aria after his recent troubles regarding Maggie and Malcolm. He tells Emily about how Maggie wants to take Malcolm away but asks her not to tell Aria, because he'd reather do that himself. She urges Aria throughout the episode to talk to him with little success.

At the Brew, Aria is waiting for Jake and sees Ezra at the next table. He comes over and asks her if there's a time that they can talk as she says she's busy right now. Just then, Jake comes over and there is an awkward moment as Aria introduces the two men. Ezra leaves quickly, obviously feeling uncomfortable with Jake being there.

Later at the dance, Ezra is chaperoning and he notices Aria dancing. Jake notices him looking a

nd tells him to give them some space, being generally horrible towards Ezra. They're interupted when another girl comes to get a drink.

Emily talks to Aria and asks her if she's spoken to Ezra yet, telling her that he's right over there by the drinks. She says she can't because of Jake, causing Emily to blurt out everything about Maggie. Aria realizes that that is why he's been so down lately and immediantly runs over to him. She catches him and he tells her it's fine and that he shouldn't have to dump his problems onto her. He leaves the dance.

Later, Aria has Jake drop her off at home and then she makes her own way to Ezra's apartment. He tells that she didn't have to come, to which she replies that she wanted too. He says that 'it's a mess' and

he doesn't want to get her involved, so she tells him that he may as well talk because she isn't leaving. They sit down together on the couch and hold hands. Ezra procedes to (assumingly) tell Aria all about how Malcolm isn't actually his son. The camera then fades out to the hallway and we see Cece in a black hoody, listenin

g in to what they're saying.

In Now You See Me, Now You Don't , Ezra thanks Aria after class for being there for him. She says it's okay and that she was happy she could be there for him, as a friend. She then walks out and accepts a call from Jake. She suggests going to a poetry reading but he seems to not want to go as she changes her mind and says they can go watch a movie instead and she'll cook dinner.

Ezria 07442 (1)
Ezria together again
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Jake falls asleep during the movie and says he's tired, so he goes home. Aria then decides to go to the Brew and Ezra is there. They discuss something Aria wrote called, 'Found but Lost,' and Ezra says how the reading reminded him of the story. Aria orders a coffee and Ezra gets a top up. They start talking and act just like they used to. All of a sudden, Aria kisses Ezra, then pulls back. They both smile but carry on talking like nothing happened. Just then, we see Redcoat watching them through the window who must have seen the whole thing.

At the end of the episode Ezra is made to look guilty of something as we see him in the A lair wear

ing a black jacket and a black cap. He seems angry and hits the door of the closet. Aria and the rest of the girls are unaware of this and at this moment it's unknown whether Ezra is a good guy or a bad guy.

In Whos' In The Box?, Aria wants to get away from Rosewood, so Ezra takes her to his friend's cabin, where he gives her a key and tells her that the place can be 'their secret.' They kiss and it is slightly impl

Ezria 416
"You're the one, you always have been."
RachlawtonxAdded by Rachlawtonx
ied that they have sex.

Aria and Ezra rekindle their relationship and by Close Encounters, they are back together. Aria dumps Jake and tells Ezra that he's 'the one' and 'always has been.' 

Spencer gets suspicious and adds everything up to realize that Ezra is boardshorts. She assumes that he must be A, too, when she figures out that the lair in Ravenswood belongs to him. She struggles with whether or not to tell Aria. She decides against it.

In Free Fall, when the girls accuse Spencer of doing drugs, Aria brings up Ezra. He showed Aria Spencer's record, showing that she has been addicted before. Spencer breaks down and yells at Aria, telling her that he's setting her up because he's A. Aria isn't convinced, but then later at his apartment, Ezra lets slip

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that he knew more than he should have done about when Spencer found a body in the woods. She decided to go to his cabin to snoop around. When she gets there, the password is B26 which makes her smile. However, the smile is short lived when she goes inside and sees a manuscript to a book that Ezra has been writing about Alison. Aria realises that they knew eachother and she assumes that he got her pregnant and trie

d to kill her. Seeing Ezra arrive at the cabin (he got a notification that the security system was disabled), she takes the pages and runs to a ski lift. Ezra follows her and they end up on the ski lift together, forced to talk it out. Aria screams and cries and Ezra crumbles as he tells her that he lied about a lot of things, but not the way he felt about her. Aria tells him that she doesn't even know who he is anymore but Ezra tells her that she does and he's an idiot and a jerk and he'll burn the book. Aria says no, she's gonna read it cover to cover. Ezra lunges to grab the book but it falls to the ground and A is seen picking it up at the end of the episode. Then, Aria goes home and throws the book, Winesburg Ohio, that he gave to her in season 1 on the floor. In this episode it is confirmed that Ezra is not A, but he did know Alison and was writing a book about her disappearence.

In She's Come Undone , Aria finds out that Ezra has left town for a 'family emergency' when she goes into his classroom and angrily asks, "where's Ezra?" She decides to go to his apartment and ends up wrecking the whole place after she finds boxes of research and notes of things he recorded during their relationship. Later, she rings his publishing office and finds out that he's in a meeting right that second. She's upset and assumes that he's going forward with publishing the book.

In Cover For Me, Aria takes some time away from Rosewood and meets a guy called Riley. They spen

d some time together and get drunk and hook up. She returns and goes straight to Ezra's apartment. He tells her that he has cancelled the book (that's why he was at the publishing office in NY) and gives her a copy of his manuscript, saying that he has found things that she and her friends will find useful. She tells him that he needs to leave Rosewood for good and she doesn't want to see or hear from him, ever. He tells her that he guesses this is goodbye then and she just leaves. The Ezria theme song can be heard playing in the background for the first time in a while.

In A Is For Answers, Aria learns the truth behind Ezra and Ali. Alison tells her that she and Ezra never did anything (sex), and tells her how he broke things off. Then she tells her that Ezra wants to win Aria back so he's trying to save her (Alison) in order to do that.
Ezra fitz shot
Ezra lying unconscious in Aria's arms.
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Aria approaching ezra 4x24
Aria approaching Ezra - "It's so beautiful."
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At the end of the episode, the girls are cornered on a rooftop with A chasing them, and Ezra appears. He protects the girls and tells A that he 'know who [they] are and the police are on their way.' A points the gun at the girls so Ezra rushes A and the two get into a fight with shots firing everywhere. A drops the gun and Hanna is able to pick it up. 
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A gets away and Aria turns to see Ezra. He stands looking out at the night and says "it's so beautiful." Then, he turns around and it's revealed that he has been shot in the stomach. He literally took a bullet for Aria and the girls, proving his loyalty to them. Aria screams and he falls into her arms. He tells her he's sorry and touches her face but Aria shushes him and says to him, "you stay awake, do you hear me? Don't yo

u dare close your eyes." He looses consciousness as Aria cradles him and cries, screaming his name, showing how much she still loves and needs him. Sirens are heard, but the fate of Ezra is unknown. 

Music With Ezria Scenes

  • There is a piece of music that they often play for Ezria scenes, although the name of it is not
  •  known.
  • "Beauty Queen" by Bens Brother (Aria and Ezra first meet at the bar in Pilot)
  • "Happiness" by The Fray (plays after the pair first met as their conversation in the bar continues in Pilot . Aria says she loves the song and Ezra refers to it as 'B-26'. Ezra then later writes a poem about Aria entitled 'B-26'
  • "More Of You" by Mozella (Ezra and Aria make out in the bathroom of the bar they met in in Pilot)
  • "Begin Again" by Measure (plays during their scene together before Alison's funeral in Pilot where Ezra grabs Aria and kisses her as she walks away, and then again in A dAngerous gAme  when the same scene is recreated)
  • "Falling For The First Time" by Jules Larson (Ezra watching Aria leave his classroom after he reluctantly signs her form to transfer out of his class in The Jenna Thing)
  • "Jack and Jill" by Katie Herzig (when Aria returns to Ezra's class and gives him the class transfer form which has 'declined' stamped onto it in The Jenna Thing . The two then look at each other in class, knowing that they're still gonna be together)
  •  "Fresh Pair Of Eyes" by Brooke Waggoner (Ezra picks up Aria in the rain, the two then make out in his car in The Jenna Thing)
  • "Closer to You" by Jaylene Johnson (Aria goes to Ezra's apartment to seek comfort after a bad conversation with Meredith in The Jenna Thing)
  • "Hold On" by St. Lola & The Fields (Aria reflects on relationship with Ezra in There's No Place Like Homecoming)
  • "Worry About You" and "Same Night Sky" by 2AM Club (Aria and Ezra work the booth together in There's No Place Like Homecoming)
  • "Chocolate And Cigarettes" by Angus & Julia Stone (Aria sits outside and reads Ezra's poem, B-26, in Keep Your Friends Close)

  • "Wonder-Dummied" by Brooke Waggoner (Ezra packs up his desk and goes to resign but 'A' intervenes and saves Ezria's relationship in Know Your Frenemies)
  • "Hey Na Na" by Katie Herzig (Aria flirtatiously invites Ezra to an art opening where they can be seen in public together in If At First You Don't Succeed, Lie, Lie Again.)
  • "Leave It All Behind" by Allie Moss (Ezra pulls up in a limo to pick up Aria in If At First You Don't Succeed, Lie, Lie Again.)
  • "Redeeming Love" by Amy Stroup (Ezria kiss in public outside of the museum art opening in If At First You Don't Succeed, Lie, Lie Again)
  • "Don't Want This To End" by Jarrod Gorbel (In Ezra's apartment, Aria convinces Ezra to let her be his stage manager in The Badass Seed)
  • "Breath" by Rowan (Aria cooks for Ezra and wears a dress that makes him say 'wow' as he walks through the door in A Person Of Interest)
  • "Hiding My Heart Away" by Brandi Carlile (Aria leaves Ezra in her bedroom after confronting him about Jackie in For Whom The Bell Tolls)
  • "Say Goodbye” by Black Lab (during the montage of Aria waiting around for Ezra and when she leaves him a note and leaves in The Goodbye Look)
  • "Please Don’t Leave Quite Yet” by Adam Agin (Aria searches for Ezra and while they kiss in the parking lot in The Goodbye Look )
  • "Imposter" by Jocelyn Alice (Aria and Ezra arrive on the Hollis campus in My Name Is Trouble)
  • "Turn Our Eyes Away" by Trent Dabbs and Ruby Amanfu (Aria and Ezra talk at the funeral in The Devil You Know)
  • "I Want It All" by Jules Larson (Aria and Ezra get hot and heavy in Ezra's office in Picture This)
  • "Shot in the Dark" by Augustana (when Ezra and Aria talk at the college fair inTouched by an 'A'-ngel)
  • "As Long as Our Hearts Are Beating" by Jenny & Tyler (Aria learns Ezra left the play early inLet The Water Hold Me Down
  • "I Will Let You Go" by Daniel Ahearn (Aria waits for Ezra in The Blond Leading The Blind
  • "My Heart With You" by The Rescues (Ezra and Aria kiss in the rain in The Blond Leading The Blind
  • "Only You" by Matthew Perryman Jones (Aria and Ezra talk in his car in A Kiss Before Lying)
  • "Too Pretty To Say Please" by The Wooden Birds (Aria brings Ezra coffee in If These Dolls Could Talk
  • "Wicked Games" by Gemma Hayes (Aria and Ezra have sex for the first time in If These Dolls Could Talk)
  • "Always" by Peter Bradley Adams (Ezra surprises Aria at the dance. "No matter how hard I try, I just can't seem to stay away from you." In UnmAsked
  • "Just a Kiss" by Lady Antebellum (Ezria's first dance together in public, Ezra removes Aria's mask 
  • saying that he wants to see her in UnmAsked
  • "I Feel Alive" by Jules Larson (Aria and Ezra make out at his apartment in It Happened 'That Night' )
  • "Say Goodbye" by Norah Jones (Aria and Ezra talk in Ezra’s car in Blood Is The New Black )
  • "Keep You Right" by Blind Pilot (Ezra and Aria are at his apartment in Kingdom Of The Blind
  • "Slipping Away" by Barcelona (Ezra tells Aria that he got a new job in That Girl Is Poison )
  • "This Is Just So Beautiful" by Jenny & Tyler (Aria and Ezra hang out at The Brew in What Lies Beneath )
  • "All Those Pretty Lights" by Andrew Belle (Ezra and Aria sitting on couch when he gets a call from Maggie in Hot Water
  • "Runaway Heart" by The Strange Familiar (Aria tries to break up with Ezra but he doesn't let her, saying hes had these days before in I'm Your Puppet
  • "Begin Again" by Measure plays again in A DAngerous GAme when Ezra and Aria talk at the swim meet and break up. This is a recreation of their scene before Alison's funeral in Pilot .

Ezria's Memorable Places/Items

  1. Ezra's Apartment - This is where Ezria spend a lot of their time together, especially when there relationship was secret in season 1 and early on in season 2. They'd spend Saturdays here. This is also where Aria and Ezra have sex for the first time in If These Dolls Could Talk.
  2. B-26 When "Happiness" by The Fray plays in the bar when Aria and Ezra first meet and Ezra refers to it as 'B-26'. He then later on writes a poem about Aria and entitles it, B-26.
  3. Ezra's Classroom/Rosewood High - When Ezra taught at Rosewood High school, this is where they would see each other a lot. Aria was in his English class.
  4. Ezra's car - Ezra picks up Aria in the rain in his car and they then make out in it in The Jenna Thing. He also meets her at Camp Mona and the pair reconcile and kiss in his car. 
  5. Vegan food - Ezra jokes that he must really love Aria because he's taking her out for French vegan food after she says he must love her for taking her out for French food in CTRL:A. Then in Hot Water after Ezra has returned from Malcolm, he says "I never would have said this prior to meeting you, but I've actually been craving vegan takeout."

Dating Timeline

First Relationship:

  • Started: Pilot (1x01)
  • Reason: They met in a bar and instantly clicked. They ended their meeting by making out in the 
  • bathroom. Aria then found out that Ezra was her new English teacher, and Ezra quickly tried to call off the relationship but the pair gave into their feelings at Alison's funeral.
  • Ended: Bites Me Reality Bites Me (1x05)
  • Reason: Aria accidentally left her phone at Ezra's overnight, and receives a text from 'A' that Ezra reads. The  text shows that someone else knows about them and so Ezra puts an end to the relationship straight away, without letting Aria explain.

Second Relationship:  

  • Reason: Ezra asks Aria to meet him during Mona's birthday celebrations at Camp Mona, and apologizes to Aria. He begs her to forgive him for leaving school and explains everything (that he was trying to get another job so the two could go public and be together), and the pair give into their feelings again and kiss in his car, reconciling their relationship.
  • Ended: For Whom The Bell Tolls (1x22)
  • Reason: Jackie turns up at the faculty mixer at Aria's house and Aria is upset that Ezra lied to her about her working at Hollis. She leaves him standing in her bedroom and storms out.

Third Relationship:

  • Started: The Goodbye Look (2x02)
  • Reason: Ezra leaves Rosewood High and Aria runs up to him in the carpark as he's just about to leave. He picks her up and the two kiss passionately.
  • Ended: After Over My Dead Body (2x12)
  • Reason: Jackie Molina blackmails Aria into breaking up with Ezra, threatening to tell the police and Aria's parents if she carried on with him. Aria wanted to protect Ezra and after all the trouble with the police, she didn't want to drag him into anything.

Fourth Relationship:

  • Started: Through Many Dangers, Toils and Snares (2x14)
  • Reason: Ezra finds out about Jackie blackmailing Aria and how she just wanted to protect him and asks her if she still trusts him. When she says she does, he replies saying there's something they have to do, tell her parents.
  • Ended: A Hot Piece of A (2x15)
  • Reason: Aria's parents, particularly Byron, Aria's dad, don't let Aria see Ezra and Byron
  •  even threatens Ezra, saying that he'll go to the police. The pair are forced to take a break from their relationship.

Fifth Relationship:

  • Started: The Blond Leading The Blind (2x17)
  • Reason: Aria leaves Ezra a voicemail saying that if he still wants to be with her, she will be waiting for him at a certain time. He eventually listens to it and decides to meet Aria, signalling that he wants their relationship to continue. They kiss in the rain. Aria says she has a plan on how they can continue to see each other which is to see each other when she goes on her 'dates' with Holden.
  • Ended: A DAngerous GAme (3x24)
  • Reason: Aria hears that Ezra has been offered a job at Rosewood High School again but wasn't going to accept it because he wants to be with Aria, and by working at Rosewood High, he would be unable to do this. She tells him to take the job as he needs to support not only himself, but now his son Malcolm, too. She tells him that nothing feels right about them anymore and breaks up with Ezra. The two share a moment similar to that at the end of Pilot, before Ali's funeral, and part with a goodbye kiss.

Sixth Relationship:

  • Started: Close Encounters (4x16)
  • Reason: Aria liked Jake but was still in love with Ezra.  She told Ezra that she would talk to Jake, 
  • Ezria and son
    SheaplusAdded by Sheaplus
    who she broke up with, and also told Ezra that he was "the one" and he always has been.  
  • Ended: Free Fall (4x20)
  • Reason: After suspecting that Ezra might be A, Aria snoops around in Ezra's cabin and finds a rough draft of a book written by Ezra, which details his relationship with Alison the summer she disappeared. She runs away from the cabin when he arrives, and he chases her to a ski lift. On the ski lift, Ezra reveals that he is not A; he is writing a crime novel about Ali. He reveals that he already knew who Aria was in the bar during the Pilot; he wanted to take the job at Rosewood to further his investigations for the novel. He reveals that at first he was using Aria, but then he fell in love with her and stopped writing the book, and only started writing it again when they broke up. Aria feels betrayed and yells at him, ending the relationship for now.
  • Seventh Relationship:
  • Started: EscApe From New York (5x01)

Threats to Ezria


  • "A" - "A" threatens to spill after Ezra picks up Aria in the rain.
  • Noel Kahn - Noel threatens to go to the principal until "A" intercepts for some mysterious reason.
  • Jackie Molina - Ezra's ex who is jealous and blackmails Aria, trying to regain Ezra's love.
  • Jason DiLaurentis - Aria had two sex dreams about him, and Jason even kissed her, but Aria backed off, admitting she is "unavailable."
  • Ella - Ella had trouble coming to terms with their relationship.
  • Byron Montgomery - like Ella, he too had trouble coming to terms with Ezria. However he doesn't back down easily and goes as far as getting Ezra fired from Hollis so that he would have to move away and be away from Aria.


  • Alison DiLaurentis (indirectly) - Ezra lied about knowing Alison DiLaurentis before she disappeared and having a relationship with her. He wanted to find out what really happened to her and used Aria for information at the beginning of their relationship.


  • In "Picture This," during one of Aria's Ezria sex dreams, Aria murmurs something about waiting being worth the while, suggesting that Aria and Ezra have never had sex up until this point. Executive Producer Marlene King has said that this point was intentionally left vague at first, but would be made clear at some point in Season 2. In "If These Dolls Could Talk," this was made clear when they were seen undressing each other on Ezra's bed.
  • They are the most popular couple on the show and are shipped by many of the fandom
  • They are the only couple on the show to have been together since the Pilot.
  • They are also the only couple to have been together during more than one season. The longest PLL-relationship starter in The Blond Leading the Blind and ended in A DAngerous GAme.
  • In the prequel episode, "The First Secret," Ezra is a student at Hollis, and Aria suddenly bumps into him. Aria and Ezra did meet before they met in the "Pilot".

  • They had sex for the first time in If These Dolls Could Talk .

  • Aria lost her virginity to Ezra.

  • Norman Buckley gave the nickname Ezrians to the Ezria shippers.
  • Ezra and Aria share their first dance in UnmAsked.
  • They had a deleted scene in Season 1 in Ezra's classroom.
  • Ezra took a bullet for Aria in A Is For Answers.


Ezra [in The Jenna Thing]: I can keep my feelings in check.
Aria: I can't.

Aria [in Can You Hear Me Now?]: My friends thought you had nice legs.
Ezra: What did you think?
Aria: That I was embarrassed my friends thought you had nice legs.

Ezra [to Aria in Can You Hear Me Now?]: Uh, I’m home tonight; I could make you one of two dishes that I actually know how to cook. But I want to talk to you when I’m not looking at you over a desk or... or through Dan Farin’s faux-hawk.

Aria [in Reality Bites Me]: You laugh in your sleep?
Ezra: Yup.
Aria: That's cute.

Aria [in Reality Bites Me]: You wanna be real? Forget about theory. What does it feel like when we’re together?
Ezra: Good, it feels… right. I wanna be with you, I wanna hang out in the bar, introduce you to my friends, split a plate of fries like everybody else, but I don’t think we can do that. When I’m with you I don’t care about anybody else.
Aria: So, are you talking yourself into this or out of it?
Ezra: Yes… No... Maybe.
Aria: Look, we’re here now and it’s just the two of us, and it feels good. So let's not care together.

Aria [in There's No Place Like Homecoming]: Ezra wait! Just let me talk for a second, please. And I don’t wanna argue or try to convince you of anything that… I know it’s over, I know that! But, I just… I can’t stand that idea of you walking around and hating me.
Ezra [to Aria]: Hate you? The only person I hate right now is myself, for asking too much of you. Seeing you out there tonight out on the dance floor having fun with guys your own age, not sneaking around, holing up with me in my apartment, to watch videos and eat one of the three things I could actually cook. Because, I can’t take you to the movies, I can’t take you out to a nice restaurant. And for the record I could never hate you. I figured you’d be here tonight. My new haircut wasn’t to impress Mrs. Welsh.

Aria [in Keep Your Friends Close]: It wasn't our age that ruined us, Ezra. You did.

Ezra [to Aria, in Monsters in the End]: That was then. You are very much now.

Ezra [to his class, mainly Aria, in The Goodbye Look]: Thank you. I wasn’t expecting this. To be honest, most of what’s happened to me here I didn’t expect. I didn’t expect to connect with you the way that I have. I never expected to feel this kind of loss over leaving you, um. But I’m not going to forget you. I will remember your, your voices, your questions, your faces. I cherish the time that I’ve spent here and I’m more grateful than I even know how to say. There’s a quote by Joseph Campbell and it goes, “You must give up the life you had planned in order to have the life that is waiting for you.” I thought I knew what that meant, I didn’t… until I met you.

Aria [about Rosewood High, in My Name Is Trouble]: So do you miss it?
Ezra: Not so much it... as you.

Ezra [to Aria in Save the Date]: Here I was hoping you'd be at the potter's wheel, so I could wrap my arms around you and hum "Unchained Melody."

Ezra [in Surface Tension]: Look, if we're ever gonna figure out what happens next, we need to find a way for your parents to see us together, as a couple.
Aria: That didn't really work last time.
Ezra: We weren't going to get off to a great start over an open grave.

Ezra [to Aria in Touched by an 'A'-ngel]: It's time to tell people about us. I think we should tell your parents first because they should hear it from us.

Ezra [in The Blond Leading the Blind]: I want you to be safe, to be happy, and I want you to be sure that this, that we, are what you want.
Aria: There's only one place I can be sure of that.
Ezra: Where?
Aria: With you.

Ezra [in A Kiss Before Lying]: I thought you said your mom was 'warming' to the idea of us being a couple.
Aria: She's... thawing.
Ezra: And your dad?
Aria: How fast do glaciers melt?
Ezra: Not very. That's why they call it the Ice Age.
Aria [getting closer]: Well, you know what that means. It just means we have to generate more 'heat'.
[They kiss]

Aria [about their dinner plans, in CTRL: A]: A restaurant?
Ezra: Lower your expectations. It seats two.
Aria: Oh, so it's bigger than your apartment.
Aria: French food? Wow, you must really like me.
Ezra: Aria, it's French Vegan food. I must really love you.

Aria [in Breaking the Code]: Are you giving up on us?
Ezra: No, no, no. Look, we've been trying to make this work for a long time and-
Aria: And what? What?
Ezra: And, and as much as we love each other, I think we are deluding ourselves into believing that it can.

Ezra [to Aria, in If These Dolls Could Talk]: Do you have any idea how much I love you?

Ezra: God, I miss you.

Aria: Why? I'm right here.

Ezra: No, I know. I still miss you.

Ezra: Aria, wait I can explain!

Aria: I want to read this! THE WHOLE BOOK!
Ezra: You'll only get hurt if you do!
Ezra: Aria please don't!




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