...I want you in my life, Aria, for the rest of my life...

Ezria is the name of the romantic relationship between Ezra Fitz and Aria Montgomery. It is one of the four major ships in the Pretty Little Liars fandom.


Dating Timeline

First Relationship:

  • Started: Pilot (1x01)
  • Reason: They meet in a bar and end up making out in the bathroom. The next day, Aria finds out Ezra is her new English teacher. Ezra tries to call off their relationship, but the pair gives into their feelings at Alison's funeral.
  • Ended: Reality Bites Me (1x05)
  • Reason: Aria leaves her phone at Ezra's overnight and receives a text from 'A' that Ezra reads. Ezra puts an end to the relationship, thinking Aria told 'A' about them.

Second Relationship:

  • Started: Keep Your Friends Close (1x10)
  • Reason: Ezra asks Aria to meet him during Mona's birthday celebrations at Camp Mona. Ezra explains that he was trying to get another job so the two could be together. Ezra asks Aria to forgive him and giving into temptation, Aria gives into her feelings and the pair reconcile.
  • Ended: For Whom the Bell Tolls (1x22)
  • Reason: Ezra's ex, Jackie Molina, turns up at the faculty mixer at Aria's house and Aria is upset that Ezra lied to her about her working at Hollis.

Third Relationship:

  • Started: The Goodbye Look (2x02)
  • Reason: Ezra leaves Rosewood High and Aria runs up to him in the car park as he's just about to leave. He picks her up and the two kiss passionately.
  • Ended: Between Over My Dead Body (2x12) and Through Many Dangers, Toils, and Snares (2x14)
  • Reason: Jackie blackmails Aria into breaking up with Ezra, threatening to tell the police and Aria's parents if she carried on with him. Wanting to protect Ezra, Aria breaks up with him.

Fourth Relationship:

  • Started: Through Many Dangers, Toils, and Snares (2x14)
  • Reason: Ezra finds out about Jackie blackmailing Aria and how she just wanted to protect him. Ezra then says that they need to tell Aria's parents about them.
  • Ended: A Hot Piece of A (2x15)
  • Reason: Aria's parents, particularly Byron, are against the idea of Aria and Ezra as a couple. Byron goes as far as threatening to go to the police, and the pair are forced to take a break from their relationship.

Fifth Relationship:

  • Started: The Blond Leading the Blind (2x17)
  • Reason: Aria leaves Ezra a voicemail saying that if he still wants to be with her, she will be waiting for him at a certain time. He eventually listens to the voice mail and when he arrives in Philadelphia, they kiss in the rain.
  • Ended: A DAngerous GAme (3x24)
  • Reason: Aria hears that Ezra has been offered a job at Rosewood High School, but wasn't going to accept it because he wants to be with her. Aria tells Ezra to take the job as he needs to support not only himself but his son, Malcolm.

Sixth Relationship:

  • Started: Bite Your Tongue (4x17)
  • Reason: Aria tells Ezra that he's "the one" and he always has been.  
  • Ended: Free Fall (4x20)
  • Reason: Aria finds out that Ezra was writing a book about her and her friends, and the basis of their relationship was based on a lie. Aria also thought that Ezra was a part of the A Team.

One Night Stand:

  • Started: Miss Me x 100 (5x05)
  • Reason: Ezra tells Aria he never wants to hear her say sorry again and he leans in to kiss her. They continue to kiss more passionately before having sex. 
  • Ended: Run, Ali, Run (5x06)
  • Reason: Aria tells Ezra that them sleeping together was a mistake and that they can't go back to the way they were, even though they're still in love with each other.

Seventh Relationship:

  • Started: Taking This One to the Grave (5x12)
  • Reason: Aria and Ezra have been spending a lot of time together, and as a result, the Montgomery's invited Ezra over for Thanksgiving dinner. Aria also refers to Ezra as her 'bed buddy'.
  • Ended: To Plea or Not to Plea (5x22)
  • Reason: Aria tells Ezra that she feels she should be single when she goes to college. Ezra decides it would be best to break up so that they are not counting down the days until their relationship ends.


  • Happened in: "Hush, Hush, Sweet Liars"
  • Reason: Ezra tells Aria their book will be published. They proceed to kiss, and then they have sex.

8th Relationship:

  • Started: Officially in "Tick-Tock, Bitches"
  • Reason: After going to the bar they've first met, Aria realizes she still deeply loves Ezra and can't deny her feelings for him. She goes to his apartment and they hug. 


  • Started "Along Comes Mary"
  • Reason Ezra wanted to spend the rest of his life with Aria and proposed to her.


Threats to Ezria


  • "A" - "A" threatens to spill after Ezra picks up Aria in the rain.
  • Noel Kahn - Noel threatens to go to the principal until "A" intercepts for some mysterious reason. Probably because he still likes her and has feelings for her since they dated.
  • Jackie Molina - Ezra's ex who is jealous and blackmails Aria, trying to regain Ezra's love.
  • Jason DiLaurentis - Aria had two sex dreams about him. Jason even kissed her, but Aria backed off, admitting she is "unavailable."
  • Ella Montgomery - Ella had trouble coming to terms with their relationship.
  • Byron Montgomery - Like Ella, he too had trouble coming to terms with Ezria. However, he doesn't back down easily and goes as far as getting Ezra fired from Hollis so that he would have to move away and be away from Aria.
  • Alison DiLaurentis - Ezra lied about knowing Alison DiLaurentis before she disappeared. He wanted to find out what really happened to her and used Aria for information at the beginning of their relationship.

Music in Ezria Scenes

  • There is a piece of music that is often played during Ezria scenes, although the name of it is unknown.
  • "Beauty Queens" by Ben Brother - (Aria and Ezra first meet at the bar in the Pilot).
  • "Happiness by The Fray - (Plays in the background as Aria and Ezra at the bar in the Pilot. Aria says she loves the song and Ezra refers to it as 'B-26'. Ezra then later writes a poem about Aria entitled 'B-26').
  • "More Of You" by Mozella - (Ezra and Aria make out in the bathroom of the bar in the Pilot).
  • "Begin Again" by Measure - (Before Alison's funeral in the Pilot, Ezra grabs Aria and kisses her as she walks away. The song is also played when the scene is recreated in A DAngerous GAme).
  • "Falling For The First Time" by Jules Larson - (Ezra watching Aria leave his classroom after he reluctantly signs her form to transfer out of his class in The Jenna Thing)
  • "Jack and Jill" by Katie Herzig - (Aria returns to Ezra's class and gives him the class transfer form which has 'declined' stamped onto it in The Jenna Thing).
  • "Fresh Pair of Eyes" by Brooke Waggoner - (Ezra picks up Aria in the rain, the two then make out in his car in The Jenna Thing).
  • "Closer to You" by Jaylene Johnson - (Aria goes to Ezra's apartment to seek comfort after a bad conversation with Meredith in The Jenna Thing).
  • "Hold On" by St. Lola & The Fields - (Aria reflects on relationship with Ezra in There's No Place Like Homecoming).
  • "Worry About You" and "Same Night Sky" by 2AM Club - (Aria and Ezra work the booth together in There's No Place Like Homecoming).
  • "Chocolate and Cigarettes" by Angus & Julia Stone - (Aria sits outside Rosewood High and reads Ezra's poem B-26 in Keep Your Friends Close).
  • "Wonder-Dummied" by Brooke Waggoner - (Ezra packs up his desk and goes to resign but 'A' intervenes and saves Ezria's relationship in Know Your Frenemies).
  • "Hey Na Na" by Katie Herzig - (Aria flirtatiously invites Ezra to an art opening where they can be seen in public together in If At First You Don't Succeed, Lie, Lie Again).
  • "Leave It All Behind" by Allie Moss - (Ezra pulls up in a limo to pick up Aria in If At First You Don't Succeed, Lie, Lie Again).
  • "Redeeming Love" by Amy Stroup - (Ezria kiss in public outside of the museum art opening in If At First You Don't Succeed, Lie, Lie Again).
  • "Don't Want This To End" by Jarrod Gorbel - (In Ezra's apartment, Aria convinces Ezra to let her be his stage manager in The Badass Seed).
  • "Breath" by Rowan - (Aria cooks for Ezra and wears a dress that makes him say 'wow' as he walks through the door in A Person of Interest).
  • "Hiding My Heart Away" by Brandi Carlile - (Aria leaves Ezra in her bedroom after confronting him about Jackie in For Whom the Bell Tolls).
  • "Say Goodbye” by Black Lab - (During the montage of Aria waiting around for Ezra and when she leaves him a note and leaves in The Goodbye Look).
  • "Please Don’t Leave Quite Yet” by Adam Agin - (Aria searches for Ezra at Rosewood High, and finds him packing his car in the parking lot. Running towards him, Aria is picked up by Ezra and the pair kiss in The Goodbye Look).
  • "Imposter" by Jocelyn Alice - (Aria and Ezra arrive on the Hollis campus in My Name Is Trouble).
  • "Turn Our Eyes Away" by Trent Dabbs and Ruby Amanfu - (Aria and Ezra talk at the funeral in The Devil You Know).
  • "I Want It All" by Jules Larson - (Aria and Ezra get hot and heavy in Ezra's office in Picture This).
  • "Shot in the Dark" by Augustana - (Ezra and Aria talk at the college fair in Touched by an 'A'-ngel).
  • "As Long as Our Hearts Are Beating" by Jenny & Tyler - (Aria learns Ezra left the play early in Let the Water Hold Me Down).
  • "I Will Let You Go" by Daniel Ahearn - (Aria waits for Ezra in The Blond Leading the Blind).
  • "My Heart With You" by The Rescues - (Ezra and Aria kiss in the rain in The Blond Leading the Blind).
  • "Only You" by Matthew Perryman Jones - (Aria and Ezra talk in his car in A Kiss Before Lying).
  • "Too Pretty To Say Please" by The Wooden Birds - (Aria brings Ezra coffee in If These Dolls Could Talk).
  • "Wicked Games" by Gemma Hayes - (Aria and Ezra have sex for the first time in If These Dolls Could Talk).
  • "Always" by Peter Bradley Adams - (Ezra surprises Aria at the Masquerade Ball in UnmAsked).
  • "Just a Kiss" by Lady Antebellum - (Ezria's first dance together in public, Ezra removes Aria's mask saying that he wants to see her in UnmAsked).
  • "I Feel Alive" by Jules Larson - (Aria and Ezra make out at his apartment in It Happened 'That Night').
  • "Say Goodbye" by Norah Jones - (Aria and Ezra talk in Ezra’s car in Blood Is The New Black).
  • "Keep You Right" by Blind Pilot - (Ezra and Aria are at his apartment in Kingdom of the Blind).
  • "Slipping Away" by Barcelona - (Ezra tells Aria that he got a new job in That Girl is Poison).
  • "This Is Just So Beautiful" by Jenny & Tyler - (Aria and Ezra hang out at The Brew in What Lies Beneath).
  • "All Those Pretty Lights" by Andrew Belle - (Ezra and Aria sitting on couch when he gets a call from Maggie in Hot Water).
  • "Runaway Heart" by The Strange Familiar - (Aria tries to break up with Ezra but he doesn't let her, saying he's had these days before in I'm Your Puppet).
  • "Every Breath You Take" by Denmark & Winter - (Aria and Ezra rekindle their romance in Ezra's apartment and sleep together in Miss Me x 100).
  • "Nothing More" by The Alternate Routes ft. Lily Costner - (Aria and Ezra make pumpkin pies in preparation for Thanksgiving dinner in Taking This One to the Grave).
  • "Fire In My Bones" by Fleurie -(Aria kisses Ezra in the heat of the moment and is shocked until Ezra returns her kiss which leads to them having sex in Hush, Hush, Sweet Liars).

Memorable Places/Items

  1. Ezra's Apartment - This is where Ezria spend a lot of their time together, especially when their relationship was secret in season 1 and early on in season 2. They'd spend Saturdays here. This is also where Aria and Ezra have sex for the first time in If These Dolls Could Talk.
  2. B-26 When "Happiness" by The Fray plays in the bar when Aria and Ezra first meet and Ezra refers to it as 'B-26'. He later on writes a poem about Aria and entitles it, B-26. It's also his code to get into is cabin.
  3. Ezra's Classroom/Rosewood High - When Ezra taught at Rosewood High school, this is where they would see each other a lot. Aria was in his English class.
  4. Ezra's car - Ezra picks up Aria in the rain in his car and they then make out in it in The Jenna Thing. He also meets her at Camp Mona and the pair reconcile and kiss in his car. 
  5. Vegan food - Ezra jokes that he must really love Aria because he's taking her out for French vegan food after she says he must love her for taking her out for French food in CTRL: A. Then in Hot Water, after Ezra has returned from Malcolm, he says "I never would have said this prior to meeting you, but I've actually been craving vegan takeout".
  6. Pie - Often, when Ezra and Aria are spending time together, they are seen eating or making pie. "There's like a thing with Ezra and Aria, I guess they are like obsessed with pie. So, they are like always eating pie." -Lucy Hale[1] In Miss Me x 100 Aria brings Ezra a key lime pie and in Taking This One to the Grave they make two pumpkin pies from Ezra's grandmother's recipe for Thanksgiving dinner.


  • In "Picture This," during one of Aria's Ezria sex dreams, Aria murmurs something about waiting being worth the while, suggesting that Aria and Ezra have never had sex up until this point. Executive Producer Marlene King has said that this point was intentionally left vague at first, but would be made clear at some point in Season 2. In "If These Dolls Could Talk," this was made clear when they were seen undressing each other on Ezra's bed.
  • They are the most popular couple on the show and are shipped by many of the fandom.
  • Ezra is six years older than Aria.
  • In the prequel episode, "The First Secret", Ezra is a student at Hollis, and Aria suddenly bumps into him. Aria and Ezra, unknowingly, did meet before they met in the "Pilot".
  • Aria was the first one to say "I love you" in Know Your Frenemies.
  • They had sex for the first time in If These Dolls Could Talk.
  • Aria lost her virginity to Ezra.
  • Norman Buckley gave the nickname Ezrians to the Ezria shippers.
  • Ezra and Aria share their first dance in UnmAsked.
  • They had a deleted scene in Season 1 in Ezra's classroom.
  • They both love watching black and white movies.
  • Ezra took a bullet for Aria and the other Liars in A is for Answers.
  • Aria has a picture of her and Ezra on her nightstand, shown in Out of Sight, Out of Mind.
  • Ezra has a photo of Aria on his desk mentioned in No Stone Unturned seen in Driving Miss Crazy.
  • They wrote a book together.
  • In Burn This, Ezra brought Aria gummy bears, magazines and her favorite shirt of his to sleep in and took care of her when she was in the hospital.
  • They are the first main ship in get engaged.
  • They are the second main ship in the PLL fandom to be married, after Haleb.
  • Since Aria can't have children, Ezria plans to meet with an adoption as soon as they get back from their honeymoon.


Ezra: I can keep my feelings in check.
Aria: I can't.

Aria: My friends thought you had nice legs.
Ezra: What did you think?
Aria: That I was embarrassed my friends thought you had nice legs.

Ezra [to Aria]]: Uh, I’m home tonight. I could make you one of two dishes that I actually know how to cook. But I want to talk to you when I’m not looking at you over a desk or... or through Dan Farin’s faux-hawk.

Aria: You laugh in your sleep?
Ezra: Yup.
Aria: That's cute.

Aria: You wanna be real? Forget about theory. What does it feel like when we’re together?
Ezra: Good, it feels… right. I wanna be with you, I wanna hang out in the bar, introduce you to my friends, split a plate of fries like everybody else, but I don’t think we can do that. When I’m with you I don’t care about anybody else.
Aria: So, are you talking yourself into this or out of it?
Ezra: Yes… No... Maybe.
Aria: Look, we’re here now and it’s just the two of us, and it feels good. So let's not care together.

Aria: Ezra wait! Just let me talk for a second, please. And I don’t wanna argue or try to convince you of anything that… I know it’s over, I know that! But, I just… I can’t stand that idea of you walking around and hating me.
Ezra: Hate you? The only person I hate right now is myself, for asking too much of you. Seeing you out there tonight out on the dance floor having fun with guys your own age, not sneaking around, holding up with me in my apartment, to watch videos and eat one of the three things I could actually cook. Because I can’t take you to the movies, I can’t take you out to a nice restaurant. And for the record, I could never hate you. I figured you’d be here tonight. My new haircut wasn’t to impress Mrs. Welsh.

Aria: It wasn't our age that ruined us, Ezra. You did.

Ezra [to Aria, about Jackie]: That was then. You are very much now.

Aria [about Rosewood High]: So, do you miss it?
Ezra: Not so much it ... as you.

Ezra [to Aria]: Here I was hoping you'd be at the potter's wheel, so I could wrap my arms around you and hum "Unchained Melody."

Ezra: Look, if we're ever gonna figure out what happens next, we need to find a way for your parents to see us together, as a couple.
Aria: That didn't really work last time.
Ezra: We weren't going to get off to a great start over an open grave.

Ezra: I want you to be safe, to be happy, and I want you to be sure that this, that we, are what you want.
Aria: There's only one place I can be sure of that.
Ezra: Where?
Aria: With you.

Ezra: I thought you said your mom was 'warming' to the idea of us being a couple.
Aria: She's... thawing.
Ezra: And your dad?
Aria: How fast do glaciers melt?
Ezra: Not very. That's why they call it the Ice Age.
Aria [getting closer]: Well, you know what that means. It just means we have to generate more 'heat'.
[They kiss]

Aria: A restaurant?
Ezra: Lower your expectations. It seats two.
Aria: Oh, so it's bigger than your apartment.
Aria: French food? Wow, you must really like me.
Ezra: Aria, it's French Vegan food. I must really love you.

Ezra [to Aria]: Do you have any idea how much I love you?

Ezra: God, I miss you.
Aria: Why? I'm right here.
Ezra: No, I know. I still miss you.

Aria: You don't have to worry about Shana anymore. She's dead. And I know that she's dead because I'm responsible.
Ezra: How can I help?

Ezra [to Aria]: Once you found out about the book, the only thing that I could think of was how to make it up to you. And I would have done anything to get you to forgive me. But I realized, that might not ever happen, and I had to be okay with that.



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