Two people who love each other that much should be together.
Hanna to Ezra about his relationship with Aria

Ezranna is the friendship pairing name of Hanna Marin and Ezra Fitz.


Hanna is Ezra's former student but other than that they are not really that close, but Hanna has always been and is a supporter of Aria and Ezra's relationship. She also babysat Ezra's son, Malcolm while Ezra went to a meeting.

Season 3

In "A DAngerous GAme," Hanna applies for a job to babysit Malcolm for Ezra so she can find out who kidnapped him from his karate class.

Season 5

In Out, Damned Spot Hanna goes to the brew looking for Emily after visiting her father at his office. Ezra notices Hanna is upset and she opens up to him about her college worries and her father.