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This article centers around Ezra Fitz, a TV character. For another version check out Ezra Fitz (Book Character).

We're crazy. You know that, right?
Ezra Fitz to Aria Montgomery
Ezra Fitz
General Information





Hair Color:


Eye Color:


Marital Status:

Dating Aria Montgomery




English Professor at Hollis College (formerly)
English Teacher at Rosewood High School (formerly)


"Z" by Jackie Molina and Other Past College Classmates
"Theatre Guy" by Holden Strauss


Dianne Fitzgerald (Mother)
Wesley Fitzgerald (Brother)
Malcolm (Son)
Lyle Springer (Maternal Grandfather)
Francis Springer (Maternal Grandmother)


Aria Montgomery (Girlfriend)
Jackie Molina (Ex-Fiancée)
Maggie (Ex-Girlfriend, got pregnant)


Ella Montgomery
Emily Fields
Mrs. Welch


Mr.Tamborelli (formerly)

Arthur Hackett (formerly)


Noel Kahn
Byron Montgomery
Jackie Molina
Series Information




Hollis College


Series Information


Dating a (former) student (exposed)
Formerly engaged to Jackie Molina (exposed)
Pretended to be present when Ella was grading Emily's test in order to get her out of trouble.
Lying about his last name.
Lied about his family history and the fact that his family is rich (exposed to Aria)
He got a girl named Maggie pregnant during the summer after High School graduation (exposed to Aria)



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Portrayed By:

Ian Harding

Ezra "Fitz" is a character in Pretty Little Liars. He is portrayed by Ian Harding.


Ezra Fitz, born Ezra Fitzgerald, comes from an extremely wealthy family from which he is almost entirely estranged, having both rejected his existing and future inheritance, and changed his last name from Fitzgerald to Fitz. In the summer after high-school graduation, he got a girl named Maggie pregnant, but his mother paid Maggie to leave town and have an abortion. Instead, unbeknownst to Ezra, she had the baby, a boy. He used to be engaged to Jackie Molina but she broke off the engagement due to unknown reasons. Ezra is in love with one of his students, Aria Montgomery, and maintains a serious relationship with her, initially in secret due to the questionable nature of their professional relationship. He is well liked by his fellow faculty members and by his students. He resigned from Rosewood High and was teaching at Hollis, until Byron Montgomery got him fired.

Season 1

Ezra appears in the "Pilot" when he meets Aria at a bar. The two start talking about college, traveling, writing, and music, hitting it off right away. When Ezra mentions that he's come to Rosewood to teach, Aria lets him think she's a bit older than she is. They go to the bar bathroom and start to make out.

The next day, they are both shocked to find that Ezra is Aria's English teacher. When they get a chance to speak privately, Ezra expresses that he felt Aria was dishonest in her self description, but Aria clarifies that she chose her words carefully. He tells her even though she is amazing, nothing more can happen between them. They see each other again at Alison's funeral and though Aria seems prepared to say goodbye, he does not; he kisses her there in the church.

Aria asks Mr. Fitz to sign the slip giving her permission to transfer out of his class. He tries to persuade her to stay, stating that he can keep his feelings in check. The problem is she can't. He signs the slip for her. When the request is denied by the school, they glance at each other longingly realizing the only chance they had to be together just slipped through their fingers.

Aria runs into Mr. Fitz outside the movie theater where she is seeing It Happened One Night with her mom. Ella invites Mr. Fitz to join them. They sit next to each other uncomfortably for the duration of the film. Later, Ezra sees Aria walking home during a rainstorm. He pulls up next to her and opens the passenger side door. He drives to a secluded street and they give in to their feelings once again.

Aria visits him after class to discuss possible weekend plans. He encourages her to hang out with her friends instead. They have a moment, touching hands and staring into each others' eyes until interrupted by another teacher. Flustered, they pretend Aria was there to talk about a homework assignment and she leaves. After a distressing encounter with Meredith at her mom's gallery, Aria shows up to Ezra's apartment. He gives her a much needed hug.

Ezra takes a bike ride through town and gives a wave to Aria and her friends, who are checking him out. At school, he invites Aria to dinner at his place. During dinner, they discuss her parents' marital problems. He mentions that before his parents were divorced, they had come to an arrangement where they saw other people. He suggests maybe there is more to her parents' relationship than she is aware. They argue and Aria leaves angry.

Ezra self-depricatingly invites Aria to a poetry reading, where he will be reading a short story, joking how if it doesn't go well, he might have to hurt himself; it could get ugly. After his piece, Ezra is surprised to find that his old college friend Hardy is also in attendance. The three then hang out playing darts, eating French fries, and sharing college stories with Aria. Hardy is quick to pick up on Aria and Ezra’s scandalous relationship, privately warning Ezra that it could bring him more harm than good down the line.

Fitz (1)
Later, Ezra takes Hardy's comments to heart; he mocks Aria that she will find out what college guys are like when she gets to college after she asks if all college guys are like Hardy. They discuss their relationship, whether it is right or wrong and if it should continue. Aria convinces Ezra that when they're alone with no one to judge, it feels right. Ezra asks her to stay, but Aria has to get home, promising to cook him dinner tomorrow night. Turns out Aria accidentally left her phone at his place. He looked at it because it kept buzzing and unknowingly intercepted a message from "A." He thinks "A" is a a friend Aria confided in about their affair and when she shows up at his door with groceries in hand, he quickly puts an end to their relationship, saying she's obviously not mature enough to handle it.

Aria tries to talk to him at school, but he is unwilling to hear her out, claiming to be late for a staff meeting. At the homecoming dance the next day, Ezra is in charge of the bean bag toss booth. Aria happens to be assigned to the same booth. She takes the opportunity to try to explain about the text. Aria tells him she didn't tell anyone and "A" is not a friend, but doesn't seem to be getting through and walks away.

Later, Ezra sees Aria dancing with Sean and walks away looking disappointed. She follows him down the hall away from the dance. She tells him that she knows it's over, but she can't stand the idea of him hating her. Ezra says he could never hate her. He regrets not being able to take her on real dates in public and is afraid he's asking too much of her. He admits to only coming tonight in hopes of seeing her. He even got a haircut for her. Things are left unresolved as they go their separate ways.

Unbeknownst to Aria, Ezra takes a trip to New York to possibly find another job. He returns during the SAT, which has been postponed due to bad weather. He walks in on Aria and Noel in the middle of an intimate guitar session in the music room, which turns icy upon Ezra's arrival. Noel heads back to the library and he and Aria speak in private. He explains he went to New York to deal with his "issues" and had time to think about the consequences of their relationship. He says things need to change. Aria says they already have and walks out holding back tears. Later, Ezra chats with Ella in a school storage closet. She says she is glad Aria has an adult in her life she can admire, causing Ezra to reevaluate his feelings once again.

Fitz (2)
Ezra watches Aria talk to, then kiss, Noel. He asks if Noel plays football and Aria starts defending Noel, saying he's really smart and loves old movies. Ezra says she is entitled to be with whoever she wants to be with, but he is clearly not thrilled seeing her with someone else.

Aria confronts Ezra over a poem he published entitled B-26. It is clearly about Aria and he never intended for her to see it. She is sick of his mixed signals and angry with him for letting her believe he didn't love her. He tries to tell her he was trying to do the right thing, but she won't have it. Noel catches the tail end of their conversation and asks what's going on. Aria says absolutely nothing is going on and walks out. Ezra asks if Noel has something to say to him, realizing they are probably caught. Noel walks away and Ezra, in a moment of high emotion and frustration, throws the book of poems across the room. Later, Ezra stays late to grade papers. He doesn't realize Noel is there watching him.

The next night, Ezra texts her, "I need to see you." He pulls up in the woods, nearby Mona's birthday party, and Aria gets in his car. He tries to explain why he was looking for a new job. It wasn't to leave her, it was to make it possible for them to be together. When he saw her with Noel, he decided to let it be and give her a chance at a normal relationship. She calls him a jerk and tells him off for making decisions that weren't his to make. He asks her to forgive him. She refuses. He gets closer and asks again. She can't resist him any longer and the two kiss passionately. Little do they know, someone is watching.

The next day, Aria meets Ezra outside his apartment. He spotted the writing on the back of his car that morning and is understandably concerned someone saw them together last night. Aria insists it doesn't mean anything and wipes the writing away with her shirt sleeve. Later, Aria waits for him in his empty classroom. He agrees the writing on the window was probably nothing. They talk about their complicated relationship and discuss whether it would be better had they never seen each other in the bar that first day. Aria admits he makes her miserable sometimes, but not unhappy, and she would not go back and change things if she had the opportunity. He agrees. Ezra wants them to "move forward, together."

Fitz (3)
After English class, Aria admits she knows who is responsible for writing on the car - Noel Kahn. She tells Ezra Noel promised not to say anything about what he saw. However, later that day, Noel tries to extort a higher grade on his essay out of Mr. Fitz, threatening to get the principal involved if he doesn't change the grade from a C to an A. When Ezra next sees Aria, he tells her Noel doesn't seem to be keeping his promise. While discussing this, Jenna enters the room, needing a signature on an absence card. On her way out she says, "sorry to interrupt," as if she may have heard.

Ezra doesn't change the grade and Noel once again threatens him to change it. He continues to say no, until Noel comes extremely close to telling the other students in the class about his relationship with Aria. Coerced, he agrees to take another look. He steps into the hallway and watches Toby being escorted by the cops, then exchanges a look with Aria before walking away. When Noel returns to pick up his A paper, he finds it is still a C and makes it clear he will follow through with his threat.

Aria shows up to Ezra's apartment to find him drinking and looking disheveled. She insists on knowing what happened today. Ezra clasps her hands and says he refuses to change Noel's grade, but whatever happens tomorrow, she has to know how he feels about her. "Even though this doesn't look right, it has always felt right." Aria tenderly touches his face and says, "I love you," then softly kisses him. Later, she calls home and lies about spending the night at Spencer's. He lights a candle and she leans on him on the sofa, both hoping this isn't the last time they'll hold each other.

The next day, Ezra stands in his empty classroom preparing to resign. He exchanges a wistful look with Aria while walking down the hall. The principal, along with a security guard, is escorting Noel to his locker where the stolen answers to 3 midterms are found. Ezra looks beyond relieved and ducks out, not sticking around to give Noel a chance to hurl a single accusation.

Aria's old babysitter, and published author, Simone, comes to Rosewood for a visit. Ella arranges for her to talk to the English classes at Rosewood high. Ella also arranges for her to have coffee with Ezra because he is "very single and very handsome." Ezra reads and enjoys Simone's short story, then meets her for coffee, ruining Aria's plan for them to spend the afternoon together. Aria offers to stick around, but he basically pushes her out the door, making sure she leaves first so no one sees them together.

At the dance-a-thon, Simone and Ezra chat by the coat room. Aria walks up and Simone tells an embarrassing story about how Aria used to sleep with a cookie monster doll. Later, Ezra chats with Simone on the dance floor. A jealous Aria marches up to them and demands, "We have to talk." Spencer intervenes, asking Mr. Fitz to dance, giving Aria a chance to cool off.

Outside, in the parking lot, Aria says that Ezra would be better off with Simone, who is smart, pretty and accomplished, and sheds a tear. Ezra replies, saying that he is in love with someone already, meaning Aria. He moves in to kiss her, but backs up, knowing that anybody could see them in the school parking lot.

Under the guise of asking him to "look over her assignment," Aria seductively confronts Ezra with two tickets to a gallery exhibit in Philadelphia tomorrow night. Ezra goes all out, hiring a limo for the date, as does Aria who is decked out in heels and a red dress waiting for him outside his apartment. He pulls up, commenting on how good she looks and why a limo is much better than the train. The driver opens the door for Aria allowing her to get close to Ezra in the backseat. The two spend a romantic outing in Philadelphia, pleased they don't have to conceal their kisses and hand holding in public, something neither of them is quite used to yet.

Ezra has lunch with his colleagues, including Ella Montgomery, a substitute at Rosewood High School. He invites them to meet an author they all enjoy. Paige's father, Mr. McCullers, storms into the cafeteria demanding to speak to the coach, who is supposedly taking opportunities away from his daughter and giving them to someone who doesn't deserve it to further a political agenda. Ezra calmly diffuses the situation, gaining Ella's respect.

Aria tells Ezra he has nothing to worry about having a parent-teacher conference with her dad even though he is worried about the complexity of the situation. His meeting with Byron does not go well because Byron is under the impression Ezra may be interested in his wife. (Little does he know...) While Ezra tries to talk about Aria, Byron grills him on his taste in literature and generally makes an already awkward situation even more uncomfortable.

Ezra later tells Aria he is sure her father hates him. Either that, or he's crazy. Another day, Ezra and Aria are alone in his apartment fooling around when Byron's voice comes over the answering machine, apologizing for the way he acted, inviting Ezra out for a beer, and decidedly killing the mood.

At school, the girls sit outside the auditorium practicing lines for auditions for the play Mr. Fitz is directing, called "The Bad Seed," while Jenna talks to Mr. Fitz about composing music on her flute for the play. He thinks it's a great idea though seems a bit perplexed by Jenna's comment about finding the nature of evil fascinating.

One morning, Aria ambushes Ezra in his apartment with the idea of making her stage manager for the play. Though initially uncertain, he is powerless against her persuasive arguments and agrees. He is also unsure about making plans with her father. She, however, likes the idea of them getting to know one another, hoping her dad sees how special he is. Aria mentions how she'd like her friends to see how special he is as well, lying that she hasn't told them about their relationship. He says they like him just fine; as a matter of fact, he just cast them in the play. Aria is excited she will get to spend so much time with him on and off-campus working on the play.

Fitz (4)
At play practice, Aria sits next to Ezra and helps him gather up the papers he dropped. Ian Thomas briefly enters the room mistaking it for a Booster Club meeting. They take a break. When play practice resumes, Aria slips up, calling him "Ezra" in front of everyone. She realizes her mistake and hopes no one picks up on it, but it's clear they do. This makes Ezra understandably edgy about their relationship.

Byron catches up with Ezra in the hallway at school, reminding him about the drinks they're supposed to have later. At the bar, Byron mentions that Aria is already "applying to colleges in California," giving Ezra pause, and that Ezra should consider teaching at the college level where he would have more time for his writing. Later, Aria asks how the get-together with her dad went. Ezra mentions how Byron might try to get him a job at Hollis College. Aria doesn't see the need for Ezra to get a new job. He mentions eventually he will want to move on, just like she will.

Tensions rise when a conflict over scheduling causes Aria to admit becoming stage manager was not the best idea. She offers to find a replacement. Then they delve deeper into Ezra's comments earlier about leaving Rosewood. He says that their futures may not be linked, causing Aria to step back, bewildered. She explains she was only looking at one college in California, in Ezra's favorite city, where they could move together. She expects them to have a future, while Ezra is not as certain. She stops by his place later to make her feelings known - the future is uncertain, so they should enjoy what they have now. He seems to agree with the sentiment.

In his classroom, Ezra talks to Jenna about her short story when Aria walks in. When Jenna leaves, he asks Aria about the incident which caused her blindness. They arrange to meet at his place later and cook dinner. Later, he arrives home to find a prepared meal and Aria in a knockout dress. He announces that he likes coming home to her. He brings up Jenna's story again, making Aria uncomfortable, prompting her to ask him to change the subject.

The next morning, Aria shows up to his apartment distressed. He asks what's wrong, shocked to see his girlfriend burst into tears. She fills him in on all the details of the Jenna Thing and hopes he'll continue to look at her the same way knowing she had a hand in Jenna's accident. He says it doesn't change anything, he still loves her, and holds her close on the sofa.

Aria catches up with Ezra in the hall to ask him about their plans for the upcoming Founder's Day Festival. Just then, Aria spots Ella, so she purposefully knocks the coffee out of his hand. Bending down to clean up the mess, she is able to (somewhat) discreetly whisper an invitation to Ezra to a quiet weekend together instead of going to the festival, but he does not answer definitively.

Ezra calls Aria to let her know he'll be late at the moment she finds out that Ezra has an ex-fiancée named Jackie Molina, having seen a picture of the two of them on his laptop. Aria is quite shocked by the photo and cuts the conversation short. She eventually decides to be direct and ask him about it. She feels that he knows everything about her, but he hasn't shared as much about himself. Ezra explains that yes, he was once engaged. They dated throughout college, he proposed in Italy, she accepted, but later broke it off. Aria is not thrilled to hear he wasn't the one to break it off, realizing they could easily be married right now. Ezra reassures her that Jackie is his past and she is his present. This seems to satisfy her and they continue their movie marathon, which Ezra falls asleep during.

Later, Aria decides to have some fun. She drew faces on some paper bags and has them wear them over their heads to pose for a photo. They, of course, cannot take real photos together, in case they were found. Aria gets a text and leaves in a hurry. We see Officer Garrett standing outside Ezra's door, probably seeing Aria exiting his apartment. He knocks on the door and asks to come in, spying the paper bags and a girl's scarf strewn on the sofa. The episode then ends with Garret saying "I'd like to talk to you about one of your students."

Aria gets 10 text messages from Ezra saying that a cop was at his house and he needs to talk to her. Aria anxiously rushes to school to find out what's going on, fearing the worst when he says he just met with the principal. Smiling, Ezra says he just turned in his resignation because "Hollis offered me the job." Aria punches him in the shoulder because she was certain they'd been caught. Ezra apologizes, explaining he cop was there to ask about Spencer, the trophy, props, etc. The real news is how happy he is he and Aria will be able to be seen out in public together, at a coffee shop, or a poetry reading - they don't always have to be looking over their shoulder anymore. He informs her that he'll be attending the faculty mixer at her house tonight. She offers to give him the tour, suggestively offering to show him her room.

At the mixer, Aria answers the door to face none other than Ezra's ex fiancée, Jackie Molina, who explains that she works at Hollis. Aria, taken by surprise, leaves Jackie standing at the door and escapes to her room. Ezra spots her leave, and sees Jackie at the door and realizes why Aria might be upset. He finds her in her room upstairs, under different circumstances than they had intended. Aria says that she can't help but think that Ezra still has feelings for Jackie. Ezra says that he didn't know she would be there. He hasn't seen her since last summer and she was just a TA back then. Aria points out that up until then, Ezra was the only guy who had never lied to her. Disheartened, Aria leaves him standing in her bedroom, speechless.

Season 2

When Mr. Fitz walks into his classroom, he heads to the board to erase the game of hangman spelling out LIARS. He is not thrilled to see Noel has returned to school. He beckons Aria to speak privately in the classroom, checks if she is alright after the incident with Ian and if she wants to talk about it, but she is uncommunicative. He tells her nothing has changed, he is here for her and still loves her. Ezra tries to apologize about Jackie, but Aria is mostly unresponsive. He asks if they are over, and Aria can't manage more than a "I don't know..." He looks very upset when she leaves.

That day after school, Aria makes an appearance at Ezra’s place. There, shirtless Ezra assures Aria he believes she and her friends are telling the truth about the Ian incident. He offers his support to Aria. She says she feels like things have changed. Ezra says she can ask him anything and Aria is curious to hear more details about Jackie. He tells her Jackie wasn't ready for a commitment and assures her that she is not a rebound, but cannot bring himself to lie and say he wasn't still in love with Jackie when he first met Aria. He promises he was never thinking about anyone else while they were together. Ezra asks her to spend the rest of the day, like they used to, but Aria declines and leaves. Ezra is unaware that "A" stole the key to his apartment and his Hollis diploma too.

At school, Aria is cold towards Ezra when he attempts to be friendly. She accuses him of not letting her know about his last day on the job being Friday, and not being clear enough about what to expect after he packs up his desk. He feels he's been perfectly clear about how he feels, but that they won't be able to figure things out before the next bell. She finally consents to meeting Ezra in his apartment the next day to sort out the complicated details of their relationship.

Later, Aria gets a call from Ezra, while waiting for him in his apartment, as per their agreement. Ezra is stuck in a meeting with his new employers at Hollis College, surprised by how the long the meeting has gone. Aria is frustrated, thinking that this should have been anticipated, but she agrees to wait for Ezra in his apartment a while longer until he comes home. She replaces the diploma he never noticed was missing on his desk. She waits over an hour, then finally leaves a note for him perched in the typewriter's output ending things.

Goodbye Mr. Fitz

Goodbye, Mr. Fitz!

The next day in English class, Ezra uses his last moments with the Rosewood High students to give a parting speech. It is given to the whole class, but the innuendo is clearly intended for Aria alone, telling what an unexpected sense of loss he feels leaving and that he'll never forgot their time together. At the end of the day, Ezra packs up his desk and brings his things to his car. Aria calls out his name running to embrace him, and the two kiss passionately.

While on campus at Ezra's new workplace, Aria and Ezra revel in the fact that they can outwardly show their affection for each in public. The two lovers share a kiss, not realizing that a stunned Jackie is eyeing them from across the way. Later, Aria grumbles about the fact Jenna is in her pottery class. Ezra, in a robe, just out of the shower, sits beside her and listens. He mentions maybe the universe is trying to tell her something, maybe it's time to bury the hatchet with Jenna they share an interest in art after all. He pulls her closer and gives her a kiss while she contemplates his advice.

Aria visits Ezra at Hollis. She sits perched on Ezra's desk, cluing him in on the details of discovering Ian's body. They are sharing an intimate moment, which is silently overheard by Jackie, who purposely barges into the office to break up their tête-à-tête. Ezra awkwardly introduces Aria as a former student, and she explains she just stopped by on the way to her dad's office. Jackie patronizingly calls Ezra by a nickname, probably to make Aria jealous, and later remarks that "Mr. Fitz" should start letting "the girl" call him by his first name. After Jackie leaves, they discuss everything wrong with that little encounter. Aria's not crazy about the nickname "Z," mentioning how her family used to call her Pookie Bear and don't anymore, for good reason. Aria felt disappointed being introduced as a former student and Ezra felt demoted to a pit stop when she mentioned her dad. They agree in the future that he will introduce her as "a friend," and he just might have to start calling her Pookie Bear.

Later, when Ezra shows up to the church for Ian's funeral service, he is questioned about his attendance by Ella and Byron Montgomery. Ezra is at first forthcoming, admitting Aria invited him. However, he explains that it was to support his former students, all of them. Aria is rebuffed, especially when her father acknowledges the gesture towards the "kids." He sits next to them during the service. After the burial in the cemetery, Aria makes a comment about rounding up the entire student body so they can talk, chiding him for his earlier remarks. She wishes they could move forward and start being seen as a couple in public, but both know it's not the time or the place for a big step like that. Aria expresses her need for a hug, but all he can do is say he'll call her later.

Your idea

Your idea, after all.

Byron invites Ezra and a plus-one to dinner. He feels that it would be nice to extend a hand to his teaching colleague who is still learning the ropes of Hollis. Byron points out that there is no conflict of interest now that Ezra is no longer Aria's teacher and that she should start to call him Ezra. He accepts the invitation. Aria comes to see him at Hollis to talk him out of it, but he feels inclined to go. He persuades her that it will finally be their opportunity to warm Ella and Byron up to the Aria and Ezra interacting in a way other than as teacher and student. It will be "a baby step," just like she wanted. Aria reluctantly agrees.

At dinner, Ezra comes over bringing flowers and scotch. He and Aria joke about the scotch, then Aria happily introduces him to her guests as "Ezra." Jason brings a similar gesture, and Aria's two suitors meet for the first time. Ezra notices Aria take a phone call upstairs. Jason and Ezra exchange stories about traveling and biking. When Officer Barry shows up to make the announcement of Mike's arrest, Jason and Aria exchange knowing looks, at which Ezra raises an eyebrow. Ezra, Jason, and Aria are left alone in the house after Byron and Ella and their other guests leave.


Sensing something up

Ezra helps Aria clear the table and runs the dishwasher. He remarks how well he was doing tonight before they were interrupted. They joke about him practicing what to say in front of the mirror to impress her father. Ezra questions why Jason was invited tonight, expecting a more specific answer than he is Ali's brother, and Aria explains her mom and his mom are friends. Aria goes to the living room to offer Jason more coffee, while Ezra watches intently, wondering what the two are whispering about.

Fitz2 (1)
A little later, while Aria leaves her two suitors together downstairs, Jason makes small talk with Ezra, asking if he had Aria... in his class at Rosewood High. At that moment, Aria approaches and suddenly declares it's time for them to leave. Ezra is surprised and asks, "both of us?" Aria apologizes and says she will talk to him tomorrow. The two gentleman exit, making awkward eye contact on the door stoop before going their separate ways.

Ezra pops in on Aria working in the Hollis College pottery studio. He puts his arms around her and jokes about the pottery wheel scene in Ghost, but she's not in the mood. He mentions how flew past his apartment that morning. She claims she had to make sure her bowl gets put in the kiln. He asks, "how are things at home?" He tries to explain Mike's behavior by suggesting that Mike's friends put him up to it, but Aria informs him that he's broken into other houses too. She mentions him trying to break into Jason's place, and it dawns on Ezra that that was why she and Jason were privately whispering to each other at the failed dinner party.

Aria just nods and picks up her finished piece and sets it on the shelf of pottery awaiting the kiln. Ezra picks up Jenna's candle holder and compliments it. Aria lets him know who its artist is. He asks about patching things up with Jenna, but Aria has nothing to report. Ezra asks why Aria hadn't confided in him about Mike, and she replies because it was embarrassing. He reassures her she shouldn't feel that way around him because he is understanding. He invites her over for later that day, and she accepts the offer, telling him she'll call him. During their conversation up until this point, Aria's voice has been very subdued. Ezra is about to leave, but turns quickly on his heels and asks if Jason is a threat to him. Aria gives a little laugh and denies it. When he leaves, she doesn't bother to turn her head to watch him go.

Fitz2 (2)
That night at the hospital, Aria gets a text from Ezra, who she never called as promised. Ezra waits for her in the waiting room. There, Ezra offers his help, then invites Aria over later, but before she responds, she gets a phone call. She ignores it and tells him that she has to get home, then gives him a demure peck goodnight.


Stripping in Ezra's office

In "Picture This," Aria has conflicting sex dreams about Ezra and Jason. Aria saunters into Ezra’s office insisting they need some alone time and removes some layers until her bra and black lace top is revealed. She props a chair in front of the door, then starts to kiss Ezra passionately. He mumbles something about having class in fifteen minutes, but both agree that is plenty of time. He rethinks this idea again, but Aria convinces him he thinks far too much. She wraps her legs around him and Ezra surrenders; they move to the sofa.

Fitz2 (3)
After class, Ezra walks in to find Aria with snacks and sodas from the vending machine, a veritable feast! Sensing something may be up, Ezra asks if anything is going on, picking up on her recent moodswings. Aria says she is just happy and wants to share the feeling.

Ezra sets up a booth for Hollis College at the Rosewood High School college fair with Jackie's help. Jackie flirts with him and hangs a bundle of Hollis lanyards around his neck. Later, Ezra spots Aria at another booth and approaches her, feigning a hard sell for College, specifying how "hands on" the teachers there are, but she doesn't play along. Aria gives him a half-smile, then walks outside. Ezra follows her, and Jackie is all too-attentive. With some slightly greater measure of privacy, she assures him she's not mad at him, but she's frustrated with the "outside forces" which are threatening their relationship. Believing she is referring to his ex, he assures her that he does not have feelings for Jackie and there is nothing to worry about, but in the process of explaining her feelings, she blurts out that Jason kissed her. She doesn't get a chance to explain because Jackie walks up enlisting "Z" to get some brochures out the car. He walks away, still shocked and dismayed by what Aria just told him.

After the college fair, Ezra slides into his car, and stares bewildered as Spencer slides into the passenger seat simultaneously. She quickly cuts to the chase and lets Ezra know that she is aware of Aria's romance with him. Ezra stammers a denial, but Spencer waves it off, even slipping in an "Ezra," alarming "Mr. Fitz" further. She lets Ezra know that she believes Aria to be in trouble. As they are sitting in broad daylight during school hours in front of Rosewood Highs school's building, Ella spots them while descending the steps, looking none too pleased.

When Aria goes to Jason, Ezra pulls into Jason's driveway. He reveals what Spencer told him and that he is there to 'rescue' Aria from Jason. Aria assures Ezra that Jason is not a threat in that way, but Ezra still does not like the situation for a different reason. Jason is a threat to their relationship, even if he isn't a threat to Aria's well-being, and Ezra wants to settle things by going public with their relationship, beginning with Aria's parents. Overjoyed to hear Ezra talk this way, she kisses him, and Jason finally comes back, just in time to witness the liplock. He watches as Aria gets into Ezra's car.

They don't follow through with the plan to tell Aria's parents though. Some time later, Jackie brings coffee to Ezra in his office, as he sits reclining on his couch reading some material. She tries to engage him by reminiscing about old times when things were steady between them. Aria, who is also bringing coffee, stops short when she sees that Jackie has beaten her to it. She hides by the doorway, straining to hear which words Jackie has for her beau. Ezra firmly denies Jackie's advances and lets her know that he’s seeing someone, to Aria's relief. Jackie plays dumb to this and keeps pitching anyway, wanting to know what his answer would be if they were both single. But he shoots her down, reminding her that he is not single. Later that day, Aria sees an incoming call from Ezra and ignores it.

Aria and the other girls are arrested on suspicion of murder. Aria uses her one phone call to call Ezra and tell him she made a terrible mistake and needs him. Ezra walks into the police station while the girls are being detained and the parents are standing together. Byron wonders at his presence, and Ella goes to confront Ezra and give him the chance to leave, as this is absolutely an inappropriate time to deal with this issue. He says, "I'm in love with her." She then says, "If Spencer’s parents find out about this, they will ruin you." Ezra looks stunned. After the hiatus we learn that he did not in fact correct Ella.

Aria momentarily bumps into Ezra in the hallways of her father's office building at Hollis College in the prequel episode, "The First Secret," demonstrating that she had encountered him long before she officially met him.

One month after the girls' arrest, and after Aria finishes community service, Ezra bumps into her and Mike on the street outside the bike shop. Things are clearly awkward as they talk about not having seen each other lately and a book of poetry he loaned her. When Mike steps away, Ezra has a chance to say how he has felt numb since they stopped seeing each other and how he wished things were different. Mike returns and they all exchange awkward goodbyes.

Later that day, Byron visits Ezra in his office. They discuss combining their classes to watch a film one day and finishing the dinner that was interrupted. Byron gets a text and mentions how he has had to deal with so many lawyers lately, referring to Aria's arrest. Ezra is sympathetic and asks how things have been. He says he knows Aria well enough to know that Aria would never hurt Ella or Byron on purpose. He agrees with Byron's notion that no one ever starts out intending to hurt anyone.

The next day, Ezra walks in on Jackie and Aria arguing in his office. After Jackie leaves, he finally learns from Aria why she broke up with him. Jackie had been blackmailing her and after all the trouble with the cops, Aria didn't want to drag Ezra into it. Ezra regrets not telling her mother the truth in the police station. Aria is about to leave, resigned to the futility of the situation when Ezra asks if she still trusts him. She answers yes and he informs her that there is something important they have to do that afternoon.


"I love Aria."

Later, standing before Byron and Ella in their living room, he and Aria finally come clean about their relationship, much to her parents' shock and anger. Ezra does most of the talking, explaining he's in love with Aria and admits it started before she was his student and that it continued while she was his student. Ella and Byron are both in disbelief. Before Byron can hit Ezra, Mike walks up and does it first. After a stunned silence, Aria advises Ezra to leave.


"Go away, Jackie."

He is later seen in his office reclined on his sofa, contemplative, and drinking. Jackie walks in and tries to defend her actions. Ezra tells her to go away. Spying his injured lip, she realizes he must have told her parents and guesses that Professor Montgomery hit him. Aggravated by her presence, he stands up and tells Jackie in no uncertain terms that he does not want anything to do with her and that she will not do anything to hurt Aria then kicks her out of his office.

The next day, Aria leaves him a voicemail telling him how much she loves him and that things will blow over eventually.

Ezra sits alone in his apartment watching a basketball game when there is a knock at the door. He lets Byron in and offers him a beverage. Byron cuts to the chase. He knows navigating certain student-teacher relationships can be tricky and admits to making his own bad choices, pointing out that they were not with a minor. He asks for Ezra's word that he will not see Aria again, but Ezra doesn't give it to him. Instead, he thanks him for helping him get the job at Hollis which enabled him to continue his relationship with Aria. Byron spies the rumpled sheets on Ezra's bed behind him and asks if he and Aria spend time at his apartment. Before Ezra can answer, Byron threatens him about going to the police and leaves.

Fitz2 (4)
In the neighborhood to pick up a cake, Hanna pops in on Ezra in his office to let him know she and Aria's other friends approve of their relationship. He asks Hanna to leave the door open, not wanting to give Byron any more ammunition to use against him.

Aria calls Ezra again and this time he picks up. She says she just needed to hear his voice. He says he needed to hear hers as well, but tells her, with great pain, that she can't call him again and hangs up. Later, Ezra dines alone in a restaurant in town when Aria and her parents walk up. Byron insists they go somewhere else to eat. Aria and Ezra stare longingly at each other before she's forced to walk away.

On Friday night, Ezra goes to the play he had been planning to take Aria to. When he gets out of the cab, he makes eye contact with Aria, who begins walking toward him, beaming. At first he is surprised, then happy to see her, but their moment is interrupted. Ezra walks past his colleague Mrs. Welch, Aria, and her date to pick up his tickets at the ticket booth trying to be inconspicuous, but glancing at Aria on the way. Mrs. Welch then spots and greets him and he gives her a hug and his extra ticket. Offscreen, he tells Mrs. Welch he is not feeling well 10 minutes into the first act and goes home early.

Aria leaves Ezra a voicemail from Emily's phone. She tells him she doesn't want their relationship to be over, but if it is, they should talk about it in person. If there is any chance of staying together, he will meet her under a clock in Philadelphia at 8 o'clock. Sitting at his desk, Ezra sees the voicemail and considers deleting it, but chooses to ignore it for the moment.

Ezra meets with a student about a work of fiction written for class. Ezra has a hard time believing the protagonist would leave his wife at the altar to follow a woman he doesn't even know. The student defends his story, explaining that is what true love is all about. Ezra agrees to take a second look. On his way out, he tells Ezra this quote: "Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid." Ezra eventually listens to the voicemail from Aria. He deletes it.

Ezra finally arrives to the meeting place. He calls her name and they kiss in the middle of the street, stopping traffic. Inside his car, they both agree what they are doing is dangerous. He wants her to be safe and happy and make sure that being together is what she wants. She answers him with a kiss. They realize what they are doing is crazy try to figure out how they can make it work without meeting on sidewalks in the rain for the rest of their lives. Aria tells him she has a plan.

Another night, Ezra and Aria drive to an unknown location in Ezra's car and discuss their situation. Aria hates having to lie to her friends. He tells her she doesn't have to, but she recalls being "burned before." The good news is her mom seems to be slowly coming round to the idea of them dating. The bad news is her dad will probably never come around. They get closer when Aria mentions the need to generate some heat. Later, the apparently try to take a shortcut back causing Aria to almost be late.

Aria and Ezra have a date planned for the next night, but Ezra has to cancel due to it is canceled because Ezra has to attend a Hollis function. At Hollis College, Ezra chats with a professor, who says that he has recommended Ezra for an associate dean's position at the new Hollis satellite school. Ezra is flattered, and surprised when he learns the school is in New Orleans. When he asks for a few days to think it over, he is told the only reason he is even being offered the position is because Byron Montgomery so strongly recommended him. Byron looks on ominously from across the room.

Some days later, Aria talks on the phone with Ezra, discussing his interview for the job in New Orleans tomorrow. Aria says it's a huge opportunity for him, but Ezra says that isn't the problem, it's what Byron will think if he doesn't take it. Aria says they need to discuss it in person, and Ezra suggests a French Vegan restaurant which just opened up. Aria jokes that Ezra must really like her if he's taking her to a French restaurant. Ezra corrects her, saying he must really love her.

Ezra arrives outside the bistro, when he receives a text from Aria, saying they have to reschedule and promising to explain later. A disappointed Ezra turns to leave, when he notices Byron inside. Shocked at the close call, Ezra quickly leaves.

Aria talks with Ezra on the phone about his upcoming interview. His flight back to Rosewood arrives at noon tomorrow. Before they are able to discuss it more, Ella walks in on Aria, who pretends to be talking to Emily and quickly ends the call.

Later, Ezra meets Aria in her car. Aria asks him about the trip and says she is glad it's all over. Ezra says that Aria's dad is clearly on to them and that he hasn't declined the offer yet. The job is an incredible opportunity and if he turns it down, Byron will know why. Aria says that they will figure something out like they always do. Ezra says that he's not so sure about that anymore. She asks if he is giving up on them. He says no, but they've been trying to work it out for a long time and maybe they should consider the possibility it is not meant to be. Aria is very visibly upset. Ezra leaves, having to get to class. She breaks down and cries in her car.

Later, Aria and Ezra eat and talk at Ezra's apartment. Aria wonders when he is leaving because it feels like he's left already. He assures her he won't be leaving right away. There is a knock at the door. Ezra opens it to find Ella. Initially surprised, then prepared for the fallout, he lets her in. Outraged, Aria wants to know if Ella plans to bring her home in handcuffs or just yank her out by her hair. Ella says neither. She came to listen.

Ella stares at Ezra and Aria sitting opposite her on the couch. Aria wants to know what they're all doing there. Ella admits while she does not condone their relationship, she is afraid of what will happen if she takes the same stance as Byron. Ezra still isn't sure where they stand. Ella says she wants to understand the relationship between Aria and Ezra before anyone makes any rash decisions. They are interrupted by the kettle whistling.

Ella shows up to Ezra's office while he is reading papers. He hops up and offers her a refreshment even though all he has is chocolate milk and an apple. She makes it clear that this isn't a social call and the fact that she is willing to talk about his relationship with Aria doesn't make her an ally. Compared to Byron, she may seem that way, but the only person she cares about is Aria. Ezra asks if she wants him gone too. Ella pretends not to have an opinion on the matter, but he calls her out on it, and she implies she would like him to take the job in New Orleans as well. Ezra tells her it does actually matter what she thinks of him. Before exiting, she asks if he knows of anyone ever bullying Aria, or using their secret relationship against her. He says no, so she asks if anyone would try to hurt him intentionally. He says there might have been, but not anymore.

Byron shows up to Ezra's office, responding to a message that he wanted to see him. Ezra says Professor Schaefer wants a decision about the job in New Orleans. Byron encourages him to take the position, but is not sure why Ezra wants to talk to him. Ezra explains that since he was so instrumental in getting him the position, he should be the first to know his decision. Byron tries to downplay his involvement, but Ezra thanks him for his generosity anyway, then informs him he will not be taking the job. When Byron tells him it is a mistake, Ezra concedes maybe, but not the mistake Byron thinks. Ezra won't reconsider and explains if he took the job, as incredible as it may be, he would never be sure why he did it he doesn't want Byron to have that much power over him. Byron is appalled Ezra would speak to him that way after what he's done to his family. Ezra apologizes, but Byron doesn't accept and tells him once again to leave. Ezra says he is not the kind of man who would take this way out and maybe Byron's ego is getting in the way of everyone moving on. Byron exits without another word and Ezra takes a deep breath. He calls Aria and tells her he loves her.

Fitz2 (5)
The next day, Aria visits him in his office and brings coffee to celebrate, but Ezra states you usually celebrate getting a job offer, not turning it down. Aria however says that was just Byron trying to control, their lives and that Ezra showed him he can't. Ezra later learns from Aria that her parents plan to send her off to boarding school.

Fitz2 (6)
Later, at his apartment, Aria visits again and reveals she got the boarding school idea negated to which Ezra questions how. After hearing the answer and Aria's statement that you fight one battle at a time, Ezra reveals they may have just lost the war because he was fired that afternoon. Later, while discussing what he will do and where he will go, Ezra tells Aria he needs to find a place where he can do his job and asks Aria if she has any idea how much he loves her. Ezra and Aria then have sex on his bed, which in a later episode is told by Aria as "sacred ground". You can kind of tell they are having sex in the episode shown because Aria is seen in her lace bra and Ezra has no shirt on, but it is not shown, and is not know until a later episode.

Fitz2 (7)
Ezra leaves Rosewood, but is stated by Aria to still keep in touch. Ezra later returns and goes to the masked ball where Aria and her friends had gone. He sends Aria a text and tells her to meet him. He reveals himself to her and tells her he just can't stay away from her. Ezra dances with Aria and says he wants to see her. He unmasks her and they kiss passionately, happy to be reunited.

Meet the Parents

Ella Montgomery meets Ezra early on in the series when they run into each other at the movies. She takes a liking to him right away, noting how "young" and "handsome" he is. The two become colleages and friends when Ella starts working at Rosewood High, meeting for the second time in a supply closet during a severe storm. She tries to set him up with Aria's old babysitter, Simone, and later, they go to a book signing together (along with other faculty members). Byron worries there is something going on between them, but it's all in his head.

Byron first meets Ezra during student-teacher conferences. Their first encounter was not what Ezra hoped it would be. Instead, Byron grills him about his taste in literature and awkwardly marks his territory when it comes to his wife. When Aria tells him he's misread the situation, Byron invites Ezra out for a drink. They go, and get along fine, though it's quite awkward, and makes Ezra think hard about his future with Aria. Byron mentions that teaching at the college level would allow Ezra more time for his writing. He later helps Ezra get a job at Hollis College and invites him to the Montgomery home for a faculty mixer.

During the second season, Ezra continues to have contact with Aria's parents. He is invited to an intimate dinner party at their home along with Mr. and Mrs. Partha and Jason DiLaurentis. Later, Ella spots him with Spencer Hastings in his car and gets the wrong impression. When Ezra shows up to the police station at Aria's request, Ella stops him, giving him the chance to walk away. He says he's in love with "her," which Ella takes to mean Spencer. At this point, it is uncertain whether Ezra will come clean about his relationship with Aria to her parents.

After the mid-season hiatus, Byron visits Ezra in his office. They are friendly and make plans to combine their classes and have dinner and drinks. Ezra sympathizes with Byron having to deal with all the issues that arose following Aria's arrest. The next day, Ezra stands in the Montgomery's living room and confesses his love for their daughter. They are shocked to learn exactly how long their relationship has been going on and clearly angry. Byron confronts Ezra in his apartment the next day without Ella's knowledge. What starts out as a business-like conversation turns angry and defensive and ends with Byron threatening to call the police. When they see Ezra dining alone at a restaurant in town, the Montgomerys find someplace else to eat.

In order to prevent Ezra from ever seeing Aria again, Byron recommends him for a job in New Orleans. When Ella gets wind of this, she heads over to Ezra's apartment, to find him and Aria eating dinner and discussing their future. She agrees to listen to what they have to say and try to understand their relationship. However, despite her supposed open-mindedness, Ella goes to Ezra's office to tell him she is not an ally in this situation. Byron also pays Ezra a visit, at Ezra's behest, hoping he has chosen to take the position, but Ezra assertively informs him he won't be going anywhere, leaving Byron at a loss for words.


In the prequel episode, "The First Secret," Ezra is a student at Hollis, and Aria suddenly bumps into him. Unbeknownst to each other, Aria and Ezra did meet before they met in the "Pilot".


  • He drives a silver Toyota Camry.
  • He likes to ride his bicycle.
  • His real last name is Fitzgerald but he truncated it to "Fitz", according to him as a way to shake his past.
  • The name Ezra Fitzgerald is likely a reference to Ezra Pound and F. Scott Fitzgerald. This makes sense given the fact that he was originally introduced as a literature teacher.
  • He got his high school girlfriend Maggie pregnant at 17. It is implied that she may have had an abortion, but not confirmed. Ezra's mother reportedly paid her off to go away, and to never contact Ezra again. The ordeal causes Ezra to reject his inheritence and essentially disown his family.
  • It is later discovered that Maggie did not have an abortion and the two have a seven year old son named Malcolm.

Book Comparsions

  • In the books, Ezra gets arrested after A sends a text to Sean, Aria's boyfriend. In the show, Noel, Aria then-boyfriend, found out about Ezra and was about to out him but A got to him first.
  • In the show, Ezra was close friends with Ella prior to her finding out his relationship with Aria. In the books, they were merely acquainted.
  • In the show, Ezra has a brother named Wesley. In the books, not much light has been shed on his past. For example, Jackie and Maggie don't exist in the books.


Ezra [to class]: I’m wondering — is anybody else bothered by Atticus' hypocrisy at the end of the novel?

Ezra: You’re lucky — my cooking’s always better the next day! I make really good leftovers.
[Aria laughs]
Ezra: Don’t laugh. No, seriously — the pesto will get up your nose, we’ll need the Jaws of Life in here.

Ezra: If A knows, I'm thinking B and C and everybody else knows.

Ezra [to Aria]: I could never hate you.

Ezra: I guess I know Aria well enough to believe that she would never do anything to hurt you and Ella.
Byron: Well nobody ever starts out to hurt anybody.
Ezra: No, no they don't.

Jackie: I was just trying to wake you up.
Ezra: Bad idea waking a sleepwalker.

Ezra [to Aria]: We're crazy, you know that, right?

Aria: French food? Wow, you must really like me.
Ezra: Aria, it's French Vegan food. I must really love you.

Ezra: It's like this, Byron. You think I'm the kind of man who would take this way out, and I know I'm not.
Byron: Well, we could have resolved this and moved on, but apparently ego is gonna get in the way.
Ezra (nods): Whose ego are we talking about?

Ezra [to Aria]: This is our first dance. I want to see you.

Ezra [to his mother]: It’s astounding that you can do things like this and still not understand why I want nothing to do with this family.

Ezra [to his mother]: You can endow all the museums you want, but you’re not fooling anybody. There’s not a generous bone in your body.

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