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Address: Apt #: 3B

Ezra's apartment was only place where Ezria could openly exist while their relationship was a secret. Ezra has an interesting bachelor pad, with vintage posters and loads of books. He's made room in his studio apartment for a typewriter, a record player, and a telescope. His security may be compromised, however, as the key was stolen from under his doormat. It is unclear whether Aria ever admitted to him that he should change the locks.

Byron mentions in "A Hot Piece of A" that he and Ella once attended a party in that building during grad school.


Book-Series ComparisonEdit

  • Ezra's apartment is on the first floor in the books whilst it is on the second floor on the show.
  • The main difference between the two apartments is the large clawfoot bathtub in the middle of the book apartment.



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