I love you.
Alison to Emily in The Glove That Rocks the Cradle

Emison is the romantic matching and friendship of Alison DiLaurentis and Emily Fields. It's one of the top five ships in the Pretty Little Liars fandom.


That's why I love you. You're big on happy endings.
Alison to Emily in The Perfect Storm


After school, the next day, Maya and Emily go for a walk, and Emily shares her thoughts about Alison and her disappearance. It is hard for Emily to see the tributes people left for Alison being loaded from the curb in front of Maya's house, into a dumpster. At night, Emily notices police cars to Maya's house, where ambulances are flanking the street, and it seems the whole town has come out to watch what's going on. She runs toward Maya's front steps, terrified that something happened to Maya. But Maya comes to greet her, seemingly fine. She lets Emily know that Alison has been found, and Emily is excited until Maya tells her that it is her body that has been found. A stretcher with a body bag atop it is then wheeled past where they are standing.

Emily (19)

Alison asks Emily to tie bracelet for her

The Jenna Thing

Emily is sitting by herself in a restaurant. She looks down at her bracelet and flashes back to the aftermath of "The Jenna Thing", when Alison had bought the girls friendship bracelets with their names on them. Alison had given the girls the bracelets in the same restaurant in which Emily is not sitting. At the time, she had even suggestively asked Emily to tie hers for her, and smiles.

Emily (59)

Who Emily would like to take to The Kissing Rock? ;>

Please, Do Talk About Me When I'm Gone

Emily remembers more of Alison's snide remarks that memorable summer day. As she puts on Maya's gift scarf on before the mirror, she recalls how Alison had commented on the pair of Noel and Prudence heading to presumbly, The Kissing Rock. She had matter of factly informed Emily that people had gone there to kiss for hundreds of years. She then looked Emily daringly in the eyes and asked her who she would like to take to The Kissing Rock. Emily had just smiled shyly while staring back.


"Did you get to that part yet?"

The Perfect Storm

The girls wait in the library before the exam, and Emily gets a text from "A" that sends her on a hunt for the book "Great Expectations" in the library. Seeing the book makes her flashback to when Alison had been reading the same novel one day alone in the library. Emily had joined her on the floor, and had revealed her dream that Jenna could see again, and Alison had said something to the effect of "that's why I love you, Emily." She then read her the passage of Pip's account of his ardent love for Estella: he loved her against reason and despite the fact that she basically played hard to get and gave him little hope for a future, other than her teasing. Quite fittingly, Emily had then leaned in to kiss Alison, expressing her own love of the same nature. Alison had actually smiled in return.


Back in real time, Emily finds the personal love letter she had written to Alison the summer she went missing. While reading it, Emily remembers when she had been in the locker room with Alison alone. Alison had been changing; she had removed her towel and stood there topless, forcing Emily's already attentive eyes to stare. Later, Emily had kissed her neck. Alison immediately turned on her, (feigning shock) and cruelly let Emily know that their kiss meant nothing more to her than practice for "the real thing." Abashed, Emily had turned, poised to leave, but Alison wouldn't let her escape; she was supposed to be giving her a ride home. Defeated and humiliated, Emily nevertheless remained, showcasing Alison's control over her friends.

Later Detective Wilden finds Emily's love letter, and forces her to confess to Spencer, Hanna and Aria that she loved Alison more than just a friend. She admits that she never was able to tell Alison in the right way.


Alison gave Emily snow globe! Aww!

Monsters in the End

Emily gets two texts: one from Paige, which she ignores, and one from "A," which is not as easy to ignore, teasing her about her past feelings for Alison. This prompts Emily to have a flashback to when Alison had given her a snow globe the summer before. It had been the day of her disappearance, and Alison had alluded to the fact that it was more special than one would realize at first. She also told Emily not to tell the others, as she hadn't gotten them any presents, making this gift special for Emily. Alison also confessed to Emily that of all the girls, she was the only one who understood her and could be completely honest with.

I never told you this but... you were always my favorite. Nobody loved me as much as you did.
Alison to Emily in Over My Dead Body

Em & Ali 4

Never Letting Go

The Liars lunch with Alison's mother Jessica DiLaurentis, as per her request. There, she presents the girls with presents, four high-fashion dress. However, the girls are uneasy, as they remember Alison having picked them out and trying them on one afternoon. She said to Emily "Don't I look hot, Em?" as she was aware of Emily's crush on her. Emily coyly says the feathers on the dress looked really pretty.

Over My Dead Body

Emily is trapped in a barn due to "A."
PLL212 1

Kiss of an angel

Someone drags her out, and Emily, on the brink of death having inhaled dangerous fumes, hallucinates that she sees Alison. Alison says that its good to see her again, and that she misses her the most. She also remarks that Emily was her favorite out of the girls. "No one loved me as much as you did", Alison had said. Emily asks if she is dead and Alison says "This bitch thinks this is what you want. To be completely free of 'A'. Emily asks if she knows who 'A' is, to which Alison replies "Of course I do". Emily says that she has to tell her, but Alison doesn't think that's a very good idea. Emily asks why, and Alison says "Because two can only keep a secret, if one of them is dead". Alison then tells Emily that she has to decide what she wants: Emily can stay here...or come with her. Emily doesn't reply, and begins to close her eyes. Alison smiles and whispers "Sweet Emily." She kisses her gently and Emily is awoken from her unconscious state by the Liars.The girls found her outside...not in the barn. She is so distraught that she believes what she hallucinated actually occurred. But who dragged Emily out of the barn?


"I can't figure you out."

The First Secret

Alison joins the other Liars at their table in the cafeteria, and a nerdy Mona tries to do the same. Alison makes a nasty comment, leaving her to nurse her wounds at Lucas' table. When Alison hears that Ben Coogan is telling everyone that he and Emily had sex, and Emily confirms the rumor to be true, Ali seems impressed. The next day, Emily walks to school with Alison. Alison brings up the possibility of Emily going on the pill, but Emily confesses that the rumors weren't true, and she wouldn't be needing contraception yet. She asks Alison not to tell anyone, and Alison agrees, perplexed by Emily's odd behavior until she discovers Emily's secret later that night at Noel's Halloween party ...


"It's ok Em...your secret is safe with me."

when Emily slow-dances with Ben on the dance floor. Jenna is seen seductively dancing nearby, and Emily ogles at her moves and curves. Jenna notices this and smiles, causing Emily to smile uncertainly back. Alison turns her eyes from one to the other, approaches Emily, and alludes to her hidden sexual orientation. Emily looks frightened, and Alison lets her know that her secret is safe with her.

You and me in sweet Pari... How about... forever?
Alison to Emily in Dead to Me

Single Fright Female

CeCe Drake tells Spencer about

Alison threatening Paige... jealous!

how Paige and Alison had a rivalry, also telling Spencer that Alison's nickname for Paige was "Pigskin." When Spencer asks CeCe what they were fighting about, she tells her it was about Emily. This reminds Spencer of a time when Alison had a huge mark on her back and said that when she was playing soccer, she fell down and Pigskin kicked her. Spencer, Aria, and Hanna are confused, and ask who Pigskin is, and Alison just tells them she is a "freak," and that she is "psychotic." In the second flashback, Alison and CeCe are in a car, and Alison tells CeCe about how she wrote Paige a fake love letter from Emily (using Emily's stationary).  In the letter, Alison wrote to Paige to meet her and hide her response letter underneath a sign outside a shop in town. Alison sees Paige and threatens to show the letter Paige wrote to Emily to her father, who is a deacon at the church. Paige yells at her to give it back, but Alison yells back, "I own you now!" Alison walks away, looking frightened, and yells at CeCe to drive.

Dead to Me

Emily visits Dr. Anne Sullivan for therapy to help her heal from what happened with Lyndon James. She has Emily try hypnotherapy. Emily suddenly remembers something about the night Alison went missing: Emily sees herself angrily walking towards Alison's backyard holding a shovel. Alison is across from her, and turns around. Alison looks frightened and says "We shouldn't be here. This is bad, we shouldn't be doing this". Emily walks over to Alison and lifts the shovel. Alison screams and falls to the ground. Ignoring her cries, Emily hits her with the shovel. Emily later realizes she got this night and the night Ali's grave was dug up mixed up. Emily remembers that SHE was the one saying what Alison was saying, and A was in her grave trying to get her body out. Emily screams, and A covers her mouth, right before seeing a blonde female in a red coat. Emily realizes this is the leader of the A team, and may be Alison.

"You and me in sweet how does that sound?"

Also, A gives Emily a post-card of the Eiffel Tower. Emily has a flashback of when she and Ali where alone in class. Emily told Alison she was supposed to be studying, but Alison instead was spreading out post-cards of various places in France. "You and me in sweet Pari?" Ali had said, implying they go to Paris together. Ali suggests they go to the south of France, dancing in sun-flower fields, lounging around in their bikini's in the French Riviera. Emily asks how long they would be going away for. Alison looks up and smiles. "How about forever?" This trip never actually happened, mostly due to Alison's disappearance.

I'm Your Puppet

While Alison was slow-dancing with Spencer in Radley Sanitarium, she said "sometimes practice is better than the real thing". It might mean that she enjoyed her kiss with Emily, because after that she said "it's just practice before the real thing".

You loved her as much as I did. I wish that Ali could've returned those feelings. I couldn't have asked for a better person to love her than you.
Jessica to Emily in The Mirror Has Three Faces


Emily and Jessica talk about Paige and Alison.

The Mirror Has Three Faces

Jessica DiLaurentis offers Emily to let her move into Alison's old room and she agrees. They have a conversation about Jessica's divorce and Emily tells her that she and Paige are growing apart. Jessica confesses that she was "seeing" (as in hallucinations) Alison, and Emily confesses that she was seeing her as well. Jessica tells her that the reason why she's seeing her too is because Emily loved Alison as much as Jessica did. Emily is close to crying and Jessica says that she "couldn't have asked for a better person to love her than you". It is unknown how Jessica knew that Emily had a crush on Alison.

Em & Ali IV

Alison and Emily in "Bring Down the Hoe"

Bring Down the Hoe

After noticing a bottle of blue nail polish on Alison's vanity, Emily has a flashback of a  time when she was in Alison's bedroom with her. Alison was painting her toes with the same shade and playfully told Emily to stop moving, but Emily said she couldn't help it because it tickled. Alison suddenly told Emily that she should break up with Ben, saying that she was too good for him. Emily told her that she didn't want to hurt him. Alison responded by calling Emily's comment "mushy squash," and told her that she needed to stop taking care of everyone but herself; and to be careful of what she's good at, or else she'd spend the rest of her life doing it. Alison offered to break it off for her, and said that she had done it for lots of people before. One girl in particular Alison said she tried to do the deed for ended with the guy pulling a gun out on her. Stunned, Emily asked if he went to Rosewood High, Alison told her that she doesn't know him, and that he doesn't go to their school anymore.

Now You See Me, Now You Don't

In Ravenswood, "A" traps Emily in a coffin and puts her on a sawmill, waiting to kill her. The girls try to get her out, but Red Coat, who is later revealed to be Alison, suddenly turns the machine off, saving Emily's life. It was revealed that Alison never died, and the hallucinations were real - she really visited every Liar, so she really kissed Emily.

2014-01-15 17-38-12

Love ShAck, Baby

Emily is sleeping with her window wide open and is awaken by Alison, who seemingly climbed through her bedroom window to see her. Alison tells Emily how much she missed her, but Emily however, is not enthusiastic about seeing Alison again. Emily says that she has been here the whole time, Alison is the one who was gone. Alison asks Emily not to be mad, but Emily is upset. Emily tells Alison she destroyed her because she thought she was dead. Alison replies "But i'm not. Aren't you glad that i'm not?". Emily doesn't respond. Alison picks up her journal on Emily's bed. Alison says she thought she was being smart, writing everything down in a journal. "But they took everything, didn't they?" Alison asks. Emily asks who, but Alison doesn't know. Alison tells Emily she wants her help because she always saw the good in her. Emily says she doesn't see her that way anymore. Alison notices the "Jenna-Thing" bracelet on her wrist, and is shocked to see she still wears it (even though Emily had actually taken it off in Season 1). Emily wakes up from her dream in the morning. The window is wide open and she isn't wearing the bracelet.

Later at The Brew, Emily finds a note in her bag that says: “I want to come home. Meet me at our spot.” She quickly leaves. Emily visits The Kissing Rock to wait for Alison to show up. Emily waits long enough before finally taking off her bracelet and leaves. A later returns the bracelet to Emily while the girls are at Ezra's cabin.


Close Encounters

Shana sneaks up on Emily at the church. She has a message for her from Alison, but Emily assumes it's just a way for Shana is throw it in her face that Alison is dead. Shana tells Emily that she's been helping Alison, because they were childhood friends. Emily asks for proof, and Shana tells her things only Alison would know. For example, Shana recites the exact conversation Emily and Alison had when Alison pulled her out of the barn, revealing that Alison really did save Emily. Shana tells Emily that Alison wants to meet her. Tonight.

That night, Shana drives Emily to an abandoned warehouse. Emily gets out of the car and heads up the steps and Shana drives away. Inside, Emily turns around, and Alison is there. They hug, and Emily begs Alison to come back. Alison says she doesn't know who she can trust. Emily asks who she is hiding from,and Alison replies, "I thought I knew...but I was wrong". Alison says she trusts Emily, but is not so sure about the others. They hear a noise, and a scared Alison takes off to the elevator. Emily sees that it's Spencer. Emily runs after Alison, but its too late. The elevator shut too fast. Alison is gone. Emily held a long grudge against Spencer because of this.

I always made you think your feelings for me were totally one-sided, that wasn't true. Those kisses weren't just for practice.
Alison to Emily in Miss Me x 100

Em & Ali VII

EscApe From New York

Emily is still scared A is after Alison if the liars execute their plan to protect Ezra. Once reunited with the liars after leaving the hospital Alison takes the liars to Fitzgerald Theatre, where the liars stay until they all fall asleep. Once Alison is awoken by CeCe Drake she returns to find Emily awake. When Emily asks where Alison has been Alison tells her that she doesn't need to know everything about her, Emily not satisfied by this wants answers. Alison takes Emily by the hand away from the other girls and explains how CeCe was never Red Coat, and in fact it was CeCe who distracted A, while Alison turned off the saw mill to save her in "Now You See Me, Now You Don't". Alison also tells Emily to repay CeCe for protecting Emily in Ravenswood, that she gave CeCe, her fake Vivian Darkbloom passport. Later that night Alison and Emily along with the rest of the liars discover that Shana was A.

Pretty Little Liars S05E04 Thrown from the Ride 184

Thrown From The Ride

Alison tries to call and text Emily, but Emily doesn't respond back. Emily talks to Spencer and Aria in her bedroom. Aria asks her why she's been avoiding Alison, and tries to imply that it's because Emily that she is scared of getting close to Alison again. When Aria asks her if she has feelings for Alison, Emily says that she doesn't know. Emily comments on how they have the life they wanted for the last two years and yet things are no longer like they were before.

Pretty Little Liars S05E04 Thrown from the Ride 185
After Paige indirectly tells her about Mona's Army, Emily goes to Alison’s house. Alison shows Emily her new backpack and seems excited to go back to Rosewood High. Emily uneasily tells her that maybe she should leave and start over somewhere else. Emily thinks it is not safe with the bullied students wanting revenge on Alison, but Alison arrogantly says that Emily is the one who wanted her to come to Rosewood, and that she’s going back to school and if they stick together, they would be safe. Alison asks her about the tape she recorded to coincide with her lie about being kidnapped. Emily promises to memorize the tape, and tells Alison that it’ll be the last time she lies for her before walking out the room.

Screenshot (546)

Miss Me x 100

Alison returns to Rosewood High. The girls make their way through the halls and Emily and Alison leave so Emily can show Alison the way to the guidance counselor's office. Later in the locker room, Emily confronts Paige about skipping school to avoid Alison. Paige tells her that she cannot stand to be with Alison in the same room. After school, Emily gets Alison and Paige together in her bedroom. Alison thanks Emily for getting her and Paige together in the same room. Alison apologizes to Paige for everything that she did to her. Alison tells Emily that both she and Paige are lucky to have Emily as their friend, but Paige doesn't accept her apology. After Paige leaves, Alison asks Emily if she wants to order some food, and Emily tells her she already has plans. Alison asks if she could come with her and Emily tells her she invited Paige. Alison asks if she can stay at Emily's house for a little longer as her dad is working late and she doesn't want to go home to an empty house. Emily says she can, and as she is leaving, Alison tells her their previous kisses weren't as one-sided as she led Emily to believe.

Screenshot (652)

After leaving Emily's house, Alison is followed and has a volatile confrontation with Mona at the church, that left Alison scared. On the phone with with her mom, Emily tells her that Alison is really missing her mom, and Pam agrees to let Emily stay over at Alison's. They talk about the time Alison pulled Emily out of the barn in "Over My Dead Body." Alison tells her that she was the hardest one to leave behind. In Alison's bedroom Emily asks if Alison is sleeping. Rolling over to face the center of the bed, the girls stare at each other before Emily leans in for a kiss, which leads to another...and another. The next day, Mona blackmails Alison with a video of Alison slapping her at the church and shows it to the girls trying to prove that Ali has not changed. Emily is furious at Alison for lying to them. In her bedroom, Emily is trying to watch a movie, still annoyed at Alison. Alison tells her that she knows she screwed up, and Emily wonders why Alison didn't tell them the truth, saying that "it's so much easier than lying". Sitting down next to Emily, Alison pleads with Emily to listen and tells her that she didn't tell Emily everything because she was afraid of losing her. Alison caresses Emily's cheek an then leans in to try to kiss Emily, but she moves away, telling Alison that a kiss is not going to fix this. Suddenly the movie crosses to a breaking news story about the Jane Doe who was "buried in Alison DiLaurentis' grave". Hanna, Caleb, Spencer, Toby, Aria and Ezra all gather at Emily's to hear the breaking news. Alison clutches Emily's hand as it is announced that the girl in Alison's grave is a Radley patient named Bethany Young. Suddenly a loud noise is heard and windows of Emily's lounge room explodes. The Cavanaugh house is on fire and the girl's cell phones all start beeping and ringing.

Screenshot (1014)

Run, Ali, Run

Alison tells the girls that she needs to leave town since A has returned. That night, Hanna tries to help Alison runaway without telling Emily, Spencer and Aria. Emily bursts into the Hanna's room saying that Paige told her Lucas and Melissa are working with Mona to bring Alison down. Emily spots the train ticket and whilst Hanna tries to lie by saying she is going to visit her Grandma, Emily realizes Alison is the one trying to leave. Emily is upset that Hanna didn't tell them and wonders if perhaps something else is going on because Hanna has changed since Alison has come back. Hanna retaliates by saying she also saw Emily holding Alison's hand but Emily says she couldn't have just slapped her hand off her. Alison prepares to leave, grabbing some fake IDs and cash she had hidden away in her bedroom. Alison comes down and is surprised to see that the lights are off. She calls for her dad assuming her dad is back. A then sneaks up from behind her and hits Alison in the back, then starts choking her with her yellow scarf. Emily arrives at this very moment and chases off the assailant by hitting them with a book to the head. Alison is unharmed but has shortness of breath due to the times she was choked, but doesn't want Emily to tell anyone what happened because she would never be able to leave the house. Emily says she won't tell anyone but that there is no way that Alison is leaving, at least not tonight. Later Alison thanks Emily for saving her as most people see danger and run a mile. She then asks if she can stay over, promising "we'll just sleep." Emily sits up all night and watches over her to make sure she is safe. The next day, Emily is waiting to pick up Alison from her house when Lt. Tanner unexpectedly drops by asking that Alison should come by the police station with her father to answers some questions about Shana and where exactly the girls were in Philadelphia.

Pretty Little Liars S05E07 097

The Silence of E. Lamb

Emily's mother Pam invites Alison and the girls to dinner. In the girl's bathroom, Alison wants Emily to convince her mother to call off dinner, but Emily says that she will need an epic excuse for that. Alison says that then they’ll just have to go to the dinner and get over with it. Hanna makes a comment about how Alison’s wish is their command. All the girls leave except for Emily and Alison. Alison asks Emily to walk her home after school. She asks Emily about her arm. Emily tells her that it’ll be okay. Alison thinks she’ll never be okay. She is worried about the scars on her throat from the attack by A, even though it is covered by a scarf. Suddenly from a toilet stall, Sydney comes out, introducing herself to Alison. She comments on her scarf, saying it’s beautiful. That night Spencer and Aria bail on Pam's dinner, but Hanna reluctantly shows up. During dinner Alison tells Pam some of her "story" saying that she doesn't understand what she might have done to deserve what happened to her and holds Emily's hand. Unbeknownst to Emily, Alison and Pam, Hanna took a bottle of liquor from Pam's bar and antagonizes Alison at the table. Alison helps Pam clear the dishes and Emily calls Hanna out on her drinking before making her leave. After dinner Emily asks her mother why she wanted to have Alison over. Pam confesses that she knew Emily had feelings for Alison before her disappearance. Pam wanted to see how they would act together. Emily tells Pam she's "working on it" with Alison. Pam says Alison's kidnapping story has some "problems." She tells her daughter it's not her job to keep saving Alison.

Pretty.Little.Liars.S05E10.720p.HDTV 1122

A Dark Ali

The girls nominate Emily to talk to Alison and make sure she doesn't identify Cyrus Petrillo as her kidnapper to the police. In Alison’s bedroom, Emily tells her that if she identifies Cyrus, it will be way too easy for ‘A’ to prove that she’s lying. Alison says that she gets it, and as Emily asks why Alison can’t just say the guy is innocent, Kenneth knocks on the door. Kenneth is upset when Alison says that she already told Emily what was going on. Kenneth says that Cyrus has confessed already wants Alison to ID him at the station, saying that both he and Emily wants her to be safe. Emily acts the part and agrees with Kenneth. Later, Emily talks with Alison at the DiLaurentis house. She finds out that Cyrus is not a stranger to Alison, and Alison says she doesn't know how ‘A’ found him. She shows Emily the scar on her right thigh, which was given to her by Cyrus in an abandoned basement during her disappearance. All Cyrus wanted was her belongings and money, and looked at her as if she was worse than nothing. Emily says that ‘A’ is using Cyrus as a way to trap Alison and the liars. Alison lets Emily know that she knows she has to debunk Cyrus's confession. That night after Alison ID'ed Cyrus to L.T. Tanner, Emily waits for Alison outside her house. Emily says she doesn't understand why Alison ID'ed him; as it affects them all and the past several years hasn't been easy for any of them. Alison tells Emily that she has a plan, but Emily is sure she will just throw them all under a bus to pull it off. Emily says she stuck up for Alison against everyone, and when Alison says that she can still find out who ‘A’ is, Emily announces "I am so done with you" before walking away.

Pretty Little Liars S05E12 198

Taking This One to the Grave

Alison meets Emily in her bedroom. Seemingly hurt, she tells Emily that she saw the hair rise on the back of her neck when Emily heard her voice. Alison says she is surprised Emily messaged her considering the dispute they had the last time they spoke. At that moment, Emily gets a text from Hanna asking where A is. Emily lies to Alison that it's just her mom texting, and texts Hanna back saying that Alison is with her and that she hates having to keep her busy. Alison looks on suspicious and asks Emily why she was asked to come; Emily tells her that she's bothered they're not speaking. Alison says it was a surprise when Emily turned on her as opposed to the other liars as she was the one she trusted the most. Emily mutters under her breath, "the loyal one". Alison asks Emily what she said but Emily tells her nothing. Alison tells Emily that she is sorry that she disappointed her and begins to leave. Emily tells her to stop and says she doesn't want "things to be like this". Alison smirks before turning around and wearing a worried look, saying she doesn't want that either. Alison tells Emily there is no way that the girls will let Emily be friends with her, if that is what she wants. Emily tells Alison that she makes her own decisions. Alison asks Emily for tea, and Emily gets up to leave, but turns around to see Alison reading the texts between her and Hanna. Alison asks if Emily and the girls think she's A. Emily says "I don't know. Are you?" and takes her phone back. Alison tells Emily that she actually believed her; Emily replies that it must hurt to be betrayed by the "loyal one". Alison pushes past Emily with her shoulder as she leaves the room, saying "That was quite a performance, Em. Bravo."

Emily & Alison (5x23)

The Melody Lingers On

At home Emily receives a collect call from Alison, who is in jail for Mona's murder. Emily answers and asks Alison if she's ok. Alison sarcastically replies, "Never better." Emily tries to reassure Alison by saying that she'll be fine, but Alison isn't as certain. Emily apologizes, and Alison apologizes saying that she called for a reason. She asks Emily if she would come to her trial tomorrow. Emily is hesitant, but promises that she will be there. Alison thanks her and asks if it was raining in Rosewood. Emily says yes. After some silence, both say their good-nights and hang up.

Alison: Love You.

Emily: Love you too.

Alison & Emily in Hush, Hush, Sweet Liars


Game On, Charles

Alison, Ezra and Caleb rescues the liars from Charles' Dollhouse. As the girls tumble out the door, Alison reaches out to Emily and embraces her (along with Mona later). After Sara Harvey is found, Emily goes to thank Alison for saving them. Alison holds Emily's hand in response. Emily asks Alison if she knows who "Charles DiLaurentis" is.


Game Over, Charles

After Charlotte DiLaurentis is revealed to be Charles and ends the 'A' game, we see the five Liars packing their cars up over Labor Day weekend to go their separate ways. Hanna asks if Emily brought enough flip flops and Emily says “Malibu”. It’s revealed that she’s going to Pepperdine University. Alison reveals that she's staying in Rosewood. Emily and Alison hold hands and say "I love you" before Emily leaves.

Emily & Alison 6x11

Of Late I Think Of Rosewood

5 years later, Charlotte DiLaurentis is murdered. Alison is seen crying in her bed, as Emily and Dr. Rollins looks on. He asks Emily to stay with Alison until she falls asleep. Seeing that he looks distraught, Emily asks if he's okay and he says that he wouldn't have let Charlotte leave if he thought she was going to take her own life. He leaves, and Emily walks over to sit on Alison's bed. Alison grabs her hand and Emily comforts her.

Charlotte's Web

Emily is on the phone making an appointment. Pam walks up behind her and asks how the Charlotte's funeral service was and if she went to the cemetery. Emily tells her that Alison said some nice things and that she didn't go. Pam says the DiLaurentis plot is close to theirs and she should go with her in the morning to see Wayne. Emily tells her mom that she promised Alison she would be available to her all day because she needs her, then walks away.


Do Not Disturb

Emily tells Hanna she's weirded out by a text. Hanna asks if she means the one from Aria, but Emily says that she means the text from Alison and asks if Hanna got one. She tells Hanna that Alison is back from vacationing with Dr. Rollins and reached out to her alone, figuring that Emily would come and hear her out. Emily then rambles on about how she's not going to do it; she can't. Later, Dr. Rollins shows up at Emily's room, where Emily asks if Alison sent him. He says that she hasn't returned her calls and Emily says that it was intentional and she can't see her now. Elliot says that Alison wants to apologize and that she shouldn't be alone right now; just as he's about to walk out, he sees a brochure for the fertility clinic and says that this was a bad time to ask a favor of her and that if she needs anything but Emily interrupts and demands he leave.

Emily leaving for an appointment and she sees Alison, who tells her that she knows she doesn't want to see her and she was just leaving. Emily sees that something is wrong, so she invites her in. Alison tells her that Sara came to see her and suggests that the two were closer than they thought: Sara might have actually cared about her. Emily asks why she would believe anything Sara says, but Alison asks if she could stay for a while because she needs someone to talk to. Emily says that she has somewhere to be; Alison looks at her and Emily figures that Elliot told her, so she says that it's her eggs and she wants to do it but asks that she not tell Pam. Alison tells her that she had no idea and asks if Emily is going alone. At the hospital, Emily is signing the paperwork for the surgery and tells Alison that she doesn't have to stand there. Alison says that there is no way she's leaving her there alone and that she'll be right there when she wakes up.

After the surgery, Emily hallucinates seeing Sara Harvey and starts screaming. Alison walks into the room and hears Emily saying "What did you do to me?" and says she was outside. Emily asks if she walked past anyone and says she knows that she saw Sara, but Alison tries to convince her that it was just the drugs in her system.


Hush, Hush, Sweet Liars

Emily stays with Alison while Elliot is away for a business trip. Earlier in the day, Alison had hallucinated seeing her mother, but Emily believes it was due to the painkillers Alison was taking. Alison tells Emily that she hates that Emily has to babysit her, but that she's happy she is there with her. Later that night, Aria comes over to help Emily while Alison is asleep in her bedroom. Alison rolls over and sees Wilden laying next to her. Emily and Aria hear her scream and finds Alison sitting against the wall.


The next morning, Alison is missing and Emily finds her at the church. Alison had seen both her mother and Wilden. Emily reminds her that they're both dead, but Alison believes that she's being punished and that they've come to take her to hell. Emily tries to convince Alison that she's having hallucinations. Alison says she doesn't know what's real anymore and she needs help. Later, Alison is seen checking into the psychiatric facility that Charlotte was in. Before signing the forms, Emily takes Alison to the side and asks if she really wants to do this. Alison says she's sure and tells Emily she loves her. Emily returns the sentiment, and watches Alison walk away.

Dating Timeline


First Kiss:

  • Started: The Perfect Storm (1x09) - Flashback
  • Reason: The Liars wait in the library before the exam, and Emily gets a text from "A" that sends her on a hunt for the book "Great Expectations" in the library. Seeing the book makes her flashback to when Alison had been reading the same novel one day alone in the library.
PLL212 1

Second Kiss:

  • Started: Over My Dead Body (2x12)
  • Reason: Emily is trapped in a barn due to "A". Someone drags her out, and Emily, on the brink of death having inhaled dangerous fumes, hallucinates that she sees Alison. Alison says that its good to see her again, and that she misses her the most. It has since been revealed that Emily did not hallucinate Alison, and Alison did in fact drag Emily from the barn.

Pretty Little Liars S05E05 Emison

First Hook-up:

  • Started: Miss Me x 100 (5x05)
  • Reason: In Alison's bedroom, Emily asks if Alison is sleeping. Rolling over to face the center of the bed, the girls stare at each other before Emily leans in for a kiss, which leads to another, and another.
  • Ended: Miss Me x 100
  • Reason: Emily finds out that Alison lied about slapping Mona. In Emily's bedroom, Alison tries to kiss her, but Emily moves away and tells Alison that a kiss is not going to fix this.

Second Hook-up:

  • Started: The DArkest Knight (7x10)
  • Reason: Alison confides in Emily over the fact she is pregnant. Later that night, they are on the couch. Alison starts crying and Emily tells her everything will be okay. Alison leans over and kisses Emily, in which Emily says that Alison is vulnerable. Alison tells her that's not why she's kissed her, and then leans in to kiss her agian. They continue to kiss and end up falling asleep on the couch.

First Relationship:

  • Started: The Glove That Rocks the Cradle (7x16)
    Emison kiss 7x16
  • Reason: Alison and Emily have a talk in the baby's nursery, where Emily says that Alison is the strongest woman she knows, but doesn't get why Alison always keeps pushing her away. Alison responds that she doesn't know either but that she's ready to stop. She tells Emily that she wants to become a family. Emily doesn't understand it and Alison tells her that over the years she's been in many failed relationships and that the reason why they failed is because she loves Emily. This is the first time Alison says 'I love you' to Emily. With Alison finally admitting her feelings, they come together.


  • Emily loved Alison before she went missing, but Alison didn't feel the same way. She broke Emily's heart and said that when she kissed Emily, it was practice for kissing boys later on.  Despite this, Alison told Spencer when the latter was in Radley that "no one told her that sometimes practice is better than the real thing". However, in Miss Me x 100, Alison apologized for making Emily think that she didn't feel the same way about her, stating those kisses weren't just for practice. meaning Ali does have feelings for Emily. 
  • Alison refers to Emily as "Girl Crush" in her diary, hinting that she had feelings for Emily while she was away.
  • Alison also wrote a poem or entry in her diary about a beautiful mermaid; seeing as Emily swims, this could be about her. 
  • During Season 1, Emily wore the friendship bracelet that Alison gave her every episode; even while she was dating Maya. Emily was last seen wearing it in "A Person of Interest." She took it off when she began seeing Paige.
  • Out of the four other liars, Alison is closest with Emily.
  • Alison is currently pregnant with Emily and an unknown man's baby. However, Alison wants to be involved in the baby's life and raise him/her with Emily.

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