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Dr. Cochran
General Information



Hair Color:


Marital Status:



E. Cochran (Daughter)
Series Information


Series Information


- Delivered Mary Drake's children and gave them away (exposed)



First appearance:

Exes and OMGs

Latest appearance:

Exes and OMGs

Portrayed By:

Keith Szarabajka

Dr. Cochran was a doctor at Radley Sanitarium who took care of "problems" such as unwanted pregnancies with the patients. He deliviered Mary Drake's two children, Charlotte DiLaurentis and Spencer Hastings.

Season 7

Original G'A'ngsters

The name is first mentioned by Noel Kahn while on the phone with someone. He tells the person that he's running out of patience and needs to talk to the doctor now.

Exes and OMGs

Spencer Hastings and Aria Montgomery meet his daughter whom she has a strained relationship. She refuses to tell them where he lives until someone ransacks her home.

Upon meeting him, he is reluctant to discuss his past until the girls bring him whiskey. He reveals the nature of his job and how Mary Drake was one of his patients. He tells them how when Charles was born, he gave him to Mary's sister, Jessica DiLaurentis. A few years later, he delivers her second child. He describes the second child as a fighter. He gave the child to family services.

Years passed and his job eventually caused him to be a liability, so Radley fired him and he lost his license as a doctor. Before the Spencer and Aria leave, he tells them that if they see his daughter to tell her she run away from her past if she, but family always finds their way back to each other.

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