Dean Stavros
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Mid-Late 20's

Hair Color:


Eye Color:


Marital Status:





Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor


Unnamed Brother


Spencer Hastings (crush; attempted to kiss)


Spencer Hastings


Peter Hastings
Veronica Hastings (former)
Series Information



First appearance:

Cover For Me

Latest appearance:

No Stone Unturned

Portrayed By:

Nathaniel Buzolic

Dean Stavros is a character in Season 4 who made his first appearance in "Cover For Me." He is a drug and alcohol abuse counselor, who was hired by Spencer's parents to make sure Spencer is not taking drugs anymore after she is back from her stint at Radley Sanitarium  He reappears in She's No Angel, attending NA (Narcotics Anonymous) meeting that Spencer crashes for the free food. He was a drug addict himself. He is portrayed by Nathaniel Buzolic.


Cover For Me

Dean makes his way to Rosewood to help Spencer to overcome her drug addiction, whether she likes it or not. He works with her on her diet and sleep habits. Spencer even indirectly tells him about her hallucinations of "that" night. Dean catches Spencer trying to call Toby.

Dean and Spencer go on a jog where Spencer hallucinates killing Ali. In the Hastings living room, she tells Dean that she knew what she did and tells him how she used everyone's memory from that night to fill up the blanks. When Spencer wants to hear Dean's opinion, Dean gives Spencer a letter from Toby and leaves.


Dean is first mentioned in this episode when Spencer tells Emily she wasn't able to see Jason because of Dean's obsession with Spencer’s bladder.

Later in Spencer's home, Dean walks in and the two talk about a book he's reading. He knows she isn't sleeping well and doesn't feel safe in her own bedroom. He's reading a book about a professional boxer and offers to read her a few passages. Still shaken from her previous encounter of finding dirt in her bed, Spencer agrees.

Veronica comes home to find Spencer and Dean asleep together on the couch. It looks like nothing intimate, but Veronica explodes and fires him.

At the bridal show, Dean stops by to say good-bye to Spencer, unknowingly interrupting her when she's attempting to get some answers from Jason. After Jason leaves, Dean informs Spencer that the rehab facility Jason said he had been attending has been closed for two years.

She's No Angel

Spencer meets up with him in a addict's anonymous meeting after which he give her a ride home. He gives Spencer enough confidence to dispose of her pot cookies by giving them to him.

No Stone Unturned

Appearances (4/160)

Season 4 (2/24)

Season 6 (2/20)



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