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Either you shut Hanna up, or I will!
Detective Wilden (to Ashley)
Darren Wilden
Wilden 3x22
General Information




Early to mid 30s

Hair Color:


Eye Color:



1977 or 1978


RPD Police Officer (Formerly)
RPD Homicide Detective (at time of death)


Beach Hottie (by Alison DiLaurentis)


Ashley Marin (brief affair)
Alison DiLaurentis (possibly)


Shana Fring
Jenna Marshall


Detective Breyer (formerly)
Big A


Aria Montgomery
Hanna Marin
Spencer Hastings
Emily Fields
Veronica Hastings
Ashley Marin
Melissa Hastings
CeCe Drake
Paige McCullers
Series Information


- Had an affair with Ashley Marin to drop Hanna's shoplifting charges (exposed)
- Was at Cape May with Alison, Melissa, and CeCe (exposed)
- Had sex with Alison
- Is the Queen of Hearts (exposed)
- Tried to kill Aria and Spencer
- Was doing things (possibly 'A'-related) on someone else's orders (exposed to Spencer and Aria by Melissa)
- Was paid not to reveal the real nature of Marion Cavanaugh's death (exposed)
- Killed Garrett Reynolds (Source)
- Was paid to hide Charlotte DiLaurentis being in Rosewood. (Hid that she 'killed' Alison)
- Found out Alison was alive, was planning to stop her.



First appearance:

The First Secret (chronologically)

Latest appearance:

Game Over, Charles (flashback),

Hush, Hush, Sweet Liars

Portrayed By:

Bryce Johnson

Darren Wilden was a detective who arrested Hanna for shoplifting, and also later began investigating Ali's murder. He was involved with Ashley Marin. Wilden would often harass Hanna, Aria, Spencer, and Emily in the process of the investigation. He was the first Queen of Hearts and was following orders from somebody else, according to Melissa Hastings. He was also "Beach Hottie" and had sex with Alison, leading the latter to have a pregnancy scare. Wilden was killed by two gun shot wounds soon after the lodge fire by Charlotte DiLaurentis. He was portrayed by Bryce Johnson.


Darren was a former student of Rosewood High and became a police officer and detective after graduation. He was assigned to investigate Alison's murder.

In high school, Wilden was a partier, and went on a boat trip in Cape May with Alison, CeCe, and Melissa.

Darren is the main suspect of being the Beach Hottie because of the time he spent with Alison in Cape May the summer she disappeared. However, it is not confirmed.


Appearances (23/160)

Season 1 (5/22)

Season 2 (5/25)

Season 3 (9/24)

Season 4 (2/24)

Season 6 (2/20)


  • According to Marlene King, on the Halloween train, Wilden was acting on his own when he killed Garrett. Garrett found out he was a dirty cop and Wilden was afraid he'd expose him. Source
  • Actor Bryce Johnson appears as Wilden in Season 7A in a few fantasy sequences.


Wilden [about Alison's murder case]: Your mom may be hot, Hanna, but she’s not hot enough to make that go away.

Wilden: The evidence doesn't lie.

Wilden [to Spencer]: You used to be a much better liar.

Wilden [to Ashley]: Either you shut Hanna up, or I will!



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