Daniel Cavanaugh is the father of Toby Cavanaugh and stepfather of Jenna Marshall that has yet to be seen on-screen. He married Jenna's mother approximately one year after Toby's mother, Marion Cavanaugh, died.


He hasn't made an appearance on-screen but it's likely he has a similar appearance to Toby Cavanaugh.


Turn of the Shoe

Spencer was reading Marion Cavanaugh's obituary and it mentions him. It reads:

The passing of Marion Cavanaugh is a great loss for many in Rosewood. She left us too soon, off to some new adventures, something the rest of us could not see. Although she was not a rich woman, not famous... She was Mom and Friend and Marion. She was a kind soul and a bright spirit. She will be sorely missed. A life long resident of Rosewood, Pennsylvania, Marion Cavanaugh was beloved by many. Having grown up in the small community, she had forged a lifetime of friends and touched many lives.

After attending Rosewood High, Marion went on to Nursing School at Hollis College and graduated as an LVN. She soon took a full-time job working for local Pediatrician, Dr. Laura Sylvester. Marion loved her work and would regularly express how fortunate she felt to have found a job where she could help children become the healthy, successful people they would become.

In her private time, Marion loved the outdoors. Hiking and camping were passions of hers in her younger years and even when the pressures of live prevented the exclusive trips she never took, she would make a point to get into the local wilderness as much as possible. Bird-watching became a hobby and she would spend hours cataloging her sightings.

Marion is survived by her husband, Daniel, and son, Toby.

Close Encounters

Toby and him converse off screen and decide to let go of what happened to Marion.