Connor: It was nice hanging out with you.
Aria: Thanks.
Connor: Yeah, next time we ought to do this over burgers instead of books.
Aria: I'm sorry, I'm not interested like that.
Aria rejects Connor in Under The Gun

Coria is the friendship/ hate pairing of Aria Montgomery and Connor. He never was mentioned in the series before his appearance in Under The Gun. He had (may still have) a crush on Aria, but she doesn't have feelings for him.

Season 4

In "Under The Gun", Aria goes over to help a new worker at the Brew. He is Connor, who is friends with Mike. Connor asks Aria to help him with his English paper, to which Aria hesitantly agrees. Aria helps Connor with his paper but is interrupted by Mike, who seems mad. He leaves the house. Connor and she finish with the paper. As Connor leaves, he kisses Aria, who pushes him away and tells him she isn’t interested. Next day, Mike tells Aria in the school that Connor is telling everyone that she and Connor hooked up and Mike believes him. Aria runs down into the boy’s locker room and confronts Connor in front of his friends.