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Claudia Dawson
General Information





Marital Status:



Caleb Rivers (Son)
James Dawson (Son)
Clay Dawson (Son)
William Dawson (Husband)


Jamie Doyle (ex-boyfriend)
Series Information



Claudia Dawson (née Rivers) is Caleb's biological mother. She lives in Montecito, California.


When Caleb was five years old, Claudia left him in his aunt's house and never came back. Since then, Caleb has been searching for her. Claudia also had hired a private detective to find Caleb. Eventually, he finds him, and Caleb goes to California to meet his mother. 


In search of his mother, Caleb plans to go to Arizona, where he thinks she was last there because of a birthday card she had sent him. But he is brought back by Lucas, for Hanna.

Claudia hires a private detective to search for Caleb. The person eventually seeks out Caleb and gives him her number. Though reluctant at first, Caleb takes Hanna's advice and calls her. He talks to her, and it feels really good. She then arranges for him to visit California for a reunion. She finally meets her son, after waiting for twelve years.

Birds of a Feather

"A" goes to Montecito and causes Claudia to have a car accident.

Caleb visits his mother frequently. After the car accident, Claudia lets Caleb borrow her car and drive it back to Pennsylvania. She also bought him new clothes while he was there.


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