Charlotte's Killer
Real Identity: Mona Vanderwaal
Farewell, My Lovely (756)
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Charlotte DiLaurentis
Uber A
Series Information


- Murdering
- Hiding Identity
Series Information


- Identity (exposed)
- Motives (exposed)



First appearance:

Of Late I Think Of Rosewood

Latest appearance:

Farewell, My Lovely

Portrayed By:

Janel Parrish

Charlotte's Killer is a previously anonymous character responsible for the death of Charlotte DiLaurentis. This character was being pursued by Uber A, who thinks The Liars know who the killer is.

The killer followed Charlotte to The Church and engaged her in a violent fight. In the end, they may have used a metal rod to hit her neck, breaking it. Afterwards, the killer cleaned her nails to get rid of any DNA and threw the body off the bell tower to make it look like a suicide.

In "Tick Tock, Bitches", the Liars think that Alison killed Charlotte. At Alison's house, Emily found the red sweater that belonged to the blonde woman who was seen by Aria and Ezra entering the church that night. It was revealed in "Hit and Run, Run, Run" that the Red Sweater Blonde was Ali, but is it revealed she didn't kill Charlotte.

In "Farewell, My Lovely", Mona reveals herself as the killer. She met Charlotte at the the church's bell tower in an attempt to stop her from continuing the game. Mona tried to scare her by pinning her at the window of the tower, seemingly about to throw her off, but backed off. They engaged into a fight where Mona accidentally killed Charlotte in self-defense, by throwing her against a staple.


  • In "Tick-Tock, Bitches", The Liars along with Ezra, Toby and Caleb secretly voted for the identity of Charlotte's killer. We can presume the votes were:
    • Alison: 4 votes (possibly from Aria, Ezra, Toby, and Caleb)
    • Mona: 1 vote (possibly from Spencer)
    • Spencer: 1 vote (possibly from Mona)
    • "No name": 1 vote (from Emily, who also thought Alison killed Charlotte, but had doubts about it.)


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