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Real Identity: Unknown


Charlotte DiLaurentis
Uber A
Series Information


- Murdering
- Hiding identity
Series Information


- Killed Charlotte DiLaurentis
- Motives



This anonymous character is responsible for the death of Charlotte DiLaurentis. This character is apparently being pursued by Uber A, who thinks The Liars know who is the killer.

The killer may have followed Charlotte to The Church and maybe engaged her in a violent fight. At the end, they may have used a metal rod to hit her neck, breaking it. Afterwards, the killer threw the body off the bell tower to make it look like a suicide.

In "Tick Tock, Bitches", The Liars think that Alison killed Charlotte. At Alison's house, Emily found the red sweater that belonged to the blonde woman who was seen by Aria and Ezra entering the church that night. It was revealed in Hit and Run, Run, Run that the Red Sweater Blonde was Ali, though she didn't kill Charlotte.


Eliminated suspects



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