Buy, hey, it's different when you're bullied, huh? Everyone's just supposed to drop everything and treat you like some sort of delicate flower.
Carolyn [to Emily]

Carolyn Fields is Emily's older sister who begrudgingly kept Emily's pregnancy a secret, straining their relationship. Carolyn only appears in the books.

Physical Appearance

Carolyn has an athletic figure and swims like Emily and everyone else in their family. She has blunt-cut reddish-blond hair, sea-green eyes and freckles. "Alison" used to marvel at how much Emily and Carolyn looked alike, asking if people thought they were twins.


Carolyn is only one year older than Emily and as such, the two have been pretty close as they shared a room growing up. They're both on the same swimming team and they often go to Applebee's with their teammates after swim meets. Like Emily, Carolyn dutifully obeys her parents; unlike her younger sister, she has no problem conforming to the "safe," conservative ideals of the Fields family. Her idea of a good time is not going to a party or dancing, but spending time with her boyfriend, Topher, at Applebee's.

When Emily's relationship with Maya is outed by "A" in Perfect, Carolyn avoids her sister for a while. It is a shock to the whole family that someone they're related to could be a lesbian. Though she's not as harsh in her condemnation of Emily as their parents are, she doesn't speak to her sister at all. Eventually, Carolyn accepts her sister's sexuality and the two are on good terms again.

Carolyn's relationship with Emily is strained again when Emily reveals that she is pregnant. Carolyn, who is studying at a summer program at Temple University, begrudgingly allows Emily to stay with her and hide the pregnancy from their parents. However, she is extremely rude to her sister and demonstrates on several occasions that she is embarrassed to be related to her. Carolyn also doesn't seem to care much about the fate of her niece. She currently attends Stanford University.

In Deadly, she returns home to repair her realtionship with Emily, at first hesitantly, but eventually she drives them both to a lesbian bar as peace offering. The two are on good terms again, until a video of Emily and her friends beating Tabitha Clark to death surfaces and Emily is charged with murder. Carolyn gets into a physical fight with Emily, leading to their mother having a heart attack. Carolyn and her father leave Emily behind to go with their mother in the ambulance. When their mother returns from the hospital, Carolyn and the rest of the family shun Emily to her room.