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Carol Ward
General Information




Mary Drake (Niece)
Jessica DiLaurentis (Niece, deceased)
Charles DiLaurentis (Great Nephew)
Jason DiLaurentis (Great Nephew)
Alison DiLaurentis (Great Niece)
Series Information


-Knew Charles DiLaurentis existed
- Was visiting Charles DiLaurentis in Radley



Latest appearance:

Original G'A'ngsters (Mentioned)

Carol Ward is a character, first mentioned in Don't Look Now. She is Alison's, Jason's, and Charlotte's great aunt who died of natural causes when The Liars were in tenth grade.


Not much is known about Carol. One of the few things we know is that she was often visiting Charles DiLaurentis in Radley.

She owned a house which Jessica DiLaurentis didn't want to sell after her death. Mrs. DiLaurentis continued keeping the house clean and didn't allow Jason to enter it. In the backyard of her house, there's a gravestone that reads: "CHARLES Beloved Son".

In Original G'A'ngsters, it's revealed that when she died, her cats were eating her when the body was found.

In the cellar of her house, Jessica had a lair where she had information Alison during disappearance as well as files on her friends or people she knew. The cellar was fire bombed by Uber A to prevent The Liars from finding out more about Mary's Second Child.


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