This article is about Byron Montgomery, a book character. You may be looking for Byron Montgomery, a TV character.

Byron Montgomery is the father of Aria and Mike. He had an affair with his former student, Meredith Gates, and now has a daughter with her.

Physical Description

Byron has scruffy black hair. He used to dress rather shabbily, but Meredith influenced him to start having a nicer sense of style.


Byron is an art history professor at Hollis College. When Aria is in seventh grade, he begins an affair with one of his students, Meredith. Aria and her friend "Alison" catch the two making out in his car on a sunny afternoon in May. He pleads with Aria not to tell her mother and she reluctantly agrees. He moves his family to Iceland when he gets a job offer there. They stay there for three years and it seems that he and Ella have become close again. However, when they return to Rosewood, Byron starts to spend his leisurely time away from his family, making excuses to skip his wife's art functions and leaving as soon as possible after meals. He has resumed his affair with Meredith, who has graduated from college at this point. He tells a sullen Aria that he appreciates her silence on the matter. When Ella finds out about the affair, Byron is promptly kicked out. He moves into Meredith's home and eventually invites Aria to stay with them. He tries to get Aria to accept Meredith, but to no avail. She only starts to warm up to his new partner after the first "A" is revealed. He interrogates his daughter about the stalking and the messages, but Meredith pushes him away, arguing that Aria needed time to herself.

Meredith discovers that she is pregnant in "Unbelievable" and the two eventually find a nice house to live in. It happens to be on the same street as Ali's murder suspect Ian Thomas. They are completely oblivious to this and are shocked when Aria informs them about it. Byron still wants to move in because they got a decent deal on the house. He and Meredith offer Aria a spacious attic bedroom and want her to continue living with them. When Meredith gives birth to a girl in "Wanted," she and Byron want Aria to help them choose a name. In "Twisted" it is revealed that Byron's third child is named Lola.