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Board Shorts
Real Identity: Ezra Fitz
Board Shorts Beer
General Information





Hair Color:

Dark Brown


Alison DiLaurentis (briefly dated)
Series Information


Briefly dated Alison, until he found out she was underage (exposed to the Liars)



First appearance:

Turn of the Shoe (mentioned and appeared)

Portrayed By:

Ian Harding, after "Board Shorts" identity is revealed

Board Shorts (later revealed as Ezra Fitz) briefly dated Alison the summer before she went missing.

Identity and Relationship with Alison

Board Shorts is first mentioned in "Turn of the Shoe". Tippi, a parrot who belonged to Mrs. DiLaurentis' late mother-in-law (but spent most of her time with Alison when she visited) is back in Mrs. DiLaurentis' house and imitating Alison's voice saying "Board Shorts, did you miss me?". The liars find out that Board Shorts dated Alison the summer before she disappeared, this meaning that he could also be the guy Alison had a sexual relationship with in Cape May, that caused her a pregnancy scare (Beach Hottie). In "Bite Your Tongue", Spencer figures out that Ezra is Board Shorts. Board Shorts, as Alison named Ezra in her diaries, comes from "Board Shorts Ale", a beer that Ezra used to drink with pie when he dated Alison. In "A is for Answers", it was revealed that the night Alison disappeared Ezra met Alison after he found out that she was underage, and told Alison that they weren't going to date anymore. Even though they dated, it was revealed in the same episode that they never had a sexual relationship, this meaning that Board Shorts and Beach Hottie are two different people.

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