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  • Princess Diva
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  • Princess Diva
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  • Princess Diva

    Hello Wikians

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  • Souhaila

    From the beginning of season 3, there was an obsession with Ali's body. Someone wanted to make it look like Alison was dead and they went as far as steeling the body in her grave to prevent an other autopsy that would reveal the truth : It's not Alison in that grave. The question is: How would anyone benefit from the death of Alison? My theory is that : Someone didn't want the police to discover that it is not her and tell Jessica DiLaurentis her daughter Alison may still be alive (it would be logical to assume that if the body was not Alison's). Let's go back to "That night", there were three girls : Alison, the blond pretending to be Charlotte, and the real Charlotte. Somehow, Jessica managed to create a solid investment company 'the Car…

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  • HannaIsBae90

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  • Princess Diva

    Happy Easter! 🐰

    March 27, 2016 by Princess Diva

    Happy Easter! :)

    I hope your day is filled with lots of chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs :P

    XoXo Audrey

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  • Mereanab12


    March 23, 2016 by Mereanab12

    WHO IS A whats mayas web site

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  • Jarialover1993

    I saw this video on YouTube and it has helped me understand the show so much better now:  ..

    Also, I don't think Alison was 11 months old when Charles tried to give her a bath; she looks way too small for that:  .. Skip to 0:10 and pause.  Does that look like an 11 month old baby?   I mean, I don't have kids but I've seen a lot of babies and that doesn't look like an 11 month old to me.

    I realize some things may not add up, but I'll try to answer any questions:  keep in mind, it's just what I think is possible  :)

    • May 22, 1987 - Charles was born to Jessica and Kenneth DiLaurentis
    • August 1988 - Jason was born to Jessica and Peter Hastings  (Jason is 15 months…

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  • NeedATeam

    A.D. vs the Killer

    March 20, 2016 by NeedATeam

    This theory is an update of my previous one

    Toby killed Charlotte. Charlotte and Bethany were the same person, Toby found out and went confronting her about Marion’s murder. 

    Think about how he was the first to identify the dead body as Charlotte in 6x11, couples of scenes before the audience actually saw Charlotte’s corpse in her funeral. A way to say Toby knew more about events that happened before the murder maybe… And did you notice how we barely saw him during season 6B ? Yes, he’s not Spencer’s boyfriend anymore, and perhaps since the actor is not listed as regular on the show, Toby doesn't have to appear a lot. But I believe there’s others reasons for Tob…

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  • Alison Clarke

    Latest episode

    March 19, 2016 by Alison Clarke

    What do we think of Alison being married ? To her sisters docter ? Her name is now Alison laurn dilarentis Rollins. Long name. Where the hell has Jason been for the past five years ?? Why the hell did Alison's husband Elliot dress up as dead wilden and scare the fricken life out of her ?? I mean she is now in a nut home and Mary as Mrs D that is messed up there is like GOD DANM JESSICA'S. I think that is pretty creepy Mrs D was always creepy tho so it is not surprising I mean she did try burrie her daughter because her other daughter tryed to frickin kill her with a rock I mean why not just call the cops and do what a normal person would have done ??

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