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  • Overthehillbutlovepll

    I've watched all the seasons and episodes once,but am now going through them again and taking notes,etc. In the Season 2 finale,Jenna meets "A" in the park and says something about how she didn't know what she would say if she ever saw "A" again....then she hands "A" something cloth,a scarf or something wrapped in material and says "you know what you need to do". Is this ever explained,and who do you think this is she's talking to?

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  • MagicMajorette04

    About Me

    July 3, 2015 by MagicMajorette04
    • Hello! My name is Alexis Cymphonique a.k.a. MagicMajorette04. I enjoy making new friends and extremely nice. Some people like to judge me because of my appearance as a rich, snobby, white girl, but deep inside, I'm unique. Just take time to get to know me. Here are a few quick facts.
    • I am gifted.
    • I am a girl majorette.
    • I come off as a tough cookie.
    • I am very thankful for everything! ;-P
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  • RedCoatKatrina
    Pretty Little Liars

    She’s No Angel

    Welcome welcome to another Pretty Little Liars recap! Today we will be dishing into the fifth episode of the PLL Season 6 She’s No Angel. So sit back, relax, and I hope we can all share some chuckles and laughs!
    Okay so, we begin this episode in a very very strange way. Spencer is creeping around Radley looking for whatever the fuck it is she’s looking for. Maybe more pot cookies or cocaine or something. That’s when we see THAT MOTHER FUCKING BITCH SAMARA FROM THE RING BEHIND HER! OMFG! The bitch zooms into a new room and when Spencer approaches the said room, this Samara Act-Alike bitch is performing some kind of weird ass dance for Spencer! Like WTF is going on?! I immediately realize this bitch must …
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  • HoneyMoon

    Hii! First an foremost, thank you for reading my blog. I know, we are sooo close to the end. I'm gonna miss theorising so much. I don't really mind if my theories go wrong but I just love the theorising part the most. I think that is a major reason why I'm hooked when it comes to PLL. So, before the end, I wanna make a theory...just for fun. 

    So, I was (still sort of am) a firm believer that Bethany is alive and is A and some other blonde like Sara/someone's twin was in the grave. Now that Sara (who I initially thought was important to the plot) is brought to life just for the sole purpose of just being Emily's 'companion', I now believe Bethany is the one in the grave. If you'd like to read why I thought Bethany was A, feel free to click h…

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  • Jadenrose

    Leslie Stone/A

    July 1, 2015 by Jadenrose

    We all know that A obviously has some anger issues and last nights episode made it pretty clear she has some anger issues and the picture that Clark took A looked like a girl maybe it was Leslie and maybe she is just another minion but I definitely think she is hiding something bigger than the time she spent in Radley

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  • Fan4me

    Bulleted Recap - 6x05

    July 1, 2015 by Fan4me
    • Mona is back in Rosewood and facing some possible criminal charges for seemingly faking her own death and costing a ton of taxpayer money.
    • After having a strange dream of a girl (Maddie Ziegler) dancing around a dingy basement, Spencer broke into the now-closed-down Radley Sanitarium with Hanna and discovered more medical files on Charles in the basement from her dream.
    • In these files was more proof that Charles is indeed dead: a record of his donated organs being transported away.
    • Also at Radley, Spanna discovered Mona trying to steal a file. WHOSE FILE? Lesli Stone!
    • Lesli was a patient at Radley for many years, long enough to know Charles and to meet Mona when she got put away. Lesli was also Bethany Young's roommate!!! The Liars now have Le…
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  • Dry63

    A Possible Charles Motive

    June 29, 2015 by Dry63

    I still don't think Charles DiLaurentis is dead. So, here is a somewhat long but hopefully self-explanatory theory as to why Charles did and is doing what he's doing.

    If this turns out to be false, don't be discouraged from reading. I put a lot of thought into this.

    After Charles tried to drown Alison in a tub of hot water, His parents decide to take him to Radley Sanitarium for treatment. In doing so, the family moves to Rosewood next door to the Hastings.

    • Jessica probably made sure they were close to Peter so that he could have help from him if need be given that Jason DiLaurentis was his child.

    He supposedly got worse while at Radley. Eventually, he made a friend in his madness. Her name was Bethany Young. He would ask his mother to bring g…

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  • Riley Mason

    Hello everyone!

    June 28, 2015 by Riley Mason

    I just made this blog so that you guys know me.

    I hope I have a great time here!

    LOVE YA.

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  • Fan4me

    Bulleted Recap - 6x04

    June 27, 2015 by Fan4me
    • Kenneth DiLaurentis finally acknowledged the existence of Charles DiLaurentis as his and Jessica's eldest son. Charles was born 15 months before Jason, meaning they are not twins.
    • Charles was clearly troubled at a young age. Ken told Alison that when she was just 11 months old, Charles tried drowning Ali in a bathtub of scalding hot water while Jason and Jessica were out in the garden.
    • To protect the rest of the family, Charles was institutionalized at Radley Sanitarium and the DiLaurentis family then moved to Rosewood to be closer to Radley. His existence was kept secret due to the family's shame and desire to have some normalcy.
    • According to Ken, Charles committed suicide at 16 years old by overdosing on his depression pills at Radley. Jess…
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  • Thiliar

    Its lATe And inam

    June 26, 2015 by Thiliar
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