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    For years, most PLL fans have been obsessing over the infamous "Twin Theory." Sasha (Alison) and Tammin (Jenna) have both oficially confirmed that someone on the show has a twin. Sasha has implied that it won't be Alison, but someone else. There has been new information surfacing about a "James Neilan." Tammin posted a Instagram picture of name cards at a table read. Everyone had one except for Toby . He had two name cards; Toby Cavanaugh and James Neilan. In the episode, "The Silence of E. Lamb," in the final scene, (the A scene at the end) as A is opening the invite to the wedding (Ella's wedding invite), there's what appears to be coupons to a store named "Neilan's Department Store." As of now, the name, James Neilan, doesn't mean anything to u…

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    Bulleted Recap - 5x07

    July 23, 2014 by Fan4me
    • Spencer caught Alison sneaking around at night on camera, wearing different clothes than she had just been wearing at dinner with Pam Fields. We don't know what she was up to.
    • Alison does not approve of Caleb, as they butted heads and Alison warned Hanna not to get back together with him.
    • Despite Caleb abusing alcohol and choosing to fail his exit exams, Haleb made out and are quite possibly officially back together now.  Hanna is also getting worse and more goth.
    • Melissa practically confessed(?) to Spencer that she was invoved in the murder of Bethany Young, as she teared up talking about it and hinted that whatever happened, happened because of love.
    • It was heavily hinted that Melissa put the rat in Paige's locker, as she was carrying out a de…
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    Howdy y'all.  I have been debating on whether or not to create my own PLL inspired fan fiction.  After much debate, I decided I would create one.  I normally do activities alone, but for once I do not want to.  I am reaching out to y'all in hopes someone feels like teaming up to write a fan fiction. I liked Alietta's character auditions idea and will consider using it.  

    If I cannot find help I will still create my fan fiction.  Until I have all the details worked out, I will not give a release date.  I am currently working on finishing up at my local community college so do not expect information on my progress anytime soon.

    Those interested in working with me, please comment below or message me on my wall.  I will get back with y'all a soo…

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    Leave a comment telling me what you think!


    In the first picture we see the message A left on Dr. Sullivan's wall.

    In the second picture we see the message Aria left on Byron's wall.

    Apart from the fact that both offices were trashed and messages written in red on the wall,

    there are similarities in the handwriting as well;

    - Both messages are written in all capital letters

    - Neither dot their I's

    - Their E's have the same horizontal lines tilted slightly upwards

    The word "nosey" is the English version of the american word "nosy",

    so many speculated that Wren must be A since he is the lone englishman on the show.

    The procers confirmed it was a clue,

    however I think that would have been making it too easy for us if Wren was real…

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    I just noticed something in the drawing of Mrs. Dilaurentis we saw in 5x06 by Bethany. The woman in the drawing has hair that is colored yellow. In season 4 Mrs. Dilaurentis has brown hair. Mrs. Cavanaugh has blonde hair and she resembles Mrs.D. So maybe Bethany drew Marion Cavanaugh instead of Mrs.D. The other drawing of a woman with horns which will appear in 5x07 shows Mrs.D because she has brown hair. I really think Marion is connected with all this Bethany stuff. Maybe she is Mrs.Ds twin!

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    Police Station 

    The four boys once again sat at the metallic table, they all stared at each other, yet they could not speak, their breaths where bated, Charlie was tapping his foot again, this time on the metal leg of the table, the sound rippled through the room, Randy kept hearing that sound again and again. He clenched his eyes shut and hit the table with his closed fist, "Shut up, Charlie", he yelled. Charlie began to stop and stared blankly at the door, waiting. "Calm down, okay" Samuel insisted, "Everything will all right, we didn't do anything"

    "Hello, we where there Sam, youu left they key out for B, Charlie slashed the polices tiers we are going down lets face it". Hanson shouted."Why" Randy asked "Why would B want to blow up city h…

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    The AriA theory

    July 19, 2014 by MustFindA

    On this page I have gathered my ultimate list of clues about Aria possibly being Big A / Über A!

    Aria (pros):

    - Everything starts when Aria comes back from Iceland to Rosewood.

    - When the girls go to Dr. Sullivan / therapist, all the girls have hand written files except for Aria's which is typed, and she is the only one with a client number - indicating that she has been in therapy before.

    - ^ is further supported by the fact that Byron's (Aria's dad) brother had some kind of personality disorder, which could have been passed down to Aria.

    - ^ Aria also tells Ezra a story about her aunt Ruth who stuffed her cat when he died, but kept talking to him like he was still alive. More proof that craziness runs in the family?

    - ^ The personality disorde…

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    In the 5x07 promo, they show us three more drawings from Bethany. One shows a woman falling from a building. Sounds familiar? Marion Cavanaugh aka Toby's mom also fell from Radley. Spencer searched for answers about Marion back in Season 4 because she thought that Marion couldn't have jumped and it wasn't suicide. We find out in season 4 that a "fragile" patient had pushed her and the crime was covered up. Who might this fragile patient be? Is it Bethany herself or was it Mrs.D? Bethany definitely didn't like Mrs.D.

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    After seeing multiple people creating various fan fictions, I thought maybe I could/should create one.  I love writing and PLL is giving me ideas.  Should I create my own PLL fan fiction????  In addition, I thought if I do so, that I could have a co-writer.  Any thoughts?

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    I was really upset that Ali lied about her fight with Mona. I thought she could confide in me, I felt so stupid for thinking we were completely honest with each other. But then again, Ali has never been completely honest with anybody. I got even more upset when she tried to kiss me the same day, when we were in my room. She apologized, but everything she said sounded like empty words. Eventually the breaking news about the girl in her grave came on TV and we called everyone over to my house.

    Toby’s house blew up, and I feel like a traitor for only being worried about Ali’s safety right now. I’m waiting for my wake up call, but it never comes.


    French class started being a lot less about French and a lot more about glancing over at Alison s…

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