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    Hello everyone,

    I know it has been awhile, but I am still working on my fan fiction.  I hope to have something in spring or summer.  I am pretty sure I said that before.  If anyone thinks I should not write one, please speak up.  I will take it into consideration.  I could take what I have and write myself a short story for myself.  Thank y'all for reading this.


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    Alison Lauren DiLaurentis

    The day before the night when Alison "died"

    1. Alison at Hilton Head with Ian
    2. Alison visiting Jenna on her was home
    3. Alison meets with the girls, where they ask about her trip to her grandma
    4. Alison meets with Emily and gives her a gift, and makes her promise to keep it a secret

    The night Alison "died"

    Alison walks downstairs because she is going to Spencers party in her barn.

    Her mom is on the phone, with someone from Radley. Mrs. D sees Alison and tells her that "she can't go out tonight". Alison gets mad and tells her that it's the last weekend before school starts. Mrs. D tells her that Alison should go to her room. Mrs. D turns away and continues to speak with someone from Radley. While Mrs. D is talking with someone from Radley Alison steels so…

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    Uber-A, Darlings

    Hi there!! ^_^

    This post is more-or-less the second part of my theory. In the original post I've detailed the possible identitie's of Uber-A, The Black Widow, The Red Coat(s), and most of main characters' roles of PLL. Link:,_Darlings/Uber-A_Identity

    Even though the post was pretty long, I noticed that it was missing some crucial explanations regarding some of the main events of PLL. 

    Once again, everything I write here is only an assumption, and I'm very aware that I might be wrong. Remember that I do that out of enjoyment as it just for fun, so don't go all "NO YOUR'E WRONG EVERYTHING IS BS!!!!"

    Before you proceed, in case you didn't read the first part of my theory, then you should k…

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    Tomas T

    Hi everyone :)

    this post is about my faveorite theory: the twin theory. This post includ all the evidence and clues that i found about the existence of courntey in the show.

    note 1: english is not my native language. So there is a chance grammatical mistakes.

    note 2: i know that the writers said that alison doesnt have a twin. but they laid to us before. so you dont need to comment "they said that alison's desnt has a twin". if alison has a twin or not, this post is just for fun!

    its on edits

    do not comment

    1) in 2X13 you can see this picture on in alison's room. the picture includind alison herself, jason and another alison. the 2nd ali is her twin?…

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    I feel like everyone thinks the same people could be A...the ones i hear most are Aria and Alison. I personally think it is too far fetched for Aria to be A and making Alison A is too easy for us viewers.


    I think it's been establishied A could possibly be a boy thats why i think Wren could be the biggest suspect. As ive been rewatching the series, i noticed some little things that made me dwell on Wrens character. for one thing he was obviously secretley into younger girls (kissing both spencer and Hanna). He also has complete acess to radley sanitarium, We know that Bethany was a patient there so maybe he knew her and was some how connected with her and Ali. Alison did say that she knew a doctor and since it's been established that Mrs …

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    sorry i forgot my resume

    November 15, 2014 by Peanut2490


    Hanna Aria Emily Spencer
    BF/GF Caleb Ezra Paige Toby
    BFF Eacchother Eachother Eachother Eachother
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    Uber-A, Darlings

    Uber-A Identity

    November 14, 2014 by Uber-A, Darlings

    Hi everyone ! ^_^ (Third Update, 11.18.2014 - link to part 2 at the end)

    This post will be about Uber A possible identity, and some thoughts about Red Coat and The Black Widow. Unlike most of PLL fans, I started watching the show only a few months ago, and I had no idea it was based on a book series. Because of this, I had an un-biased opinion regarding the characters (except for Ezra and Wilden, which I hated from the beginning), and their motives. I don't care about any of the couples, ships, possible love interests, etc. Also, since I watched the show from the Pilot up until the middle of season 4 in a very short time, I never searched for any clues, hints, or any theories, for that matter.

    When I finally did, I was a little surprised to d…

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    November 12, 2014 by Animallover222223.

    Alison 💟

    Gender: female


    Hair color:golden

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    New Episode

    November 11, 2014 by XILovePLLX

    so guys,

    what did y'all think of the episode, We love you to deAth?

    i thought it was amazing to get to know the cast members a little better. And it's freaking crazy that Spencer/Troian knows who A is. while we have to wait till end season 6!!

    and maybe i have to go following Marlene on twitter for some hints i've heard from someone! (my twittah is on my page) 

    who do you think that a is? 

    here's a theory






    look at the black letters it spells A TEAM.

    haven't you watched the new episode We love you to deAth?

    here's a link to it :

    click on internet links, then scroll down, hold it on video 1, click on: Close ad and continue as Free User. and w…

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    November 2, 2014 by KEKEBADGIRL123

    what is up with people judgment between straight people and gay bi people what the hell wrong with straight people can someone answer that for me.

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