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  • Jfblackwell

    Best Finale Ever!

    August 31, 2015 by Jfblackwell

    It's been a couple of weeks since the season finale aired and to be honest at first I was upset because there were things I didn't  understand. However I've rewateched a lot of episodes and I think its all finally making sense and it is really THE BEST SEASON FINALE EVER! I've seen posts by people complaing that about Sarah Harevey being Red coat and she isn't. CeCe said that she used her when she needed to and I don't understand why people are upset about her being Black Veil when Black Veil had hardly anything to do with the plot. I mean she was in like all of three episodes (2 physically) so I don't understand why so many people are hung up on this. 

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  • Ric208

    A Unknown Character

    August 29, 2015 by Ric208

    A is a mysterious perosn who threads to find a way to get something from Alison.

    A threads to torture Alison's friends by getting whatever they wants.

    A is a powerful character who almost let the friends suffer.

    Mona is the first A who betrayed Hanna.

    About Mona

    Mona vanderwaal is a troubled girl who betrayed the trust to Hanna Marin.

    She uses computers sensors add computer data on everything she learns.

    She helped Cece Drake to play a terrible bad game.

    Mona got helped and she change a lot.

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  • HeftyHanna94

    In 5A, the Liars thought Ali was A and thus they get her arrested for "killing" Mona. While in jail, Ali got offered a plea bargain. A (Charlotte) wanted Ali to take the plea because Ali would have a shorter sentence if (1) she admitted she was guilty of killing Mona, (2) had good behavior and (3) named her accomplice (Hanna). I assumed while watching 6x10 that Charlotte never meant for Ali to get arrested for Mona's murder because Ali was her sister (she loved her and wanted to keep her close by). But now looking back on 5B, I'm a little confused as to whether she (Charlotte) wanted Ali to get arrested or not. Maybe Charlotte didn't originally plan for Ali to get arrested but after Ali rejected the plea bargain, Charlotte decided to make …

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  • TeamAli143

    Im not sure if this was ever answered, but in season 4 Dr.Palmer talked about a blonde girl whos air was troubling, did we find out who he was talking about? Was it Bethany? or Cece? 

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  • Princessangel0018

    so, i came across this video on YouTube from ClevverTV and for those who haven't seen it yet, here it is.

    it's not exactly verbatim, basically what is written here is the quick recap. is the link for the video.

    here's what they have listed down.

    9. Ashley Tisdale was offered to audition for PLL but she turned it down to do Hellcats.

    8. Brant Daugherty orginally auditioned to be Ezra Fitz.

    7. Shay Mitchell almost played Spencer Hastings.

    6. Lucy Hale was the first liar to be cast, followed by Troian Bellisario as Spencer Hastings, Ashley Benson as Hanna Marin, and Shay Mitchell as Emily Fields.

    '5'. Byron Montgomery was supposed to be played by another actor, Alexis Dennisof before casting Chad Lowe.

    4. Ella Montgomery…

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  • Ric208

    Alison Is Missing

    August 25, 2015 by Ric208

    Aria,Emily,Hanna and Spencer finds out that thier friend Alison is missing and they taught Alison is dead.

    When Cece Drake attack Alison with a rock that Cece taught Alison is Bethany Young.

    At radley Charles Dilaurentis is a troubled boy who had ways to make the parents didn't tell Alison and Jason.

    Alison told her friends about where she is Alison met up with Ezra a teacher who works at rosewood high beforre she is missing.

    Alison got framed by Cece Drake who attacks mona the person that Alison hates.

    She got arrested by Tanner a police cop.

    Alison made fun of Mona,Lucas,Paige and others she dislikes.

    She is told to be a torubled girl and she got helped to be a better person.

    Mona doesn't believe that Alison is changing her ways.

    Alison's friends…

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  • Tanya AZian

    These are the actors i want to be introduced sometime in season 6B or 7.

    I would want to see him as a sweet,understanding and supportive dad.There should be an ending in the Season 6B finale where He is looking at Ezra's photo or reading his book..then he happily says "My son is alive." before he tells that to the rest of his co-workers.

    Then there might be a story of how much he loved and cared about Ezra and gave him the care and nurture Diane wasn't giving him.Also what if there is a backstory that Ezra ended up in an accident as a 10 year old or in his preteen..because of which he got childhood amnesia and forgot about his dad..and Diane must've asked Mr.Fitzgerald to leave for sometime..then few days later she sends him a divorce and wr…

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  • Lisa6465


    August 21, 2015 by Lisa6465

    I have Proof Ali was Buried by her mother and I will now show you a few Photos Okay

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  • Big Brother 99


    August 21, 2015 by Big Brother 99

    Who suspected that Charles was CeCe? What drove you to it?

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  • OoMango

    whops i publised it too earlY

    alrigt hi everyone im oomango, you can call me mango. if youve realized, im onmly editig the pages oncerning charlotte/ cece/ a/ charles. i just want to say that i have a ig issue with most of tese ages.

    using the term "transgender" or "transendered" is transphobic. (please note for the first one i mean like. sayingg "charloette is a transgeder" not "charlotte is a trasgender woman") dont edit the pages concering her identity if youre not trans pplease its really annoying because you arent "a transgender' or "transgedered" youre "a trans woman" or "trasns" or "a woman" like theres no need to say i the a page tat shes transistioned it has nothing to do with A

    i might edit this more later but for not thats all i ha…

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