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  • Fragile Patient

    To start with:

    • I believe that Mona was the original "A" who blackmailed Alison, but she wasn't the only one who blackmailed the Liars.
    • Bethany Young and Sara Harvey are twins, and they were seperated at birth. CeCe is their older sister.
    • Bethany and CeCe look alike (from Mr. Young), and Sara and Alison look alike (from Jessica)
    • Alison and Bethany knew each other, and Alison hated Bethany.
    • Alison didn't know that Bethany had a twin, and that CeCe was related to them.

    I believe that 2 people were buried that night: Alison DiLaurentis and Sara Harvey. And why was Sara Harvey in Alison's backyard?

    Remember when Jessica talked to someone in 4x24 (flashback)? "What? How could this happen? I don't care, just send someone immediatly." I think that she was …

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  • ConspiracyKiller825

    Hey Guys! From The Title I'm Pretty Sure That You Guys Can Guess What This Blog Post Is About. None The Less, I Shall Explain. I Have Currently Been Reading The Pretty Little Liars Fan Fictions Of JayJay-A And MyPuppets + PLLLOVER1234 (Which Are Amazing! Go Check Them Out!) 


    MyPuppets + PLLLOVER1234:

    And These Two Fan Fictions Have Quite Inspired Me To Write My Own! I Had This Idea A While Back In December After Reading MyPuppets + PLLLOVER1234's Fan Fiction To Do A Pretty Little Liars Fan Fiction.…

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  • Fan4me

    Bulleted Recap - 5x17

    January 28, 2015 by Fan4me
    • The storage unit in Hanna's name has been cleared out, but the mysterious barrel was left behind. Lt. Tanner and Toby investigated after receiving an anonymous tip. Tanner looked in the barrel but did not reveal what's in it (suspicious?). She also discovered blood on the floor and warned Toby that if the blood is Mona's, the Liars will be the first ones brought in for questioning.
    • Hanna and Caleb had broken in beforehand to investigate themselves and they killed the security cameras. Tanner is aware of this and very suspicious. Caleb was able to corrupt the files that name Hanna as the rentor, though, so he bought her some time.
    • Toby told Tanner about his suspicion of Holbrook and his kiss with Alison, but she was not having it.
    • Spencer, Emi…
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  • Princess Diva

    The PLL Bonus Scene

    January 28, 2015 by Princess Diva

    The PLL bonus scene was the best, but short. Sasha and Janel are the best actors ever, seriously!

    XoXo Audrey

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  • Princess Diva

    So, Spoby is probably going to break up because Toby is becoming an annoying as f police officer acting like a parent!   It's pissing me off! Spoby is probably going to break up. I would be sad if he weren't an asshole currently! UGH

    Paily has ended because Paige just moved away to Cali lol...And Temily is gonna be a thing! Talia and Emily!

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  • RedCoatKatrina

    Pretty Little Liars

    Over a Barrel

    Episode Recap

    By: Katrina aka RedCoatKatrina

    Previously on PLL:


    Onto the episode!!

    We're joined by the Pretty Little Liar's in All New the Brew, with Emily talking about how Spencer and Caleb got rid of the evil murder weapon scythe! Hanna admits that she ditched her college visit to be a detective and how she tracked down Holbrook's father. Seriously, why does Hanna have go to college at all? She's obviously smart enough to launch her own detective agency! I say ditch college and go with your amazing talent, Hanna! Uber -A freaks out because she thinks Alison(who is still -A in the Liars' warped up heads) and Holbrook will be able to pin Mona's gruesome and horrible…

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  • RedCoatKatrina

    PLL Fresh MeAt RecAp

    January 27, 2015 by RedCoatKatrina

    Pretty Little Liars

    Fresh Meat

    Episode RecAp

    By: Katrina aka RedCoatKatrina

    Previously on Pretty Little Liars....

    SLAAAAAAAP! Leona slaps Alison over and over and over again!!! SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP!!!!

    Now onto PLL Fresh Meat!

    Off-I-Suh Tobias Cavanaugh struts his walk and rocks his uniform down the Women's Correctional Facility because he wants to be Women's Facilities Top Model. He marches up to his competition and asks for some papers, but the competition just ain't havin' it!

    “Where you from?”

    “Rosewood P.D... Lt. Tanner -”

    “Yeah, yeah I know your types. You ain't stealing my Top Model Crown, Wanna Be Cop Boy!”

    The woman takes Toby's papers and does something or another. After he turns around to go back to the P.D., he finds Alison sitting on a be…

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  • Uber-A, Darlings
    "I'm AA is for AriAA is for Anonymous." (AriA unmAsking herself to Ashley)

    Hi everyone! ^_^

    This post is the tenth and the final part of my theory about Aria. This post will be (more or less) an ending of everything that I've written before. In the previous nine parts I've pretty much covered everything I found to be interesting and noticeable in PLL: The roles of many characters, Radley, CeCe, Melissa, the music in PLL, The Halloween Train, Ezra, The A-Team, etc. 

    This blog post will be about the colors that have been dominant throughout the series: Red and Black, and their importance in Aria's life. A quick recap - I'm assuming that Uber-A is Aria. The Black Widow and Red Coat are her minions.

    The Psychology behind colorsThis field is o…
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  • Fan4me

    Bulleted Recap - 5x16

    January 21, 2015 by Fan4me
    • Mona's stolen laptop was breached, sending out a security alert to the Liars with GPS coordinates to where the laptop was accessed.
    • Thinking Holbrook is helping Alison from the outside as 'A', Spencer and Caleb went to the laptop's location - a secured storage unit. Another rentor told Spaleb that an awful odor can sometimes be smelled from the unit and a blonde girl has been in there before.
    • After sneaking into the storage unit, Spencer and Caleb discovered evidence-like bags of bloody clothes, furthering their theory on Holbrook. They also found a mysterious barrel and chemicals used for corpse preservation. They think Mona is in the barrel, but did not risk opening it. They later deleted the security footage and did not see any footage of…
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  • Princess Diva

    What's In The Bin?

    January 21, 2015 by Princess Diva

    Who do you think is in the bin of sin? Mona's body being picked? Sara Harvey? Eddie Lamb? Or a dead pig...Hopefully not!  That would be a let down..

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