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    There isn't a lot to go off of for this theory, but here goes:

    I believe Melissa killed the Jane Doe who was believed to be Ali for so long.

    • She hires the best criminal defense lawyer in the state right before telling Peter she knew who killed her.  If she knew who did it, and it weren't Spencer, why would she immediately dial up the best defense attorney in the state? And why would she not immediately tell Peter when she sees him crumbling under the belief that Spencer killed her and the cops were onto her? If it were someone besides her, she would've told him immediately.
    • The police hadn't formally accused Spencer at that point, anyway. Why hire a lawyer?
    • Melissa did say someone would get hurt if Ian ever saw Ali again. And we do know he saw…
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    Jason Is Dead

    April 17, 2014 by Queenlina

    This may not be true, of course, but I think it's a reasonable-enough theory.

    I think Jason died soon after the elevator accident.

    Sidenote- that accident might be even less believable than the time A put messages into fortune cookies. Is there a magical "drop elevator" button in some mainenance room of every building with an elevator?? I don't think so. Elevators are designed to NOT drop easily... It would be very difficult to get an elevator to fall on command. I hate this part. I guess if anyone can do it, it's A- but still.

    This starts in 3x13 on the Ghost Train, when Aria stabs someone with a screwdriver.

    • 3x14 we see Jason and Mona hanging out, and she tends to his suspicious stab wound
    • 3x15 Jason supervises Mona's apology video
    • 3x16 Mona t…
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    King Kahn

    The Troll Problem

    April 17, 2014 by King Kahn

    Hello everyone! It is unfortunate that we bring you this news but it must be said. As you all are aware of the Tyson and Gabe situation. There turned out to be more to the story. It turns out Tyson was manipulated into creating another wiki and was being played by a troll who was blocked here a while ago. As some of you know there was troll who went by the name of Ais4AlisonNotAmatuer and they claimed to have access to exclusive spoilers. This person is actually a person named Bryanna and after some dirt digging by Selena, Josie, and myself, we found out that QueenBryannaXO and AnyoneAroundHerDies are all the same person, and that person is Rowan. Both of these accounts listed above live in LA, are both obsessed with Alison, and both of th…

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    BeachHottie in BoardShorts

    So I'm new and because off that I'm not yet qualified to be an admin, but even though that's true, What are the qualifications of being an admin? Because one day I might become one (hopefully :D), And I also made this blog to get a badge so.....

    Admins please get this blog :D 

    -Love, Lourdes :p

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    Admin Evaluations

    April 14, 2014 by QueenBeeJenna

    As everyone has been complaining about Admins abusing their powers and being unfair, I would like everyone to have the opportunity to speak up. You will NOT be blocked for stating your opinions as everyone opinions matter and are important. With that said, I would like you all to please give me your honest evaluations on each admin, telling us what we can do better, what we can fix, or just anything else. Everyone’s opinion is important so please help us make this site a better wiki for everyone. Thank you!


    Cassie FabCassandra

    Alaric Alaric Saltzman

    Bianca PLLfan

    Fearless Diva Selena

    QueenBeeJenna Josie

    A.Darkbloom Matt

    LM Perfection Aden

    Taleb1 Paul

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    Hi guys!:) Anyway so I'm an admin on Twisted Wiki for the abc family show 'Twisted' haha.

    Anyway some admins & mods have become very inactive and so there's just me and clary (gerukatze) on the whole team and yet lots of users

    Editing pages and helping contribute to the wiki would also help, but we are specifically looking for admins and mods! Pls lemme know if ur interested :)

    thanks! -Serena

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    Chat Hates Me:(

    April 12, 2014 by JennaRules

    Sooo for some reason, I keep getting kicked out of chat. Not like I get banned by an admin, the chat itself just kicks me out and then it reloads and works for a while...until it kicks me out again. I'm pretty sure it's an Internet/connectivity issue so I just want to apologize to anyone I left hanging mid-conversation in the past few days. Also, sorry if the constant entering and exiting the chat room was annoying to any of you; it reloads by itself so idk what to do about it. :/ I promise I haven't been entering and leaving the chat room multiple times on purpose. Nice chatting with those of you I was actually able to have a conversation with! :)

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    • Why is the painting in the apartment signed by A?
    • How long has Noel known Ali was alive? Why?
    • What are Noel's secrets?
    • Is Ali blackmailing him with these secrets?
    • Why does CeCe refer to Ali as "my friend?"
    • Is it true that the same person who killed Jane Doe is the one still trying to hurt Ali?
    • When has CeCe actually seen Ali ("more than once")?
    • Did Ezra (or who?) take that picture and CeCe stole it? She fell pretty far to be sneaking around the woods.
    • What does Melissa mean by "you can never see Alison again... because if you do, someone's going to get hurt"
    • Is that just a picture of Jenna they put in the scene? She doesn't move any..
    • If Jenna was so convinced by Ali's threat, why did she go back to Rosewood that night?
    • Who wrote, "I'm everywhere. An…
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    Fearless Diva

    So it is with a heavy heart that I write this message to inform everyone on the Pretty Little Liars some troubling news. I recently discovered that a user named Tysonjackson:( whom I blocked because he had spammed multiple pages with unneeded categories and theories on multiples had his block for a year been cut down. Well, when I looked as to who did it, it was former admin: Phoenix Ressurection AKA Gabe ( had gone behind my back and unblocked this user. Which is a big no no amongst us admins. It is a common rule of courtesy that when one admin blocks someone and that user asks another admin to unb…

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    Good evening and welcome to the first part of the most important Preultimate Big Brother event ever! Tonight Rafael, Selena, and Alietta will battle it out to become the Final Head of Household which guarantees themselves a spot in the Final Two. Who will prove victorious in this competition? Remember all three houseguests will compete in Part 1, the winner of Part 1 advances themselves into Part 3 and the two other houseguests will compete in Part 2. The winner of Part 2 will compete against the winner of Part 1 in the final Part of the Head of Household. So ready or not, let's begin this epic battle to the Final Two! WELCOME TO BIG BROTHER!!!!!

    Our first Part of the Final Head of Household includes Riddles!! Doens't everyone love riddles?…

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