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    Just thought I'd say hello....

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    October 28, 2014 by SoCalledChaos

    I was bored so  I thought I'd make a blog post. And that's not an actual way to relieve boredom. And this is so stupid. -.-' 

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    Have you ever done anything you regret? A small mistake? A big one? That’s what those bitches did. Except it wasn’t small, at all. Now they’re going to be getting everything they asked for, and even more. They’ll know who I am soon enough, one day. But they’ll know what I do sooner. And I’ll be their worst nightmare.


    “Do you need this?” Asked my mother, holding up a 50 pack of markers.

    “Um, no?” I replied, there was a short pause, “But - you know what I do need?”

    “No. What I do know is, you already lost two iPhones, and I got you a new one. Now I’m getting you another one.”

    “It’s actually not -.”

    “What is it then?” She asked.

    “To get going, I don’t want to be late.”

    “This is cute!” Mom said, it was a mirror with a feathered bo…

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    Heeeeeyyy Guys

    So it's been a while, yeah like I said I am planning the series now, I am halfway through (yay) and I will reveal little spoilers later in the comment section but first CASTING CALL.

    Okay so you're familiar with the process of the usual ones right, however I wanna do things very differently. You are essentially actors, I will give you a brief outline for a character that will appear in the new series and how you interpret it will be the 'aim' I guess. I've described that horribly but you get it.

    Okay so here are the new characters basic outlines.

    1. Charlie's new Love interest is a bad boy who leads our innocent little liar down a very dark path this season. He will be dealing everything and getting into trouble with all the wro…

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    As some of you may know, I've decided to write a new fanfiction. Before things were just a bit hard, but now it's settled, and this is 100% happening. I can't wait for you to read it! I'll be sending it to my reader hopefully tomorrow(: I'll try posting it ASAP. Hopefully Sunday? I'm not sure, though. But let me just tell you a few things first. 

    -It's the year 2014, in Rosewood Pennsylvania

    -It IS about the Liars. Hanna Marin, Alison DiLAurentis, Emily Fields, Ashley Fields (Emily's twin, there's a reAson to this), Aria Montgomory, and Spencer Hastings.

    -The Liars are in 12th grade

    -A will be revealed in the first episode 

    -It's all about the Liars from A's POV 

    -There will be ships - but it's 95% mystery. 

    -There will be two A's, the second wil…

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    The most popular A theory is on Aria being A or on the A-team but i think Ali and Hanna are on the AteAm because Ali pulled Hanna out of the fire and Emily, Mona, Aria, spencer were possibly pulled out by Cece drake which means that Hanna and Ali are possibly working together on the AteAm and Ali= evil red coat Hanna= A My twin theory is Aria has a evil twin because A has saved ezria which I was happy with which means Aria visited her evil twin sister at Radley and A (Aria's twin sister sent her the message which Ezra intercepted and realized the twin knew about ezria and that is why ezria has had seven relationships

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    October 7, 2014 by Myliarsfeed
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    October 7, 2014 by Ykilavuz22

    ı am so excited for the halloween special.I am sure that it's gonna be amazing :) 

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    Hello everyone! I'm new here, but I've been watching Pretty Little Liars for a while, and I just LOVE IT!

    However, I really want to write a fanfic, but I need characters...

    So, I wanted you to create them!

    If you wanna audition, just answer this:

    • Name:
    • Age:
    • Sex:
    • Sexuality:
    • Birthday:
    • Fear:
    • Label:
    • Which PLL characters is he/she more related to? Why?
    • Secrets:
    • Who'll be portraying your character?
    • Please put an image of him/her:


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    The liars

    October 3, 2014 by Payton143

    wow the liars are my FAV people in the world>..< i love how they can stay bestfriends even tho theyve been through so much.

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