• Bellashaw1993

    My opinions are on my profile - I feel it was messy. I love PLL with a passion, but was left disappointed following this random Spencer twin with the horrific accent. Thoughts? (This is just my opinion and I respect others also so respect mine.)

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  • Prettylittledevil

    my 5 fave episodes

    November 17, 2017 by Prettylittledevil

    I was like super bored so here we go! I'm currently only on season 4 so I haven't seen much of the show but I still love it.

    5. Never Letting Go

    I love tuning in for the VS Fashion Show year after year, so I adored this episode. This was probably one of my favourite A set-ups, "the bitch is dead" and the whole satanic stunt. I do believe this episode also was reason #87 why we should hate Noel, I can't believe Aria ends up with him in the books. Haleb fans rejoice when she agreed to him walking her home. Also the BTS and promotional pics were CUTE AF (and Tyler was looking real fine as well...) 

    4. Under The Gun

    The whole Ashley murdering Wilden was probably the only part of Season 4 I really enjoyed, I absolutely hate the entire Ravenswood pl…

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  • Jessiebear17


    September 3, 2017 by Jessiebear17
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  • BrodieLies

    Jesus, the A.D reveal.... it was just.. crap..

    Honestly i just think they could not think of anyone else to be A.D like.. Marlene read's and watche's youtube and saw the spencer twin theory..

    -_- , is anyone else annoyed?.


    -Smashes head against keyboard- STUPID REVEAL... -Walk's away-.

    Ok enough of that crap.

    Have a great day, -Sincerealy brodie.

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  • Treasure theories

    I found this Wiki board a month ago and I am now hooked!

    Why? The people who contribute are all polite and respect other people's opinions. It is not a problem to have a different view - that's why people come to this board; to get a different perspective on the clues given during Pll. It improves your own theories.

    My attention skills have improved since joining this board - I now detect all the little details like an old pro. I love being surprised by other people's discoveries too.

    So if you hooked on Pll then this is the place to be. Share your theories - I would love to hear them.

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  • BitchesGetBuried214


    June 9, 2017 by BitchesGetBuried214

    So if you have read my theories and posts, you would know by now that I am obsessed with Lolita and pretty little liars connections.  In season 2 it was revealed tht alison's favourite book was Lolita and she used the name "Vivian Darkbloom" as a Alias.  This name is an anagram for the author of the book.  I got really interested in Alison's love for this book but they never really brought it up again.  So I have been trying to research more connections from the book and this is what I came up with.

    So, the obvious point is the trend of older men in the show dating the liars.  That is the obvious one but this is the deeper connection.  Throughout the show alison was always portrayed as being powerful and someone who manipulated everyone aro…

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  • BitchesGetBuried214

    So Beach Hottie was like one one of my favourite mysteries in the show, I always thought that his reveal would be huge, even bigger than Ezra's reveal as Board shorts.  So I had seen amazing theories like Wren as Beach Hottie and other theories even saying that Mr Hastings was as well.  Which I know sounds weird and bad but the theory was really good and creepy.  If I find the theory I will definitely link it. I was really excited for this season cause I was hoping that Beach Hottie would be a really big reveal and be part of the story since she mentioned how she was nearly impregnated by him.  But when I was searching the theories up I saw an article by Vanity Fair where the cast confirmed Wilden as Beach Hottie.  I know tha…

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  • Prettysofezzy

    i think Melissa is A.D because she has always been invovled since the beginnng..... anyone agree? 23:49, June 7, 2017 (UTC)23:49, June 7, 2017 (UTC)~~

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  • BitchesGetBuried214

    I have kinda been... no scratch that!  I have been really disappointed with how these last episodes have been going.  I really think that writers aren't answering the questions that they promised us.  These last few episodes better be answering all of my questions.  Believe me I love the idea and I'm so excited that the finale is going to be 2 HOURS LONG!  But They wouldn't need the finale to be that long if they were actually answering and solving things in these episodes instead of wasting time showing Aria and Ezra dancing and other scenes that have no point to the story...apart from the ships they can stay! Hehe...xox

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  • Candy Dilaurentis

    i made up lots of oc for my books i write for pll like aubrielle and aubriella dilaurentis twin girls of alison dilaurentis. moon hastings younger sister of spencer hastings. summer and winter marin twins girl younger sisters to hanna marin. i got lots of them if u make up one u can post it in the comment section. plz include the descrition for it and i will write it in my books i will make. if u like to comment them i will see if u can make a book about your oc

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