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  • TeamAli143

    Hanna is A theory

    February 27, 2015 by TeamAli143

    I have a theory,  but this ones not of hanna having a twin, its about hanna having a personality disorder, remember in 2x25 when Hanna was driving and when she got to mona and spencer, hanna wasnt stopping, she almost ran mona over if it werent for aria telling her to stop, ik she was pissed cuz her best friend was torturing her and tried to kill her, but, would she really run her over? she was REALLY angry


    hanna angry

    what IF in this scene hannas other personality started to kick in? what IF Mona being A TRIGGERED her personality disorder( idk if this is possible cuz idk much about MPD, im just speculating), and lets not forget, Marlene tweeted that Big A stole the game from Mona in season 3, and this scene happened in the season 2 FINAL…

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  • PLLandIGfan

    Rewatch of Seasons 3-5

    February 26, 2015 by PLLandIGfan

    So this is what Mar tweeted. So I decided to re-watch seasons 3-5 to find out who this A is.

    • Hanna was visiting Mona for a while and mentioned  birds and feathers in her first scene with Mona in Radley.
    • Emily was at "Alison's" grave with a shovel and the body was missing
    • Wren was volunteering at Radley and told Hanna "Sense is something rarely mined from mental illness. Trust me, I spent a lifetime trying."
    • Hanna, Aria, and Spencer visited A's Lair the morning after Maya's body was found and discovered was cleaned out.
    • Aria has a panic attack about A attacking her in the restroom
    • Spencer's computer showed there was 5 hoodies inside A's Lair
    • Garrett thinks he knew who killed Ali and knows who stole "Alison's" body
    • Mona had a hallucination that Ali,…

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  • Fan4me

    Bulleted Recap - 5x21

    February 26, 2015 by Fan4me
    • Alison's trial is approaching, and the Liars are now in contact with her as they believe her to be innocent. Veronica Hastings is coaching her to appear as truthful and innocent as possible. Alison wants to rat out Mike's involvement with Mona to make herself seem more innocent, but Aria pleaded with her to not do so.
    • 'A' somehow had access to Ali's facility, leaving messages that both thretened her life and warned that "Mona told EVERYTHING."
    • Ali now sympathizes with how the girls must have felt being bullied by her, and she wants to start over with them if she gets released.
    • Cyrus Petrillo was severely injured (apparently at the hands of 'A') and is in a Burn Victims Unit. He was able to give Aria and Hanna the written clue "Varjack", befor…
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  • SofiaFierro
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  • MyPuppets


    February 23, 2015 by MyPuppets

    Help me to put all the facts about "A" in one place.

    I'll start with assuming that "A" officially kicked Mona out of the team in A DAngerous GAMe with this message:

    But, "A"'s first action was this:

    So, in season 4 we had only Uber A (if you ignore our little Nobel Prize awarded writer EzrA)

    She attacked Mona:

    She was there in the ZOO:

    She was there in season 5:

    She most likely killed Mona too:

    If we take this in mind we might unmAsk her here.Please, add your theories and arguments in the comments section and maybe we can figure it out.

    Idea of the day: 

    I strongly believe 3 things:

    • A is a female
    • A is Bad Red Coat/Black Widow/Current Black Hoodie
    • A is a blonde (they hired Cece Mason to play her xD)

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  • Big Brother 99

    Is Paul Wesley going to guest star on Pretty Little Liars?

    That’s the main question on many viewers’ minds after The Vampire Diaries actor posted a photo of himself hanging out with Marlene King, producer of the hit ABC Family series, and his good friend and Hollywood producer, Bob Levy, who’s worked on projects as TVD, Gossip Girl and Sex Drive.

    Considering how Paul is already a crucial cast member on a show that’s on a competing network, we doubt he’s planning on leaving Mystic Falls to bare his fangs in Rosewood, PA. However, Marlene, who’s well-known for penning the Now & Then screenplay, is currently involved in a number of highly anticipated projects: 1.

    The horror film The Merciless, based on Danielle Vegas’s intense debut novel, and 2…

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  • AlisonDL

    Fanfiction Idea by AlisonDL!

    February 22, 2015 by AlisonDL

    So, I have come across many fanfictions on this wiki, and am frankly anxious to start my own. I love creating stories, ideas, and shocking twists, and this is pushing me to write a fanfiction! I understand many of you don't know who I am, and only a handful have seen my name before, so I'm hoping to make some friends with this project! So, know an overview:

    • I don't want this to be Pretty Little Liars related. 'Nuff said.
    • I myself will make two characters.
    • I will post this story as a blog post here, Wattpad, and
    • Your character may be potrayed by absolutely anybody, as long as the actor/ress is alive, or the actor/ress has been dead for at least 2 years. This is because I'm probably going to cry while I'm creating this wiki, be…
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  • JayJay-A

     Hey guys hope you have had a nice week. So yeah last week I told you that things get kray in this episode and everything after this episode is just mental. So without furthur ado I give you THE EPISODE!! P.S It's longer than it usually is.

    Rosewood Church – Outside

    An easterly wind blew around the church yard, and the bell told several times. Men, Women and Children all wearing various black attires from suits to dresses piled into the pale white church. On the grassy front six individuals stood, their eyes transfixed on the two photos of Summer and Riley that stood outside the door, Summer had her long flowing blonde hair and was wearing a wholesome white dress, this wasn’t the Summer they knew. And Riley, poor Riley the innocent bystander…

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  • MyPuppets

    FinAle Fever

    February 21, 2015 by MyPuppets

    Guys, let's fill in this little survey:

    Favorite season premiere:

    Favorite midseason premiere:

    Favorite midseason finale:

    Favorite season finale:

    Favorite  non premiere or finale episode:

    Favorite "A" reveAl so fAr:

    Favorite cliffhanger so far:

    Favorite shocking twist so far:

    Ideal "Welcome to the dollhouse" ending:

    Mine: Favorite season premiere: EscApe From New York  

    Favorite midseason premiere: She's Better Now 

    Favorite midseason finale: Taking This One To The Grave 

    Favorite season finale: UnmAsked

    Favorite  non premiere or finale episode: Miss Me x100

    Favorite "A" reveAl so fAr: MonA in UnmAsked 

    Favorite cliffhanger so far: The ending of "Now You See Me, Now You Don't" 

    Favorite shocking twist so far: Everything related to Bethany Young and Alison i…

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  • IShipSpoby

    Is CeCe A?

    February 21, 2015 by IShipSpoby

    CeCe wanted to turn Ali into her doll. When Ali got CeCe kicked out of college, and possibly had an affair with Wilden, she incited CeCe's hatred. CeCe set out to destroy her doll. While impersonating Ali in Radley, she met Bethany, Marion's daughter and Jessica's niece. Bethany knew of Jessica's affairs with Marion's husband and Peter Hastings from Marion. This was ammunition to hurt Ali. Bethany and Marion argued about telling about the affairs, Bethany lost it, and pushed Marion. Jessica wooed Bethany to keep her quiet. CeCe knew she wouldn't. CeCe worked with Jessica to get rid of Bethany. The plan was to just kill Bethany, but Jessica didn't know CeCe was planning to kill Ali, too, the whole reason she arranged the plan to kill Bethan…

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