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    Things I want to see happen in season 5...
    1) More Hanna/Travis dates 2) More Hanna/Holbrook platonic flirting/friendly chemistry 3) More Hanna/Momma Bear scenes 4) Emily regaining her senses and not melting into putty at the mere thought of Ali. Remember when she was all, " Ali is just playing with us and I'm tired of it!" Yeah, bring that back! 5) Emily giving Paige closure and recognizing that Paige did the one sensible thing by turning to the police. (I'm not a fan of Paige but right is right!). 6) Spencer being smart again. 7) Spencer caring about college. 8) Spencer getting some real answer from her parents. I mean, come on! 9) Aria hating Ezra. 10) Aria showing strength.


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    Ok guys I am in a bit of a pickle, and I was wondering if you could help me out. I was talking to many people on the chat a few weeks ago, and I wanted to do something creative. One of my ideas was of course a fanfic. But I'd like to take a different spin on it, If I did one I was thinking about doing all male liars. Do you think that would work ? I need to know, or do you think I should take a different approach (comment ideas if you have any I would love to hear them).  I will probably do this like in episodes, and have seasons.

    Now because exams are extremely close in the Uk I wouldn't be starting right away, is I am thinking I'd start it once exams are over. However, here is where I need your help again. I am struggling to come up with …

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    Remember when Emily and Hanna met with Sara Harvey's friends, Claire and Tina? And remember how they also had another friend, Avery, who did not make it to their meeting because she has been severely depressed since Sara's disappearance? Well WHAT IF Avery is Spencer's twin and that's why the writers made sure that neither Avery nor Spencer attended the meeting because if they had, then Emily and Hanna would've reocignized that Avery is identical to Spencer/Claire and Tina would've recognized that Spencer is identical to Avery!

    Perhaps Avery isn't only suffering from depression but from dilussions and a dissociative disorder as …

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    Hey there little liars!

    Okay, who is dying for Season 5 of PLL to come back? I know I am... What do YOU want to happen in Season 5? Who do you want to date? What do you absolutely have to find out? Wikia is creating a wishlist video for everything and anything you want to see in the upcoming season of Pretty Little Liars.

    I know I want to know about 1000 things, but for starters- what is going on with Noel Kahn? How much is Alison hiding? Is there a future for Ezra and Aria?

    We want to hear what YOU want to know. Tell us in the comment section below and we will try to include it in our exclusive video! Post by May 2 to have the chance to have your wish included.

    -A (A for Asnow89)

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    Thought I'd re-post this Queenlina and I have been theorizing and speculating about Jenna's various relationships: Alison, Toby, Shana, Noel, Nigel Wright, NAT. Feel free to check it out and/or add your thoughts.

    Forum > Theories board > Did Jenna know Ali's twin??

    JennaRules Ok so I know the writers have said that Ali will not have a twin in the TV show but I'm having a really hard time letting go of what Jenna said at Ali's memorial. She said, "My whole life, I thought I knew who she (Alison) was..." But here's the thing--Jenna moved to Rosewood and met Ali only about a year before Ali disappeared! So she only knew her for a year, she didn't know Ali her whole life. So is it possible that Jenna had met Ali's twin years ago and th…

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    This theory is different from normal theories, as it's entirely based on the flakiness of the writers and their desperate attempts to redeem Ezra.

    What if they try to act like Ezra was the one who pulled Aria, Emily, and Mona out of the fire? And that's why Ali's story suddenly contradicts Mona being positive Ali pulled them out. It doesn't make logical sense, plus why would he pull out Mona before Hanna, but seriously, I think they are going to try really hard in season 5 to make it look like he was more of a hero than a creepy, boring stalker, and this could be one of the ways they're going to try. I would be soooo mad if they did that just because they regret making their precious Ezra look bad. Was everything about that episode (4x24) n…

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    I understand this shouldn't be on the blog page but you get a badge for writing a blog post..

    I made this up myself.

    1)      Dream job?

    A)     Carpenter

    B)      Teacher

    C)      Doctor

    D)     Phone Hacker

    E)      Drugs Counsellor

    2)      Where are you most likely to live?

    A)     Loft above a coffee shop. Due to the renovations you helped with, you are entitled to lots of free coffee. 

    B)      Cosy open plan apartment with lots of books and posters.

    C)      After you cheated on your fiancé, you are stuck in different motels and apartments, however you have wealthy family back in your hometown.

    D)     Anywhere really: bus stops, tents, crashing with friends.

    E)      Big, nice house in a wealthy estate. However you are left with haunting memories of the body found in …

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    There isn't a lot to go off of for this theory, but here goes:

    I believe Melissa killed the Jane Doe who was believed to be Ali for so long.

    • She hires the best criminal defense lawyer in the state right before telling Peter she knew who killed her.  If she knew who did it, and it weren't Spencer, why would she immediately dial up the best defense attorney in the state? And why would she not immediately tell Peter when she sees him crumbling under the belief that Spencer killed her and the cops were onto her? If it were someone besides her, she would've told him immediately.
    • The police hadn't formally accused Spencer at that point, anyway. Why hire a lawyer?
    • Melissa did say someone would get hurt if Ian ever saw Ali again. And we do know he saw…
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    Jason Is Dead

    April 17, 2014 by Queenlina

    This may not be true, of course, but I think it's a reasonable-enough theory.

    I think Jason died soon after the elevator accident.

    Sidenote- that accident might be even less believable than the time A put messages into fortune cookies. Is there a magical "drop elevator" button in some mainenance room of every building with an elevator?? I don't think so. Elevators are designed to NOT drop easily... It would be very difficult to get an elevator to fall on command. I hate this part. I guess if anyone can do it, it's A- but still.

    This starts in 3x13 on the Ghost Train, when Aria stabs someone with a screwdriver.

    • 3x14 we see Jason and Mona hanging out, and she tends to his suspicious stab wound
    • 3x15 Jason supervises Mona's apology video
    • 3x16 Mona t…
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