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  • Amylover123

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  • NeedATeam

    Here a fan fiction with a different version of events that led to Big A revelation.

    In the Dollhouse, the Liars meet another captive, a girl named Sara Harvey. Hanna remembers when she looked for her when she thought she could have been in Bethany's grave. Spencer can't trust her but both Aria and Hanna quickly bound with Sara. She reveals that there is one more girl kept in a secret room, Cece Drake. For months, Charles used Mona as an Alison's decoy, Cece as a Bethany's decoy while Sara was forced to help Charles when he needed it. Spencer discovers the initials CD. Caleb and Ezra lose time, not trusting Alison (who was released from jail). Thanks to Jason, Toby locates the Dollhouse. Sara helps the girls finding Mona, she confirms that C…

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  • JayJay-A

    Guys I haven't really been active on the wiki reccently I have been focusing on myself, my university work, HWT, helping Selena with Inferno and I realised that it has been 6 months since I released HLL. 

    I have to say this, writing is one of my first and greatest loves and HLL was my first outlet, it gave me the confidence ro persue creative writing at university. I created characters from scratch, chracters who I love in my heart, characters who I often think about. However that being said, I created HLL because of how much I loved PLL, and the love for that show isn't that great. Don't get me wrong, I still watch it, but I've lost the passion I had when I first started and sadly I lost the passion for HLL. I know it sounds lame and horri…

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  • Rebeccadybas86

    Spencer & Caleb

    July 22, 2016 by Rebeccadybas86

    While watching season 7, I have been speaking with some of my friends about all the new relationships. The one that stands out to us most of us all was Spencer & Caleb. Now, I did not think that Hanna and Caleb would stay together forever, but I hoped they would. Despite Hanna giving her blessing to Spencer to date Caleb, Spencer should not have agreed to it. It is a huge girl rule to not date a friends ex-boyfriend, no matter what they say. The connection that Hanna and Caleb have is so much better than the connection Spencer has with him. Let me know your opinions? Hanna or Spencer

    Rebeccadybas86 (talk) 06:18, July 22, 2016 (UTC) Becca

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  • Alison Clarke


    So what do u think of EZRA'S PROPOSAL TO ARIA !!! it was intense.

    Elliot Rollins

    So hanna killed Elliot Alisons abusive husband but i dont think Alison cared much because now she will not be a victim of Rollins, we discovered that Elliot is not his real name.


    So after hanna killed Rollins they went to spencers barn and Caleb came to see Spencer and he spilled his heart out to Spencer, Hanna could noy help but cry.


    So Mona is now helping the girls with Rollins murder but she aldo noticed Hanna's fake wedding ring sorry Han but your busted.

    Mary Drake

    So mary is now taking care of Alison but before we get to that lets talk about why did she come to rosewood and where i dont think it was because of her daughters death. But we do know…

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  • Moopy720

    PLL theory

    July 8, 2016 by Moopy720

    I'm scared for PLL to end. Not because its ending but because I feel like there gonna pull something. Something like none of it was real and it was in one of there heads. I think that if they do this it will be Alison. Seeing as the show is based around her. Also she was in a mental hospital, what if she actually is crazy and thats why all this crazy stuff happens. Questions that have not been answered and all the deaths the fact that they are never happy. None of it makes sense. So overall what I am saying is: I feel like this is all gonna be in Alisons head. Shes in the Radley and in dealing with mental illness, so to escape she creates a world in her head. She bases the Liars off of people there thus creating the PLL universe

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  • NeedATeam

    A.D. and Big A

    July 2, 2016 by NeedATeam

    A PLL scenario, about how things could have turned out...

    What I love about this show: stories about Alison, adaptations from the PLL books and fake deaths. "Cause two can keep a secret if one of them is dead". When I saw Mary, as many others, I thought Jessica and Mary are the tv counterpart for Alison and Courtney. But, for this theory/fanfiction, I call them another cop out ! There is another set of twins who have started the game: Mary gave birth to twins, Charles and Darren Drake, who became Charlotte DiLaurentis and Darren Wilden.

    1. ==Initials AD==

    A.D. meants for Alison DiLaurentis. Yes, one more time, someone tried to kill her. "Charlotte's killer" was looking for Alison, they mistake Charlotte for her cousin. In 7x01, the fact they use…

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  • Alison Clarke

    So here are some of A's texts. Im back bitches and i know everything -A Merry Christmas bitches -A A takes a holiday u should too -A Maybe he fools around with students all of the time. A lot of teachers do just ask ur dad -A Poor Spencer. Always wants Melissa's boyfriends. But remember, if u kiss i tell -A Be careful Hanna i hear prison food makes u fat. -A Poor hanna. Its gonna more than a gloss to keep those lips sealed --A Hey Em! I've been replaced. You've found another friend to kiss. -A Dead girls walking. -A When students kiss teachers, someone gets HURT. That's a promise I'll keep...... -A Did u get a goodnight kiss here's one from me. Xo... --A If only she could see how guilty u look..... -A Heads up, hon. He…

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  • Alison Clarke

    You think you know A inside out now but how much do you really know. In teen drama pretty little liars there is a famos stalker called A but was recently revealed as CeCe Drake but CeCe was murdered. We dont know who done it tho. So in PLL the first to be revealed as A was Mona Vanderwall and then it was Toby Cavanaugh and then CeCe drake and there was a few minions inbetween that like Lucas and melissa and Jenna and Shouna but it was never like they where A. We all thought A was a mab but it was a girl so it was a big shock to everyone. That is it for this blog so stay tuned for more prerty little liars drama.

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  • Alison Clarke

    So if you read my blog in my ladt blog i said i would tell you whats happing in the town of rosewood where the little liars stay. So lets refresh our memory fist shall we ok lets do this. So in one of my blogs i told you that Ali's mom has a twin or there is a twin of Mrs D. Ali's husband Elliot Rollins also knew about this he was jn on it i mean it was all to make Ali scared so he dresses up as detective Wilden so Ali would think she was going crazy. But we all know she is not. But in the last episode of PLL Ali turned her self into a mental hospital. She done that because she though she was seeing dead people but she was not. If you jave watched the trailer to season 7 it shows you Spence , Em and Aria burring someone or something but we…

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