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    Pamela Angela Malfoy

    Okay, so, there are two A's right now -- The Black Widow who took over from Mona and a dude. A dude that was Gas Mask A in Grave New World, the dude who thought that the girls would lead him to Alison, and the dude that Alison fears the most that has touched one of the girls.

    I don't have an actual theory on who The Black Widow is or what Shana and Mona were up to before they died, or what Sidney and Jenna are up to now TBH, but I'm working on it. What matters right now is this.

    So, Gas Mask A was hoping that the girls would lead him to Alison. He obviously hated her for some reason -- maybe she lied about her age once and he nearly got her pregnant. Actually, in Now You See Me, Now You Don't, the girls sort of find out that Gas Mask A is Bo…

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    Pretty Liars-Auditions

    September 25, 2014 by AlisonDL

    Hello there! My name is AlisonDL, better known as DL. Most of you probably don't know me, so what better way to introduce myself, than with a blog thread? So, Fanfictions is one of my specialties, so why not write one? The fanfic is set in Rosewood, Florida, and involves, 5 girls, who are struck with the loss of their leader (Who also makes the 6th member. Yup! Theirs 6 girls! Screw 5!), -Insert name here-. After the return of the Rosewood Day flag competish, they start gettings messasges from someone named -Insert the first letter of the dead leaders name, here-. Together, they try to find out who this cyber bully is. And, they also figure out each other's secrets.

    So! The audition form, is below! Good luck!


    Gender (Has to be ♀, if you…

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    Hey guys, I know this theory is very unlikely, but it's my favorite endgame for Pretty Little Liars!

    Once upon a time, there were two young girls, Alison DiLaurentis and Courtney DiLaurentis. Courtney was jealous of everything Alison had. They fought over their dolls, their mother's affection, and eventually something pushed everything over the edge. Courtney, who had always been a little unhinged, walked into the DiLaurentis kitchen and grabbed Jessica'a favorite knife to cut poultry with. Courtney carressed the knife, thinking to herself how easily it would slice through her twin sister's flesh. Courtney walked up the stairs and opened the bedroom door to find Alison playing with her dolls. Alison loved feeling in control; she adored the …

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    Insomniatics Update

    September 21, 2014 by TeenWolf1994

    So here is another update on my fan fiction.

    I said earlier I might have something by December.  However, with my busy schedule, I am not going to be able to post something until summer 2015.  I will not completely hold off on Insomniatics.  I will continue to work on it whenever I have extra time.  Due to school, I am/will still be brainstorming and drafting everything out.


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    Okay I had to (Gossip Girl fans will get ^ this)

    Hi guys for those of you who I haven't ever met I am James and this is Handsome Little Liars. So the one thing that I kept gettingg told from loads of people on this wiki was they wanted to wait for me to be done with the season and "Binge read all of them. So this is for you, I hope you enjoy it guys, once a lot of people have read it I would love to get a disscussion going, also for news on Season 2 just look at the ending of Season 1 Episode 16, and I will explain. Okay ENJOY ! Know before hand I wrote the first three eps on my Ipad so spell check may have gotten me and I haven't realised. So sorry for those episodes.



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    Jenna Marshall and Cape May

    September 21, 2014 by Fan4me

    To see complete post with images and GIFs, go here:

    I feel like there may still be a juicy storyline involving Jenna’s past and the significance of Cape May on Pretty Little Liars that has yet to be tapped into. Remember, we still hardly know what happened there and why Wilden, Alison, CeCe, and Melissa were all together.

    Back in Season 2, Episode 3 “My Name Is Trouble”, Jenna was telling Aria about how her pottery was inspired by her vacationing in Cape May.  Jenna mentions Cape May AGAIN in 2x09 “Picture This”.

    Then, in Season 3, we found out that Alison, CeCe, Wilden, and Melissa (according to CeCe) all hung out one summer in Cape May.

    Their connection was never fu…

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    Mona Faked Her Own Death??

    September 21, 2014 by Fan4me

    I posted this theory on Tumblr awhile ago and it got some attention and positive feedback but I never posted it here so here it is:

    Despite Janel Parrish’s claims in her post-finale interviews, I still believe it’s possible Mona faked her own death in order to frame Alison and ruin her once and for all.

    Going back a little to Season 5, Episode 10 “A Dark Ali”, Mona fainted very suddenly and later claimed it was due to a panic attack because she was scared of Alison. However, as this post points out, it is extremely unlikely and/or impossible to faint from a panic attack. Not to mention that Mona’s personality isn’t exactly that of a squeamish or terrified person. I don’t agree with that post’s assertion that Mona faked the faint though; I ag…

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    So to quote the song Skyfall "This is the end, hold your breath and count to Ten" ... Just kidding, this is far from over however this is the last episode of the season CRY CRY, but don't worry I will have lots of fun little trinkets and things up my sleeve for the break, but I will get into that later on. I am not gonna lie I am kinda glad that I am breaking just as the war of the fanfics start because I think I would become extinct if I stayed.

    But before I start, I would like to dedicate this episode to two people Brit and Sim, two amazing people who have commented and read every single week! You guys have stuck with this fanfic through everything even the awful episodes I posted originally. I would like to say thank you guys you have be…

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    Alison Is A

    September 20, 2014 by Prettylittleliars01

    Alison DiLaurentis is A

    I think I know why Bethany Young was murdered

    Like Mona said on the Fatal Finale "Taking This One To The Grave" Alison was connected to Bethany and Ali knew Bethany,Alison was jealous of Bethany and in the Book "Pretty Little Liars" by Sara Shepard Alison killed her twin Courtney because she was jealous,so in the serie "Pretty Little Liars" by I Marlene King they made some changes.In the book Alison killed Courtney and in the serie Alison is supposed to kill Bethany and Courtney was in mental hospital and in the serie Bethany was in mental hospital.Alison didn't had twin so in the serie she killes Bethany.And when Ali told the girls the history how she disappeared Jessica DiLaurentis was arguing on the phone with some…

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    Courtney kemp

    Pretty little liars fan

    September 18, 2014 by Courtney kemp

    Who watches Pretty little liars?

    it is awesome

    i am up to seasone 3, DONT TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS

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