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  • Secrets212

    Try to find any clues?

    November 30, 2015 by Secrets212

    I have set and watched the first 3 season trying to find any clues of. who the man is in the 6b? and my other clues we or anybody has missed... found some remember when ali would go flying? ok now thank of that and the night the logde burn down when the girks was in there 3 seen ali but did anyone ever think who was flying the plane. maining ali knew how to fly right. and we only seen one person that night {RED COAT}... for now this is all ill be back?? 


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  • Queen Steph


    November 29, 2015 by Queen Steph

    Hi, everyone! I've come up with an idea for a  MINI series (only one season), that I'd like to publish here, and I wanted to have you guys audition for them! Below is the overviews for the the fanfiction: Last One Standing.

    Last One Standing

    A handful of students are chosen to become students at Maraschino College, an elite, luxorious, but small college meant to see what happens when extremely different people with incredible talent come together to learn. However, upon their arrival, things are not as they seem. No adults are in sight for about a week, and the tall gates surrounding the college are electrified and can only be opened with a peculiar shaped key. The students live in fear, until they finally are called to a school assembly via…

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  • HannaIsBae90


    November 28, 2015 by HannaIsBae90

    I hope 6B answers the questions 6A didn't. I want to know what importance Sara has to Charlotte and being RC/BW

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  • Queen Steph

    Styles groaned as he felt himself getting shook. He opened one eye to see Jason kneeling over him. 

    "Ugh...what?" He sighed, rubbing his eyes of sleep. 

    "Styles, you don't really look so good..." Jason pointed out.

    "Yeah, well, I didn't exactly get a good nights sleep..." Styles admitted, observing the dark purple circles under his eyes and his messy bed hair. 

    "I'd imagine..." Jason said quietly, still teary eyed from last night. "Let's - let's just try not to think about it...We've done way to much crying lately...I don't- I can't do it anymore..."

    Styles nodded. "Um..I-I'm going to take a shower, O-OK?" He announced, grabbing clothes from his bag and heading out of the tent. 

    Jason watched as Styles left the tent and sadly started to head out…

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  • Big Brother 99

    Information Box

    November 10, 2015 by Big Brother 99

    </div></div> |Age = 23 |Hair Color = Blonde |Family = Kenneth DiLaurentis (father)
    Jessica DiLaurentis (mother; deceased)
    Charlotte DiLaurentis (older sister)
    Jason DiLaurentis (maternal half-brother)
    Grandma D. (Paternal grandmother; deceased)
    Carol Ward (Great Aunt; deceased) |Friends =

    |Enemies =

    |Romances =

    |Rivals = Jenna Marshall
    |Interests = -Fashion
    -Manipulating people
    -Being the center of attention
    -Hiding from A
    -Helping The Liars |Education = Rosewood High School (formerly)
    Hollis College (formerly) |Talent = Lying
    Keeping secrets
    Playing the Piano
    Hiding from "A"
    Teaching |Secret(s) =

    |Status = Alive |First appearance = Pilot
    The First Secret (chronologically) |Portrayed By = Sasha Pieterse
    Isabella Rice (young) |Occupation…

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  • PokeFanClaire

    Hi,everyone! I'm PokeFanClaire and I'm the author of this fanfiction titled "The Chronicles of Pretty Little Liars". 

    Some things for their original stories are changed (for example, The Chronicles of Narnia:the Lion,the Witch and the Wardrobe is now set in 2010 and not 1940s,and the age of the PLL's characters are changed a little)

    It's an "alternate version of season 3 of PLL" and a crossover between The Chronicles of Pretty Little Liars' and Pretty Little Liars but it will feature also characters from Scream (TV series),Scream Queens and Once Upon a Time as guest stars. I hope you'll like it!


    Set 5 months after Mona's reveal as A, 16-years old Susan Pevensie arrived in Rosewood with her family from London.

    She'll become friends with the Liars…

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  • Princess of the Fandoms

    Hello all my pretty little liars! There has been many character auditions (Selena's, Emily May's, Kat's, and so on) so I decided to host auditions for a brand new fanfiction I'm writing titled "#YOLO". It follows young adults in their freshman year of college surviving classes, parties, and of course the teachers and classmates in their atmosphere. I will obviously need characters for this fanfiction, so I'm asking all you little liars to help me out and submit at least character.

    • Full Name:
    • Age (17-20):
    • DOB (Date of Birth):
    • Occupation:
    • Family:
    • Interests:
    • Strengths:
    • Weaknesses:
    • Personality:
    • Backstory:
    • Additional Comments:

    Thank you for taking your time to read this blog! I hope that I have many auditions and even more to come. Sayonara!

    Also: This wi…

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  • Queen Steph

    "Can you be any slower?" Styles groaned as Jason finally caught up with him on the track. 

    "S-sorry, you're running to fast!" Jason huffed, breathing heavily.

    "Santiago, Jason, quit talking!" The P.E. coach yelled, watching the two boys from a bench. 

    Styles rolled his eyes, continuing to talk. "Where is Tyler and Dean?" He questioned, seeing that no one was behind Jason.

    "They're right behind-" Jason was about to say, but turned around to find that the two boys weren't anywhere near him.

    "You dumb oaf, you left them alone in the forest!" Styles sighed, running back to the field.

    Jason quickly followed him.

    The Flashlight Day P.E. field was actually not a field, it was a small forest. The forest was only used for running, as Flashlight Day did ha…

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  • Beach Hottie

    CUT TO:


    We hear stuff being pushed around. We see Melinda searching for something. She is dressed in a bath robe now. She opens a cabinet and finds two wine bottles filled with grape wine. Behind her, a male figure is walking towards her. She grabs both of them and turns around. She is surprised to see Lucas Bradwell, 17, light brown hair with blonde high lights, blue eyes and a scrawny body, devious, secretive and manipulative. He smiles at her. Melinda isn't that happy to see him.

    LUCAS: Hi Mel.

    MELINDA: Oh hey, what are you doing here? I thought you were out buying the decorations for the Halloween party?

    LUCAS: New change of plans. The party is happening at my parents vacation house.

    MELINDA: What the hell? The inv…

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  • Witnessme

    EDIT: Click here to checkout the 2015 Holiday Gift Guides!

    Do you have a diehard Pretty Little Liars fan in your life? We all have that one friend who obsesses over who could or couldn’t be A and also owns all the books by Sara Shepard. As Christmas approaches it may be hard to find something special to buy them. If you’re looking for some unique options head over to our YIF 2015: Holiday Gift Guides. We’ve asked your fellow Wikia users to submit their realistic (i.e. a PLL book) and over-the-top gift ideas (i.e. a signed PLL cast photo).

    Feel free to submit your own gift idea on the YIF 2015: Holiday Gift Guides page and include a picture too!

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