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  • Pllkittycat7203

    Marion Cavanaugh and Toby are -A lets talk about this we know that there was a fragile patient and a blonde girl there are a lot of theories of the two being one but what if there not what if there completely different people what if the blonde girl is Bethany Young and what if the fragile patient is not an obvious choice what if the fragile patient is Jessica DiLaurentis  let's think about this. Why was Jessica DiLaurentis  on the board of directors at Radley Sanitarium . Also why did Doctor Palmer mention Jessica DiLaurentis with a visit from Spoby. Has anyone else thought it was shady how Jessica DiLaurentis knew about Radley Sanitarium in the first place. Now we thought the E-mail was to Alison's Attempted Killer  but what if it was to…

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  • Softbaluv2

    Mean Girls

    April 25, 2015 by Softbaluv2


    Favorite Parent Mr. Heron Mrs. Heron Mr.George Mrs.George Mr. Other Mrs. Other

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  • Fearless Diva

     If you haven't already... It's time to check out some amazing original work by some of the users here, there is a Male version of the Liars titled Handsome Little Liars which is on it's second season, but you can catch up on season one via binge readers guide I have provided . Then there's another original series titled  Wicca_TV_Series_Wiki which has its own wiki and 2 episodes out. Lastly, there is my own original work titled:Inferno which is on its first season with three episodes aired. The first being titled: Down the Rabbit Hole , Followed by Highway to Hell and Born Under A Bad Sign being the latest. Hope you like all the suggestions and enjoy them! :) But the reason for this announcement is that if you have kept up with all the or…

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  • PLLGuy333

    I believe Jenna Marshall would be the perfect person to be the new "missing girl", in 6B, after the time jump.  Jenna is a secretive character intimately connected to the Liars, their boyfriends, Alison, and A.  Her dissaperance would certainly spark Officer Toby's interest and assuming he and Spencer are still together, she won't rest until she discovers the answers, and will enlist the rest of the liars.  Each of the liars would have cause to help find Jenna to make up for past offenses, ie, "The Jenna thing", "The Shana Thing", "The General Refusal to be Friends because Alison said So Thing", not to mention Hanna's bitch slapping a blind girl. 

    Jenna has more connections to the liars than any other girl, including Sara Harvey.  Unless 6A…

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  • Swiftsmileylovatic

     OMG, what do u think? 

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  • HannaIsBae90

    Dollhouse location

    April 24, 2015 by HannaIsBae90

    Where on earth was this dollhouse located?

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  • Swiftsmileylovatic


    April 23, 2015 by Swiftsmileylovatic

    After seeing lots of theorys I ma CONVINCED that Charles is Wren. Or Wren is A. Or whatever you say. I mean what doctor who spends a fortune and then spends six yeas getting a good education cant spell 'diagnosis' thats bull****! Check out this link. It literaly has so much evidence.  My all time suspect is WREN! 

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  • TaylorManton1

    Wicca TV Series

    April 22, 2015 by TaylorManton1

    Hey guys, me again! Anyway, I hope no one minds, but I thought that maybe I could advertise my own fiction series on here. I have a wiki set up for it here, and the first two episodes, Pilot and The First Casualty have already been written.

    Each episode takes up 27-28 pages on Microsoft Word at size 12 on Times New Roman. That means that I put a lot of work into each episode, and I'm hoping that maybe you guys might want to read along to Wicca as well. I mean, if you're on here, then you must be a fan of the supernatural, right?

    There are seven Main Characters on Wicca, with many Reccurring Characters as well. I am not taking character submissions at the moment, but that may change. I'm basing the series in my hometown, so I'll be able to get som…

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  • Americuslover

    What would

    April 19, 2015 by Americuslover

    What would you do?What would you say?If someone like me came home crying.What would you do? What would you say? If someone like you came home crying.What would you do? What would you say?If your little girl came home crying.What would you do?What would you say? If your little boy came home crying.What would you do?What would you say?

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  • LolA126

    This is my whole theory on Charles identity, motive, relation to the DiLaurentis family, Black Veil and helper A. I know it’s long, but I hope you can stay with me until the end. :) It took my forever to write this, but I tried to gather as many clues as I could and I promise it’s worth reading.


    My theory is that Wren is Charles. But he isn’t Jason’s twin, it’s either his older half-brother who was raised by his father, or (which I believe more) his cousin by Mrs. DiLaurentis’ sister. They were at the Campbell farm, because the maiden name of Mrs. DiLaurentis and her sister was Campbell. The baby in the video can’t be Alison, because the boys clearly aren’t seven years old. They don’t look a day over five. But since Bethany Y…

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