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    "We're happy to have you back. Where do you want this?" The Worker was holding a box, "I don't know why you're back though, it's freezing in winter and hoter than the sun in Summer. You know, you've got a lot of money. I can't even afford a house half this nice, much less fancy iPhone like you've got." He turned around and looked at all the dolls. They all looked the. exact. same. 

    Damn, that worker was right. Here in Butterose, a small subburb right outside of Chicago everything is perfect. The Spring and Fall are perfect, otherwise it's extreme tempatures. Last year it was negative twenty in the winter, and one hundred in the Summer. But it really was a beautiful city. Just an hour outside of town, not too far - but not too close. Like I …

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    Hey there, so now I know this is late but I have been super busy this weekend with  finishing last min work, a charity party and a big family meal so I appologise, but here you go I hope you enjoy !

    December- Sam's house 

    Sam, Randy and Hanson ran into the kitchen, broken glass covered the whole room. Mr. Kendrick was talking to police, "Dad what's gone on" Sam asked, "Someone's broke in" his Farther said over his shoulder. "What did they take?" Sam asked. "That is the problem... We don't know". Hanson's eyes widened, "Excuse me boys" Sam's Dad said walking away. The boys formed a circle "The photo album" Hanson said, "CRAP" Randy shouted. Everyone stared at him including the police, "Sorry" he whispered. "So this was B" Hanson said, "Obvious…

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    Hey, I wanna talk to an admin about a contribution problem... If there is any, please post a text in my message wall... Thanks for your consideration.

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    Welcome! I will be guiding you through the peaceful town of Alton, Florida. It's considered really fancy by a lot of people from neighbouring towns. Mostly, it's just quiet. Well, it used to be quiet, until I stood up to teach those losers a lesson. I do hope for their sake they're good students.


    Without characters, there'd be no story, right? So, I'm counting on you to submit characters.You may submit as many characters as you want. I'll pick who gets to be the Liars (girls as well as boys), A, love interests and such. Be creative!



    Eye and Hair Color:


    Marital Status

    Appearance/Fashion Sense:



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    Youtube videoos :)

    August 31, 2014 by NMLL

    Hey guys!

    I want to see my video on youtube! Here's the link -->

    I know it is not about Pretty Little Liars and it is about TVD, but I am going to upload Multifandom video too where will be Pretty Little Liars :) I think it is too cool and I want toupload it :) (it's on 30STM's song)

    So, if you like it please, comment and subscribe! 

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    These Cops NEED to Be Fired

    August 30, 2014 by Webly

    Can we just list off what the cops don't know? It pisses me off how embarrassing the Rosewood Police are. This is a list of what they don't know. Please add to the comments because I know this is not everything.

    These are the questions that the police still don't know the answers to.

    Who killed Mona?
    Who killed Bethany?
    What happened the night of Alison's disappearance?
    Was Ali kidnapped?
    What happened in New York?
    Who killed Shana?
    Who shot Ezra Fitz?
    Who killed Jessica DiLaurentis?
    Who killed Detective Wilden?
    Who killed Garrett Reynolds?
    What happened the night of Ali's grave burial?
    Who killed Ian Thomas?
    What happened to Marion Cavanaugh?

    Someone needs to be fired. This is pathetic. TBH, I don't know if we'll ever find out the answers to half of the…

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    I'll let you guys vote for 48 hours before finally updating the page with the results. Vote in the polls below.

    Overall Grade A+ A A- B+ B B+ C+ C C- D+ D D- F

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    Tristan Shelton

    This is just a list of my personal theories regarding things in the show that are unanswered.

    Big A

    That is my reasons for not choosing some characters on the show to be Big A.

    But in reality I think that Big A is Alison's Twin. I know that we don't have any proof that Ali has a twin but I personally think that Ali has a twin and she's Big A.

    Alison Dilaurentis Twin

    I think that Ali has a twin. I haven't thought of a motive for her to be Big A yet but I think that sometime after Run, Ali, Run, Her twin had someone kidnap Ali and replaced her and has been going downhill ever since. Ruining everything Ali has been trying to and planned on working for.

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    Bulleted Recap - 5x12

    August 27, 2014 by Fan4me
    • Mona Vanderwaal is dead! Mona was brutally murdered shortly after discovering what she believed to be proof that Alison is 'A'.
    • Spencer has been arrested for the murder of Bethany Young!
    • Mona's killer wore a black hoodie and had blonde hair reminiscient of Alison's. His or her face was not shown but it appeared to be Alison. Alison was seen smirking suspiciously after the scene was discovered.
    • Mona's body was taken from the scene by the killer, and stuffed in their trunk. The killer placed a baby Jesus statue from Emily's natavity set in the trunk with her and replaced the Jesus statue with the Mona doll.
    • Before dying, Mona actually apologized to the Liars for being 'A' and taking her "Ali anger" out on them. She even teamed up with the Liars …
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    Like most PLL fans I've given A and the mystery that surounds it a lot of thought. I think I've pretty much went over every possible A identity in my head so I decided to finally share my theories.

    First of all, one think I know for sure, A's identity has to be shocking, something that would make an impression and leave us fans remembering it for many years to come. The twin story in the books certantly did that, but the writers can't repeat that. Now if I was the writer and would be trying to come up with a shocking ending I'd start with the books, but make a lot of changes and from what I understand (I never actually read the books) the entire TV show is just like that, the main ideas come from the books but a lot of things are changed.


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