Billy Ford was the suspect for Alison DiLaurentis' and Jenna Cavanaugh's murders. He formerly worked digging holes at construction sites for the DiLaurentis's gazebo. He was accused of Alison's murder and was subsequently arrested by the Rosewood police. He was working at the DiLaurentis house at the time Alison died. Even though he was innocent the girls found him to be a creepy pervert, with his creepy smile.


Billy has long, greasy blonde hair, a mustache, and a gold tooth.

Evidence Against Him

After the Liars were released from prison in Heartless, they took in Ford. They found his van, with photos of the girls, Jenna, and Alison. They also found a laptop and cell phone with emails, I.M's, and texts, that matched the girls'. They also found Ian's bloody shirt in his trunk. The most shocking was pictures of Alison, Hanna. Aria, and Emily on the night Alison disappeared in Spencer's barn.

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