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One of you has been touched by the one Alison fears the most.
Carla Grunwald to Liars about Uber A
Uber A
Real Identity: The Black Widow
General Information






Leader of The A-Team
Being The Black Widow/Red Coat


Big A
Über A (By Marlene King)
The Black Widow (by Marlene King and Fans)
Black Veil (by fans)
The Lady in Black (by Marlene King)


Mona Vanderwaal (formerly)
Toby Cavanaugh (double agent; formerly)
Spencer Hastings (double agent; formerly)
Darren Wilden (helper; formerly)
Lucas Gottesman (blackmailed; formerly)


The Liars
Ezra Fitz
Toby Cavanaugh
Caleb Rivers
Alison DiLaurentis
Series Information


- Finding and killing Alison DiLaurentis
- Stalking
- Blackmailing
- Torturing The Liars
- Hiding Identity
Series Information


- Identity
- Motive(s)



First appearance:


Latest appearance:

The Bin of Sin

Uber A the leader of The A-Team. She makes her first physical appearance in UnmAsked as Red Coat. She stole the game from Mona Vanderwaal in Season 3. She orders the A-Team's members what to do, while concealing her identity from them too. Her first disguise was as Red Coat. She wore a red trench coat, a blond wig, and the Alison mask. After her Red Coat was burned up due to The Incident at Thornhill Lodge, she takes on her new disguise as The Black Widow. She returns in Season 5, "more powerful than ever", and now, is acting alone. She is suspected to be Alison's Attempted Killer, and Jessica DiLaurentis' killer, as revealed in Run, Ali, Run.


  • At the end of "Miss Me x 100" we see the Black Veil and Dress in Big A's lair, so it has been confirmed that The Black Widow is Big A or a member of the A-team.
  • Black Widow is possibly the one who killed and buried Jessica.
  • Red Coat and The Black Widow are the same person as Uber A (presumably).
  • Recently in an interview Keegan Allen revealed "A" is so clearly in every episode, since the beginning of season 1. This would suggest that "A" is a character we've known from the very beginning. He also stated that if fans tried hard enough they could figure it out too. This should eliminate a list of suspects who we met later in the series. Source



Dead to Me

Emily sees Big A, wearing the infamous redcoat, while Mona is digging up Ali's grave.

A DAngerous GAme

Big A, once again wearing the infamous redcoat, arrives at the lodge fire. During this time, her redcoat is burnt, which forces her to change attire.

A Is For A-l-i-v-e

Big A is seen at Wilden's funeral donned in her Black Widow disguise, after her redcoat was burnt the night of the lodge fire At the end of the episode she is seen in A's Lair stroking the Alison mask she's wearing with her gloved hands and she turns her face to reveal that part of the mask is burnt, revealing she had something to do with the fire at Thornhill Lodge.

Miss Me x 100

Big A is seen at the end of the episode unpacking her new apartment which includes a police radio, the dollhouse, a box full of dolls, the Black Widow attire, and roughly 20 to 30 unopened boxes.

Run, Ali, Run

Big A is first seen in this episode when she breaks into Alisons house and hits her with a fire poker. She then stomps on Alison's back holding her to the ground and begins to choke her with her scarf. She proceeds to do this all while moving Alison around the living room until Emily comes in and save Alison. Big A is seen again at the end of the episode when she writes a letter to the Young Family expressing her condolences. She then picks up the bouquet of flowers that the card is attached to.


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