Behind the Curtain is the new ABC Family behind-the-scenes of the latest episodes. It is a available to watch on ABC Family's Youtube and Facebook and airs every Wednesday.

So far five episodes: Pretty Little Liars After Party, AriaFindsOut, AriaFreaksOut, AriaandEzra and PLLwhitewedding - have aired as of March 2014.

Who's On The Couch

  • Sara Schaefer (host)

Pretty Little Liars After Party

  • Keegan Allen
  • Madi Line
  • Joseph Dougherty


  • Maya Goldsmith
  • Janel Parrish


  • Lindsay Shaw
  • Chad Lowe
  • Kyle Bowen
  • Jonell Lennon


  • Bryan Holdman
  • iJustine
  • Keegan Allen


  • Holly Marie Combs
  • Oliver Goldstick
  • Maya Goldsmith
  • Andrea Parker

Fan Takeover

Fan Takeover


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