This article is about Ashley Marin, a book character. You may be looking for Ashley Marin, a TV character.

Ashley Marin is the mother of Hanna Marin. Though she is divorced, she keeps her ex-husband Tom's surname.

Physical Appearance

Ashley has long reddish-gold hair, is very fit. She is just as fixated on fashion as her daughter and often borrows her clothing, shoes, and accessories. She has smooth skin and a thin figure.


Ashley is a workaholic who is not very involved in Hanna's life. As the executive officer of an advertising firm, she's usually talking on her Blackberry. Whether it's criticizing her less competent subordinates or simply conducting business, she is completely absorbed by her job. Hanna doesn't really mind this because her mother makes a hefty paycheck, which allows her to have her lavish lifestyle in the first place. When her daughter is caught shoplifting from Tiffany's, Ashley doesn't really scold her. In fact, she tells her to hand her the bracelet and she makes up an excuse to the questioning police officer, Darren Wilden. After the situation is handled, Ashley buys Hanna the bracelet from Tiffany's, along with the matching necklace and earrings. Soon Hanna gets in trouble again for wrecking her boyfriend's BMW, and Ashley instructs her to keep quiet and let her handle the matter. Her way of resolving the issue is to have an affair with Officer Wilden in order to keep her daughter's record clean. She is embarrassed when Hanna outs her affair to Tom and his family. 

Near the end of "Unbelievable," Ashley is offered a position in the ad firm's Singapore branch. She takes up the offer but allows Hanna to stay behind, unwilling to uproot her from her home. She allows Tom, his new wife, and his stepdaughter to move into her house to look after her daughter.

At the end of "Wanted," she returns to Rosewood when she hears about Alison DiLaurentis' attempt to murder her daughter, but that's not the only thing that brings her back to the states. Ashley is enraged when she learns that her ex-husband sent Hanna to a mental institute, the Preserve. She promptly returns to Pennsylvania, boots Tom and his new family out of her home, and tells Hanna that new rules and boundaries need to be set in place. In short, she promises Hanna that she'll be much more involved in her life.