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You're not in high school anymore, you don't owe them anything!
Ashley to Hanna (about the girls)
Ashley Marin
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General Information





Hair Color:


Eye Color:


Marital Status:



August 19th, 1964




DiLaurentis Real Estate (Former Employee)
Rosewood Bank Branch Manager (Former)
Manager of The Radley


Mama Bear (by Darren Wilden)
Ash (by Tom Marin)
Mrs. M (by Mona)


Unnamed Father (deceased)
Regina Marin (Ex-Mother-in-Law)
Patrick Marin (Ex-Brother-in-Law)
Hanna Marin (Daughter)

Caleb Rivers (Son-in-Law)
Unborn Grandchild
(via Hanna and Caleb)


Tom Marin (Ex-Husband)
Darren Wilden (Brief Affair)

Ted Wilson (Ex-Fiancé)
Jason DiLaurentis (One Night Stand)


The Liars
Ella Montgomery
Veronica Hastings
Pam Fields
Jessica DiLaurentis (Formerly; deceased)
Caleb Rivers
Regina Marin


Isabel Marin
Kate Randall


Darren Wilden
Series Information


Being in love.

making Hanna Marin


Series Information


- Committed embezzlement (exposed to Hanna and Caleb)
-Had an affair with Darren Wilden (exposed to The Liars)
- Was caught on video with Wilden doing something Hanna didn't know about (exposed to Hanna)
- Hit Wilden with the car and left the scene (exposed to The Liars and Caleb Rivers)
- Was in possession of Tom Marin's gun (exposed to The Liars)
- Had a one night stand with Jason DiLaurentis while dating Ted Wilson

]] (exposed)
- Stole backup drive to protect Hanna



First appearance:

The First Secret (chronologically)

Latest appearance:

Choose or Lose

Portrayed By:

Laura Leighton

Ashley Marin is Hanna Marin's mother. She is portrayed by Laura Leighton.


Ashley Marin is Hanna Marin's mother. Before the series started, her husband, Tom Marin, left them for another woman. Ashley is unhappy about that and Hanna, therefore always portrays another story: her mom and dad grew apart, split up and it was actually a good thing because her mother is much happier now. Ashley is willing to do everything to protect her daughter, even if that means sleeping with Detective Wilden to make sure the charges against her daughter for shoplifting will be dropped.

Because of the fact that Tom left their family, it is hard for Ashley to make ends meet financially. At that time she is working at a bank where she takes care of other people's money, so it is easy for her to have access to the money. This is where she steals money from a client. Just when things get very tense - the woman whose money she stole asked for a consultation with Ashley - Ashley's assistant comes in and tells Ashley that the woman died and the appointment is therefore cancelled. This secret is not exposed, only to Hanna (she finds out after she comes home from the hospital and finds a large amount of money in a spaghetti box) and Caleb. 

Ashley always wants the best for her daughter and will do what it takes to keep her safe. If the Liars' parents find out about the possible harassment by "A", Ashley is one of them to help take care of the situation. She tries to talk with Hanna - and find out what is going on - but this frustrates Hanna.

When Darren Wilden gets killed, Ashley is one of the first suspects because of the discovered footage and mysterious other developments, like the gun in the closet and the dirty pink Manalo's in a bag in the dishwasher; She is arrested and it seems to become a hopeless situation for Hanna and Ashley. Both of them are going through a rough and emotional period and Hanna (and Ashley) get help from Travis. When Hanna is talking with Mona, she offers to turn herself in and confess the murder. That way, Ashley's charges are dropped.

Tom's mother, Regina Marin, loves Ashley a lot even though she is no longer married to her son. In fact, it seems as though Regina is more fond of Ashley than she is of her own son. Regina also clearly favors Ashley over Isabel for Tom.


Appearances (92/160)

Season 1 (18/22)

Season 2 (22/25)

Season 3 (13/24)

Season 4 (13/24)

Season 5 (12/25)

Season 6 (11/20)

Season 7 (3/20)

Book Comparisons

  • Ashley isn't quite involved in her daughter's life in the books as in the series. The TV show's portrayal of Ashley is more concerned with Hanna's life than book Ashley.
  • Ashley works at McManus and Tate in the books. In the show, she has many jobs: worker at the bank, manager of The Radley Hotel, etc.
  • In the books, Ashley leaves to Singapore for work and allows Tom, Hanna's dad, along with Kate and Isabel to move into her house. In the show, Tom moves into another house in Rosewood.


Ashley [to Hanna]: Try to remember Alison as the beautiful girl you knew.

Ashley [to Hanna]: When they find the maniac who did this to you, I will kill him. After I kill him, I will sue him.

Ashley: It's only a felony if they find out.

Ashley [to Hanna]: What's a pink drink? Is that code for something gay?

Ashley [to Hanna about Jenna]: You pulled one girl out of a burning building. It doesn't make you Rosewood's new fire chief.

Ashley: Hanna, it's a funeral. Not a Nicki Minaj concert.

Ashley [to Emily]: No girlfriends allowed in the bedroom. Just girl... friends.

Hanna: If it needs a tent, it's a circus.
Ashley: Says the girl who woke up at 4 a.m. for the Royal Wedding.
Hanna: I had to pee.
Ashley: For three hours?

Ashley [to Hanna]: Come on, I have to drive you to school and then you are going to explain me why are you wearing your costume from Mamma Mia.

Ashley [to Hanna]: When you sober up we are having a serious talk about consequences and yours won't just be a hangover.

Ella: What was that? Was that thunder or music?
Ashley: That was probably Hanna parking.


  • Usually, a clean record is required in order to qualify to work in a bank. In "The First Secret," it seems that Ashley has just that - before she ever got involved with the detective on her daughter's case or committed embezzlement.
  • Ashley stole from a bank account but was never found out or punished. However she was later incarcerated for a crime she did not commit.
  • She was accused of Wilden's murder and was later released though with a condition of a tag. 
  • Ashley cheated on Pastor Ted with Jason DiLaurentis in "Fresh Meat", but has since been forgiven, she and Ted are now engaged.
  • Despite being credited as a regular during the first six seasons, she was demoted to a recurring character in the seventh and still has yet to appear in it.



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