Aria Montgomery has had a variety of different cellular devices over the course of the series. She keeps her phone quite close to her at all times, as she uses it to contact her friends and receive messages from "A" and, quite frequently, messages from her regular boyfriend, Ezra Fitz. As of The Time Jump, Aria is currently using a white/silver iPhone 6.

Motorola KRZR K1

In "Pilot", Aria receives the first text message from "A" after her return from Iceland. 

She gets out her phone, Motorola KRZR K1, to read the text.

The Microsoft Kin One

Aria is shown with a different phone in the next episode "The Jenna Thing", possibly to try and stop "A" from texting her. Hanna is being interrogated by Detective Wilden and it has been an hour.

The Palm Pixi

By the episode "Know Your Frenemies" or earlier, Aria has yet another cell phone. She is on the camping trip with Spencer and Emily, when she receives a text message from Ezra, who she has registered as "E.F" to prevent being caught by anybody. The phone is different to both of the other ones. She has swapped her Kin One to a Palm Pixi. Aria has this phone for a significant number of episodes, and receives texts from "A", Ezra and Jason DiLaurentis. On this phone Mona admitted that she was 'A'.

The Nokia E6

Aria's next phone is the Nokia E6. She is seen with this phone in Season 3, receiving texts from Spencer, Ezra and "A" amongst others. She was using this phone until Season 5.

iPhone 5S

In "Fresh Meat", while Aria is talking to Emily in Art Class, you see her typing on her white iPhone 5S with a white floral case. 

In "To Plea or Not to Plea", when Hanna was arrested, A hacked into Aria and Emily's phones and deleted all the A texts, so there wasn't proof to get Hanna out.

iPhone 6

As of the time jump, Aria has a white iPhone 6, her case is a black ink pattern case from the brand GMYLE.

Burner Phone

A.D. had given Aria a burner phone to use and communicate with each other. It was only temporary in Choose or Lose,

While taking a final call with A.D, the burner phone had exploded.


Aria's Ringtone

Aria's Ringtone


  • In "To Plea or Not to Plea", Aria's phone is seen running iOS6 on it, where as that is impossible because it is a 5S.
  • It was revealed in the A-List Wrap Party that each cast member uses their own phone with their characters case on it.