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This article centers around Andrew Campbell, a book character. For another version check out Andrew Campbell, a TV character.

Andrew Campbell
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Spencer Hastings (Ex-Girlfriend)
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Pretty Little Liars
Andrew Campbell was Spencer Hastings' classmate and love interest from "Wicked" to "Wanted."

Physical Appearance

Andrew has long, shaggy blond hair that Spencer sarcastically describes as being similar to a lion's mane. He is also quite tall and has many freckles.


Andrew is a student at Rosewood Day who gives Spencer a serious run for her money. They're the number one and two students in every class they have and they've both been competitive since grade school. He even beat out Spencer for class president, forcing her to take the VP position. He has a crush on his competition, but she doesn't realize it at first and thinks he's just pretending to be nice. Spencer even briefly thinks that Andrew might be "A." She later asks him out to the benefit dance at Foxy's but only to hide her relationship with Wren Kim. When Andrew overhears Spencer talking about her true intentions at the dance, he storms off.

After Spencer is caught plagiarizing her sister's A.P. Econ paper, she reluctantly asks Andrew, the top student in that particular class, to tutor her. He helps her find her birth mother Olivia after she reveals her theories about being excluded from her grandmother's will. During this time, the two begin to date. Andrew becomes concerned and upset when Spencer talks about wanting to move to New York, where her "real mother" lives. Her meeting with Olivia sounded suspicious to him and he's not sure his girlfriend should trust everything the woman tells her. This results in a break-up but they reunite after Spencer is scammed by Olivia.

Andrew continues to support Spencer after the truth about the second A and Alison DiLaurentis is revealed. However, the two are separated by the beginning of "Twisted." According to Spencer, the widespread attention that she and her friends received in the "A" stalkings was too much for him to handle, and he broke up with her.

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