Pretty Little Liars (The Twins Story)01:28

Pretty Little Liars (The Twins Story)

Alison's horror story is the horror story that Alison told a kid that Hanna was babysitting in The First Secret.


Alison's story was about Alice and her twin sister as they play on Halloween, happily with their dolls. They get into an argument about one of the dolls, and Alice's twin sister takes a butcher knife and stabs it into the heart of Alice. As her parents entered the kitchen, they see one of their daughters on the floor with blood oozing out of her sister. The other girl sees her parents and grins broadly at the sight.


  • Alison's story is similar to her feud with her own twin, Courtney, in the books.


  • The story is referenced by Hanna in Grave New World when she sees two little blonde girls in red coats.
  • One of the twins makes an appearance in This Is A Dark Ride at The Marin's house. Only Ashley sees and speaks to her.

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