Alison's Yellow Top is the top that Alison was wearing the night she went missing.

It has become an iconic symbol of that night and of Alison in general, appearing in several flashbacks throughout the series.


The Top


In "A is for Answers", it is revealed that Jessica DiLaurentis bought the top for Alison from Neilan's Department Store and gave it to her the day she disappeared. Alison wore it for the rest of the day and the night.

It is currently unknown as to where Alison's top is, but she presumably left it at the Lost Woods Resort with Mona Vanderwaal when she changed into her Vivian Darkbloom attire to go undercover and hide from 'A'.

In "Turn of the Shoe", Mrs. DiLaurentis reveals that the yellow top was all she had to see to know that the body found underneath the gazebo was Alison's. However, in "Original G'A'ngsters", it was revealed that Jessica knew Alison was alive, so it is currently unknown as to why she identified the body as Alison's.

Charlotte DiLaurentis (Big A)


Charlotte DiLaurentis revealed in Game Over, Charles that whenever Mrs. DiLaurentis would buy clothes for Alison, she would buy an identical set for Charlotte, almost like they were twins. Mrs. DiLaurentis gave Charlotte the same yellow top sometime before the events of that night, although it was stolen by Bethany Young when she disguised herself as Charlotte to escape Radley, as Charlotte had out-privileges.

In "What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted", Jason reveals to Emily that he saw Charlotte wearing a similar yellow top while speaking to Melissa Hastings the same night that Alison disappeared. Jason as first mistook Charlotte for Alison as they looked identical. This memory has been doubted however as Jason was drunk and high that night.

In Game Over, Charles Charlotte tells Alison that she wasn't wearing the yellow top as Bethany had stolen it, so Jason either saw Melissa talking with Bethany, or he imagined the memory.

Bethany Young (stolen)


When Bethany discovered that Mrs. DiLaurentis was having an affair with her father, Bethany wanted revenge and planned to kill Mrs. DiLaurentis. She stole Charlotte's yellow top to disguise herself as Charlotte, as she had out privileges to attend school but Bethany didn't. She then snuck out of Radley.

Upon her arrival at the DiLaurentis house, Bethany was attacked by Mona Vanderwaal with a shovel as she mistook Bethany for Alison since they were dressed identically. The yellow top also allowed Bethany to be mistaken for Alison by Melissa Hastings, who buried Bethany alive to protect Spencer, whom she believed had killed Alison.

Mona Vanderwaal (Big A's)


From "Welcome to the Dollhouse" to "Game On, Charles", Charlotte forced Mona to wear the yellow top and pretend to be Alison due to Charlotte's obsession with her cousin.

In the dollhouse replica of Alison's bedroom, several yellow tops can be seen hanging up in the closet.

Sara Harvey (Big A's)

Sara yellow top

In "Game On, Charles", Sara Harvey is thought to have been a prisoner in A's Dollhouse along with the Liars and Mona. Charlotte, apparently, forced her to pretend to be Alison, since she was wearing the yellow top, like Mona was. However, the yellow top and Sara's rescue is later confirmed to be a ruse, as Sara Harvey was actually an A-Team member.

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Yellow tops
  • The yellow top is actually called Talula by Artizia Tiered Frill Top, although it is not made anymore. [1]
  • Thirteen yellow tops were created due to several getting dirty from Alison being buried alive and more people needing to wear them. Sasha has stated that she hated the yellow top, to begin with, but wants to take a yellow top as a memoir when the series ends. [2]

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