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Aeriél Miranda
Aeriél Chris Miranda
Other Name:
A. Miranda
Dallas, Texas
Cape Verdean (West African),


French, German
Birth date:
April 3, 1992 (age 22)
Years Active:
Multi-talented and driven by her passions, Aeriél Miranda inspires interest in both what’s apparent on the outside and the alluring mysteries that lie within her complex personality. Her family origins are rooted in exotic Cape Verdean. And in every way she embodies the diverse ethnic background of this region, which combines West African, Portuguese, French, German and Jewish culture - something she shares with the beloved and venerable Lena Horne. Born and raised in Dallas Texas, having lived in Boston and New Orleans, she also rocks the perfect balance of purely American east-coast spunk with a dash of Southern Belle.

As a child, Ms. Miranda was profoundly inspired by her grandmother who introduced her to classics like The Sound of MusicGreaseOliver TwistNothing But Trouble and tons of Disney animated films. Thus, her interest in the performing arts was born. She studied Ballet at Etgar & Atkins Ballet School, competed in the Miss Teen Dallas Pageant, and played violin and piano. She credits James Belushi and Robert Townsend—both of whom she met at a young age—for inspiring her to become a devoted actress.

Miranda has modeled in many commercials and print ads for renowned companies such as; JC Penny, Nike, Old Navy, Sprite, TJ Maxx, Apple, Sony, Harley Davidson, Bed Head by TIGI, and many more. Her natural talent, determination and incredible presence have also landed her roles on other television series for major networks including ABC Family, The CW and TV Land. Fans will recognize her from Discovery Channel's "Endurance,” and “The Nine Lives of Chloe King,” along with her guest appearance on the “Dr.Phil” show speaking on universal issues surrounding teens.  Nevertheless, her breakout role presently has been starring on "Pretty Little Liars,” as Shana Fring.

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