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This article centers around "A," the television character. For another version check out "A" (Book Character), or Big A, the leader of the A-Team.

You're mine now. Kisses!

General Information






3 rats previously 4 (named Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily)


Big A
CeCe Drake/Red Coat (fake)
Mona Vanderwaal (formerly)


Spencer Hastings and Toby Cavanaugh (double agents)
Lucas Gottesman, Melissa Hastings and Darren Wilden (blackmail)


Aria Montgomery

Spencer Hastings
Emily Fields
Hanna Marin
Toby Cavanaugh
Ezra Fitz
Caleb Rivers
Mona Vanderwaal
Alison DiLaurentis

Series Information


Stealing, Spying, Blackmailing
Series Information



First appearance:

The First Secret (chronogically)
Pilot (first text)
Je Suis une Amie(first real appearance)

Latest appearance:

Now You See Me, Now You Don't

Portrayed By:


"A" is the main antagonist. "A" is an anonymous character who sends threatening messages to Alison DiLaurentis, Aria Montgomery, Spencer Hastings, Hanna Marin, Emily Fields, and since recently, Mona Vanderwaal. "A," who was previously believed to be one character, is revealed to be more than one person in the Season 2 finale: the "A-Team." Mona was revealed to be the first "A" in "UnmAsked." Her motives were that the Liars "took" Hanna away from her. She gets into a struggle with Spencer, and ends up being sent to Radley for treatment. She is released several months later. 

It is revealed that Mona isn't the only "A," and that there are multiple people on this team working together, including a leader. Toby Cavanaugh, Spencer Hastings's boyfriend, was revealed to be the second "A" in the mid-Season 3 finale. However, it has been revealed that Toby's intentions were to protect Spencer.

Mona Vanderwaal was the leader of the "A-Team" until the end of season 2, when an anonymous person in a Red Coat took her place, and dropped Mona down to a lower ranking. It is implied and confirmed by I. Marlene King that Mona was the "A" tormenting Alison before her disapperance.

Since "A DAngerous GAme," Toby, Mona and Spencer are kicked off of the "A-Team."

It's revealed in "Now You See Me, Now You Don't," CeCe Drake is the evil Red Coat.

There are many theories and speculations around who might be Big A but after the season 4 finale, A is for Answers the list of possibilities has been narrowed down quite a bit.


"A" both threatens the Liars, and blackmails them. Although they are always threatening all of the girls, "A" individually targets each of the girls over the course of the seasons. To date, we know that five of "A's" identities are: Mona (formerly), Toby (formerly), Spencer (formerly), Lucas (formerly), and CeCe. The messages were all signed with the letter "A" (with only a few exceptions when intended for other eyes), and the fact that the texts contained secrets only Alison would know made the girls think that it was Alison sending the texts. Only when Alison's body was discovered did they realize that it was someone else. 


"A" makes appearances as a figure with black leather gloves, a black hood, dark pants, and dark shoes. Throughout the seasons, the story focuses on the mystery of "A." However, CeCe sometimes wears a red coat, hence her nickname, "Red Coat."


These are the "A's" that have or haven't been revealed so far.

"A's" RevealedEdit

  • Mona Vanderwaal was the 1st "A" to be revealed. Mona was revealed  in 2x25; "UnmAsked."
  • Toby Cavanaugh was the 2nd "A" to be revealed. Toby was also the 1st betrAyer and was revealed in 3x12; "The Lady Killer."
  • Spencer Hastings was the 3rd "A" to be revealed. Spencer was revealed in 3x23; "I'm Your Puppet."
  • Lucas Gottesman was the 4th "A" to be revealed, blackmailed by Mona and revealed by her in 4x01; " 'A' is for A-l-i-v-e"
  • Melissa Hastings and Darren Wilden are the 5th and 6th to be revealed (the Queen of Hearts) being blackmailed by someone (CeCe? or Ezra?). Revealed in 4x01.
  • CeCe Drake was the 7th "A" to be revealed.  CeCe is revealed to have some role in the A-Team in 4x11; "Bring Down the Hoe ", and was revealed to be one of the Red Coats in the following episode, 4x12; "Now You See Me, Now You Don't ".


Season 1 (The Start)

In "To Kill a Mocking Girl," A is seen listening to Jazz music as he/she prints copies upon copies of Maya and Emily kissing at Noel's cabin party. It is clear that "A" was the one who stole the photos from the photo booth before either girl could get to them.

In "Can You Hear Me Now?" the girls try to avoid "A"'s messages by blocking unwanted emails and calls on their cell phones. "A" still manages to infiltrate though, throwing a crunched up flyer in their direction and later, by breaking into Spencer's home and scrawling a message on her vanity in lipstick. "A" also creepily arranges the broken flowerpot in Spencer's kitchen to look like a tombstone. When Spencer is escorting Wren to his motel room, "A" calls in a song dedication to the radio station, to which Hanna is listening.

In "There's No Place Like Homecoming," "A" custom designs fortune cookies for the girls and somehow slips them into their bags of Chinese take out. "A" also tampers with a Tarot card at the fortune telling booth leaving Spencer a message. At the end of the episode, the black hooded figure is seen vandalizing a Rosewood town sign. The figure sprays paint over the last digit in the population census (the 8 in 7988) and changes it to 7987. It is possible that "A" is referring to Emily but this is unknown.

At the end of "The Homecoming Hangover," "A" is seen pulling the sheets of Toby Cavanaugh's psychological profile out of the water.

In The Perfect Storm "A" torments Emily by reminding her of a letter that she had once written to Alison in an angry mood. "A" slips the letter into a copy of 'Great Expectations' and cues Emily to find it, letting her know that her secret crush on Alison is not so secret. At the end of the episode, the black gloved figure anonymously sends a file to the Rosewood Police Department. The file contains footage of Alison the night she disappeared. Before filling in Anonymous in the top left corner of the envelope, "A" scrawls the letter A then a few seconds later, fills in the remaining letters. This leaves no doubt that "A" and the black gloved figure are one and the same.

In Keep Your Friends Close "A" leads Aria to a poem by Ezra Fitz which is left in Aria's locker. In the same episode at the climax of the episode, Hanna seems to figure out who "A" is while spying in the forest. But before she can reveal the identity of "A", she is run down by a car while running to the other liars and loses consciousness. Just then the girls receive a text from "A" claiming responsibility for the hit and run.

Later on in the hospital in Moments Later Hanna tells the girls that Noel Kahn wrote the message on the back of Ezra's car and he is presumed to be "A". However this is proved untrue when "A" plants the answers to three midterms exams in Noel's locker because he was going to tell the principal that Aria and Ezra were dating. "A" also leaves a message on Hanna's cast, meaning they paid her a secret visit while she was in her hospital room.

In Salt Meets Wound Hanna gets back to her house and Mona decides to throw a "Welcome Back Party" By the end it, the money Ashley had stolen from the bank is missing and "A" can now blackmail Hanna. If she does what they say, Hanna will get her mother's money back. "A" then begins to leave Hanna notes with bills, attached in the most public places including her locker. He/She also continues to taunt her and reiterate that Hanna is under his/her control. In the same episode "A" decides to break up Spencer and Alex by confirming Alex's opportunity to go to Sweden even though Alex did not want to go. Spencer being the only one that knew about this, was blamed. Alex has yet to been seen in the series since. We then see "A" slipping the hundred dollar bills from Hanna's kitchen into a creepy clown piggy bank.

In Know Your Frenemies "A" torments Hanna continuing with the blackmail in exchange for Ashley's stolen money. "A" forces Hanna to consume half a dozen cupcakes at 'Lucky Leons' which "A" pre-orders his/herself. Later "A" decides to give them the entire video of Alison's disappearance. That is when the liars suspect Ian as the murderer of Alison. Right after viewing the video, they chase after "A", but he/she has time to hide in the woods while the girls go back into Spencer's house.

At the end of Careful What U Wish 4 it is revealed that "A" had been among the guests at the school's dance marathon. Acting as a coat check, Ella gives "A" back a pair of black leather gloves and a black jacket, bidding him/her goodnight. Clearly "A" had gone to the dance in order to dictate Hanna her dance instructions for the evening and deliver Hanna's pay check to her coat pockets.

In If At First You Don't Succeed, Lie, Lie Again it becomes clear that "A" had commissioned the bead lady to fashion a fake Alison bracelet and a fake Jenna bracelet, placing the order under Spencer Hastings' name. At the end of the same episode, the eccentric old woman prepares a cup of tea for her house guest. The black gloved figure takes it from her as the lady comments on the beautiful black gloved figure's eyes. She also tells the guest not to worry... she has done everything exactly like the black gloved figure told her to do.

At the end of Je Suis une Amie the black gloved figure is listening to a record playing a French tutorial for English speakers while arranging some clue-like objects - there is a wrench, a pipe, a knife and a rope resembling a noose and a marble box which rests on a candlestick which seems fiddled with somehow. The record skips, repeating "Je Suis" (I am) three times.

In The New Normal "A" calls an exterminator to visit Hanna's house under the pretense of taking care of the infestation in the basement. (In directly letting Hanna know that he/she is aware that Caleb is staying with her). Apparently "A" has a sense of humour. At the end of the episode, the black gloved figure approaches Mrs Potter's grave which reads 1929-2011. He/she places flowers on top of it and walks away.

In the last scene of The Badass Seed (after the trophy fallout) it is presumably showing a room in "A"s house. There are four cages, each containing a white rat, animal feed and a wheel. Each cages has one of name of each liar taped to the top of the cage. The cage labeled 'Spencer' is missing a rat however earlier, "A" had planted a phony trophy with rats blood in the props room compartment in the schools drama room for the liars to find.

In A Person of Interest "A" seems to be messing with Spencer and Toby's heads. The Neumann's bag which Jenna had taken from Ian, is filled with ice on the bed of the motel room that "A" must have rented. A recording of Jenna's flute music is playing on the stereo, whereas Spencer actually thought Jenna was practicing inside. At the end of the episode, the black gloved figure is sitting comfortably in a room somewhere, beside a bowl of popcorn, watching the footage of the girl's reaction to "A"'s text on Spencer's front lawn which let them know that Spencer is now a person of interest in Alison's murder investigation. "A" replays the footage of their surprise over and over again.

At the end of Someone to Watch Over Me we see "A" preparing a gift for Hanna; a glass heart with Hanna's name on it, hand smashed by "A" with a hammer and some crazy glue with a custom made note: Dear Hanna, try putting the pieces back together -A

In Monsters in the End, "A" vandalizes the haunted house by scrawling threatening messages in red paint on the mirrors. At the end of the episode, the black gloved figure is seen swiping the key from underneath Ezra's doormat.

In For Whom the Bell Tolls, "A" saves Spencer from being murdered by Ian, "A" then kills Ian in the process by hanging him. "A" takes Ian's body with him/ her leaving the liars looking delusional when the police come to the church and search for Ian's body.

Season 2 (The Reveal)

In It's Alive A plants Ezra's stolen bachelor's diploma in Dr Sullivan's office for the liars to see during their session. At the end of the episode A is seen in Emily's home erasing her computer hard drive (which contains all the videos)

In My Name Is Trouble after Emily tears up the fake Danby letter and tosses it in her trash can, an unharmed replica of the letter gets sent to the Field's residence. Emily scrambles to her trash can to find the torn up letter, but instead finds a letter from A.

In Blind Dates A haunts Emily by sending her a box full of Danby paraphernalia (mugs and sweatshirts bearing the Danby logo) Pam is delighted as the A reference goes over her head. Later on in the episode after Spencer pawns Melissa's engagement ring for what she hopes is only 48 hours, A finds the cash to buy it from the Pawn Shop owner. After Hanna's visit to Dr Sullivan, A trashes the office and leaves a note on the wall saying NOSEY BITCHES DIE. Although the message isn't signed by A, it is pretty obvious based on Ezra's degree and the text message that A ravaged her office after Hanna's visit. At the end of the episode A stages the suicide of Ian Thomas. When the girls run to Melissa's aid, A puts Ian's phone in Spencer's bag and leaves unnoticed. This is the same phone A was using when texting Melissa pretending to be Ian.

In The Devil You Know it is revealed that A wrote Ian's suicide note. A composed the note from old A messages he/she sent to the girls. An also sends a text to Spencer telling her to admit the truth about Melissa's ring or there would be consequences. As Spencer is about to, A calls Ian's phone which Melissa finds and becomes convinced that Spencer was pretending to be Ian. In the same episode, A reveals to the girls via video that Ian may not have killed Alison. It reveals the full video of her and Ian on the night of her disappearance. It shows Ian getting up and walking away from a giggly happy Alison smiling at the camera. They go in search of the projector but A runs away, projector in hand.

"A" doesn't make any moves in Never Letting Go until the very end. She/he tampers with the tapes so that in the middle of the fashion show the screen pictures changes so as to make Alison look like the devil, with fire around and peeling black eyes. The screen flashes "the bitch is dead" and the music changes from sentimental to hellish. The girls flee from the run way as well as Jessica DiLaurentis. Spencer turns it off leaving the audience ill stricken. A later projects a note on the screen only when the liars are left which says "My Dresses, My Games, My Rules". As they leave it becomes clear that the candles at the show are in the formation 'A' Then in his/her room somewhere disclosed A purchases a pair of Tory Burch designer feminine, black boots online. Some fans believe that this means "A" is female but there is no proof that the boots were for himself/herself.

In Surface Tension "A" has a gift basket delivered to Hanna's house, stating the he/she knows that Emily and Hanna are living under the same roof ( Hanna declares the candy crappy) At the end of the episode A is seen using a syringe to siphon liquid Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and neatly release it inside Emily's tube of pain relief cream.

In Save the Date, "A" is seen to be under a sheet at the morgue where Spencer and Aria were earlier to get a look at Alison's autopsy results. He/She also sends Emily a message while she's in the hospital, letting her know that he/she introduced the hormones on her creams.

In Picture This, while Emily is with Samara and her friends, "A" sends her a message ordering her to get Zoey's phone number. Emily obviously had not wanted to, but since "A" had the results that showed the presence of the hormones in her body, she had no choice.

In Touched by an 'A'-ngel, "A" goes after Emily again, targeting her as the weakest link. She spikes her Alpha Bits cereal box to only contain "A's" and leaves her calling card in the plastic capsule meant for cereal box toys. Later, she crashes Emily's massage, giving her the massage instead of the professional without Emily realizing until she sees the letter A etched into the condensation of her water glass. At the end of the day, she takes Emily's psychological therapy session when Emily doesn't show up.

In I Must Confess, it is revealed that "A" had been a consistent patient of Dr. Sullivan. While Dr. Sullivan is perusing the files in her office, a black hooded figure is seen standing outside her window, watching the woman inside. Dr. Sullivan scans "A's" file, which shows that "A" has an obsession with revenge and refers to her enemies as "nosey bitches." The file also states that "A" wouldn't kill him/her self, only others. Dr. Sullivan calls the girls, wishing to tell them who "A" is. They show up to her office, but she is missing, something for which "A" takes credit in a text message. At the end of the episode, the black hooded figure is seen removing a sound device, which had been planted under the bobble head Freud in Dr. Sullivan's office.

In Over My Dead Body, "A" takes a seat opposite Dr. Sullivan in a booth at an unknown diner. Dr. Sullivan tells her captor that she's done everything you've asked. The black gloved figure doesn't reply, rather only hands her a manila envelope. Full of money? Dr. Sullivan looks disgusted and goes. Next, a waitress approaches the table where "A" is sitting, fills her coffee cup and inquires how her pretty-eyed patron is doing.

In the prequel episode, The First Secret, "A" sends Alison two texts, one when she is in the costume store and one at the end. From the second text, it becomes clear that "A" had posed in the doll-mask and burlap cowl while in The Haunted House and possibly also in the costume store. "A" had been the one to fight Alison with a butcher's knife and push her around. Alison had gotten away though when she kneed "A" and ran for it. At the end of the episode, "A" had taken off the mask, but his/her face was not shown; only a cellphone in hand was.

In Through Many Dangers, Toils, and Snares the four girls trick "A" by pretending to fight with each other over "evidence" of "A's" identity, which in reality doesn't exist. They hope this will reveal A's identity to them by forcing "A" to meet them in person. This plan fails, but they come away with "A's" cell phone.

At the beginning of A Hot Piece of A, someone calls the phone from a blocked number. When Emily is volunteering at a crisis center to fill her community service, she reads a transcript that sounds much like the situation that happened with Hanna, Aria, Spencer and Emily. When the person calls back again, Spencer and Emily's boss tells them to listen in and take notes. They realize that the caller is Lucas and he must be a helper for "A." At the end of the episode, "A" is seen fishing Lucas' shoe out of the river that he fell into after Hanna pushed him in.

In Let the Water Hold Me Down, Hanna and Mona get into an argument, resulting in Hanna running into the bathroom crying, she quiets down when she hears someone else enter, after a while she notices the sink is overflowing. She sees a small boat floating in it and a piece of paper that says, "Life is but a dream, Hanna. And I'm your worst nightmare - A". At the end of the episode, "A" is seen climbing some scaffolding and loosening a bolt in the wall of an unknown location, which is later revealed to be the barn in Spencer's house.

In The Blond Leading the Blind, "A" follows his\her orders by hurting Toby because Spencer made out with him. Toby has a broken arm and Spencer ends the relationship. At the end of the episode, "A" is seen cutting up pictures of Spencer/Toby, Aria/Ezra, and Hanna/Caleb, and burning them in a metal trash can. The final picture "A" burns up is not seen.

In A Kiss Before Lying, "A" threatens Hanna to stop Caleb from working on "A's" phone or "A" would expose her mom's secret of stealing money from the bank. At the end of the episode "A" is seen unlocking the drawer of Mr. Hastings' desk, and taking a gun out.

In The Naked Truth, "A" isn't seen until the very end where he/she walks by a sleeping Caleb and takes his laptop out of his bag.

In CTRL: A, "A" leaves a typewritten message on Byron's car, which has the info of Aria and Ezra's date on it. At the end of the episode, "A" is watching Emily through her window as she tries to call Maya.

In Breaking the Code, "A" sends messages to Mona, accusing her of shoplifting, and also a picture of Hanna's mom, Ashley, and Wilden the night the two got together. "A" also sends Mona Hanna's shoplifting report and threatens Mona to give them to the newspaper or she would be filling out a police report. Ashley and Ella, Hanna and Aria's mothers, find "A's" message and reports and become concerned about who "A" is and what "A" is doing. At the end of the episode, a gloved figure is seen shooting with the stolen gun at a target.

At the end of Father Knows Best, "A" is seen putting two quarters into the newspaper holder for the day's copy of the Rosewood Observer. She takes a paper featuring a huge picture of Maya on the cover with the headline "Missing Girl."

In Eye of the Beholder, it is assumed by the girls that "A" was the one who texted Jenna and brought her over to Jason's house, shortly after setting it on fire, with the intention for Jenna to die there. Hanna pulls Jenna out after coming back for Ali's bag Jason gave the Liars. The house blows up, but only the downstairs is damaged. The final scene shows a gloved figure scrummaging through the wreckage from the fire and planting a police badge at the scene.

At the end of If These Dolls Could Talk, Martha tells "A" she kept her end of the deal but the giant mess she has to clean up is much more than she bargained for. "A" hands her an envelope full of money, and gives Seth a lollipop. Seth is seen staring intently at "A."

In UnmAsked, the girls take a room in a motel. They stay in room 1--the same room Alison stayed in while she was alive—while, "A," lurking in the shadows, weaves in and out of their room without the girls ever knowing. She even visits while Hanna is in the shower, though "A's" intentions are unknown. She also spies on them from room 2, where "A" has presumably rented her own room.

At the costume ball, Mona shares with the Liars a story of how Alison, dressed as Vivian Darkbloom, had been spying on someone in a costume shop the week before she died. This prompts Spencer to realize that Alison had been searching for "A" all along and must have rented Room 1 in the motel in order to spy on the person in Room 2 - "A!" Together with Mona, Spencer sneaks the key from the desk and goes into Room 2 to find A's lair. Spencer is freaked out; the room is covered with pictures of all the Liars and Alison. There are Bratz Dolls that resemble each of the five girls perched in "A's" dollhouse.

Then, when Spencer spots a gum wrapper, the same gum that Mona offered her, in Alison's stolen diary, she suddenly becomes suspicious. When she sees the bag of cashmere sweaters, the understanding that Mona is "A" dawns on her. She turns around to confront Mona, who is now wearing her signature black hoodie. Mona knocks her out with a flashlight in return.

Next, Spencer finds herself riding in the front passenger's seat of Mona's car. Mona threatens her to join The "A-Team" or die at gunpoint from Mr. Hastings' stolen gun. Spencer gets Mona to reveal her motive. She is angry at the liars for stealing Hanna, the only friend she ever had. She claims to be over Alison and the way she had treated her. Spencer uses her phone to convey the message to the other liars, and Mona, without knowing it, is caught on video conversation for the other three liars to hear. Hanna is devastated when she learns that Mona is "A". Spencer lets the girls know where Mona is taking her by warning Mona that if she doesn't slow down, she won't make it to Look Out Point.

The girls move fast to go rescue their friend. Hanna catches up to the other two with her car and stops just short of hitting "A" with her car in anger. "A" runs towards Spencer and starts to fight her near the brink of a cliff. The other girls jet out of the car to help, and as a result, Mona falls several feet into a state of unconsciousness.

Later, the police declare "A" alive, and Dr. Sullivan returns to town to comfort the girls, revealing that "A" was threatening her son which forced her to flee. The police take her to a room with a one-way mirror. The girls look on with Dr. Sullivan who reveals that Mona has a personality disorder that causes her to be in a state of hyper-reality and mixed with her high intelligence level, it fueled her feelings of omnipresence and omniscience, while Mona has a monologue inside her head. She is unrepentant, cocky, and reveals that having the girls feeling safe and leaving their windows open and their doors unlocked is exactly what "we" wanted.

Later, Mona is sent to a mental institution. There, someone in a familiar red jacket comes to visit. Mona tells her: "I've done everything you asked me to," suggesting that "A," is in fact, working for someone else and Mona is perhaps part of a team of "A"s.

Season 3 (The A-Team) In It Happened 'That Night', "A" broke into Spencer's car, and littered it with pictures of the girls in front of the open grave, and burying the shovel. Then, "A" sends them all the text, "Mona played with dolls, I play with body parts. Game on, bitches. -A"

In Blood Is The New Black, Emily finds a necklace inside her bag (presumably from "A") that looks like human teeth, spelling "dead girls can't smile." "A" was also seen watching Ella as she grades Emily's test paper. Aria finds another grave present in her locker; a single earring she put into Alison's casket to remember the times they spent together - the earrings represent the one time they trashed her dad's office pretending to be his college-age mistress. Aria then gets a text from "A", threatening to out her to the police if she doesn't tell her dad. At the end, "A" is seen buying various black sweaters and gloves while wearing a red hoodie. The cashier says, "You buying this for a team?" It might refer to the "A-Team"

In Kingdom of the Blind, "A" (one that was wearing a black hoodie) is seen at the end of the episode around a table of teeth, beads, and string. "A" is also pouring a glass of vodka and then puts it into a large freezer with a bag presumably containing Alison's body.

In Birds of a Feather, we see "A" sitting at the Montecito airport, hacking the computer system of the Radley Sanitarium allowing Mona visitors. The speaker says something about boarding for the flight to Philadelphia, and "A" pays and leaves.

In That Girl is Poison, we see "A" after Garrett's mom went to hospital. "A" was watching from the other side of the street with a black hoodie. In the end of the episode we see "A" with Maya's purse, taking things out of it, including some pills that have Maya's name on the bottle.

In The Remains of the "A," Spencer gets a text from "A" telling her Garrett didn't kill Ali and Maya after he was released. "A" is seen placing their ice-cream/sherbet cup on a table and picking up a newspaper with its story headline Garrett's innocence for Ali's murder. We the see "A" circling in red an ad on the Rosewood Observer, about a room for rent, and then taking her/his phone and typing in a number (possibly about the room).

In Crazy, "A" plants the Ouija board and planchette from the flashback on Hanna's kitchen counter. All the letters and numbers are scratched out except the letter 'A'. Underneath the planchette is a note which reads "See how easy it is for me to get your blood". Also "A" placed a voice recorder into the doll that Mona was brushing later in the end of the episode. "A" takes out the voice recorder hearing what Mona, Hanna and Aria said.

In Stolen Kisses, after Spencer enlists Caleb's help to crack the password for Maya's site as he wants to help Hanna and crush the Mona Monster, "A" sends Spencer a text which reads: "Mona's almost gone, Hanna's next" This episode closes with "A" collecting a large sum of money from a bank and taking a mint from a bowl while the teller says: "Just looking at you in that hoodie makes me shiver, I guess summers really over"

At the end of The Kahn Game, we see "A" in a cat obsessed woman's office, who gives them a key to their new apartment - Unit A.

In the episode What Lies Beneath, Emily and Hanna find that Maya was living at the Kahn Cabin after she disappeared. They go to the cabin and find a secret room behind a bookshelf which inside contains a sleeping bag and a bag full of Maya's things such as a knife, clothes and a card Emily gave to Alison. However "A" locks them in this room so Emily begins breaking windows to get out and Hanna ends up getting a flesh wound. When they escape they go around the front of the cabin to see that "A" had spray painted the message "I'm saving you for later" on the walls. At the end of the episode, we see "A" watching the news, which mentions Garrett's trial that will be starting soon. A hangs a hoodie then changes the channel and begins to watch the Wheel of Fortune.

In Single Fright Female, a black gloved figure is seen turning on the jukebox and grooving along to the music while handing a key to another black gloved figure suggesting that there are more than 2 members on the "A-Team."

In The Lady Killer, Toby Cavanaugh is revealed to be another A, but not to the liars. After Mona's done talking to him he leaves with grim look on his face and its implied he has been with them for a while.

In She's Better Now, Toby is seen in a car trying to hit Lucas, who is on a skateboard. Meredith was given a note, telling her to go into the shed..which later caught on fire. It was said by Byron that Meredith thinks that Aria wrote the message (or one of her friends). It could be assumed that Mona wrote the note since Meredith kept Hanna after class and was seen looking at her later on. Either Mona or Toby is later seen tampering with a boy's bike, consequently in him to falling down.

In Mona-Mania, Hanna, Spencer, and Emily go back to the basement to get Ali's diary only to find it swapped with a blank one with a note from "A". A hooded figure was also in the room but got away. The figure was later to be Lucas and he was the one who sit fire to the school shed. It is assumed that "A" tampered with Brad's bike so that Mona could join Academic Decathlon, a club which Spencer is in. They later would compete for the team captain spot, Mona would win as Spencer would become to cocky. Mona, as "A", was revealed to be outside of Byron's office and when he leaves she is talking to someone. Another "A" is shown covering the Caleb look a like mask and the Queen of Hearts mask under some leaves...poorly.

In Misery Loves Company, Toby, in his "A" hoodie,  talking to Mona, who is disabling an alarm system, about "tomorrow"'s plans in the "A" lair. "A" set Hanna up for a fake interview in an empty, except for faceless white manikins, bouquet store. When she enters, "A" chases her until she falls down. "A" precedes to leave, with (maybe) unknowingly leaving behind the "A" key. Hanna picks up the key and heads to Spencer's, she also texts Emily to meet her there. Spencer ends up getting the key and later places it in her kitchen counter drawer, in front of Toby. "A" is seen breaking into the Hastings household and looking threw the drawer. "A" hears Spencer's voice and stands still, revealing their face. Toby. When he turns around, she throws the key down, and walks towards her. Toby says her name and she slaps him. He asked how long she knew and she showed him his Radley I.D. card, that was seen earlier in the episode. As Veronica enters the kitchen, Toby leaves. Spencer's goes to Toby's to get him to say it wasn't true, but ends up crying on his doorstep. A hooded figure is seen adjusting the blind's and sitting down at the table, Spencer set up. The hooded figure, Mona, is seen drinking wine, having a piece of lasagna in front of her, listening to music and in the end, seen smiling. It is assumed that Mona changed Toby's locks.

In Dead to Me, Spencer goes to the new "A" liar, only to find it empty - in pictures wise. Emily has a flashback revealing that she stood over the grave, while "A" was digging up Alison's body. When she wouldn't stop yelling at them to stop, "A" got out of the grave and covered her mouth to shut her up. Emily also sees a women in a red coat watching. "A" is seen buying Whiskey and showing the clerk, Kyle, his/her ID, but right as the ID is about to come out of A's wallet, the scene fades out.

In What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted, It was revealed that "A" placed the Whiskey on Jason's porch and was watching him and Emily. "A" tempered with the elevator which end in Jason getting hurt. "A" has four bottles of Whiskey with the girls faces on them. He/She places an empty one in the middle and gives it a spin. It originally lands on Aria, but another "A" turns it around to land on Spencer. The other "A" sets down two glasses and pours them a glass of Whiskey.

In Hot Water, Spencer notices the Big A spying on her, but disappears before Spencer can follow her. Later, one of the "minor A's" in a black hoodie is seen walking past Spencer's bathroom, while she is the shower. When Spencer tries to leave, she sees the message "A" left for her, and that "A" placed a plunger in between the handles of the shower. Aria would found her just before Spencer can pass out, and saves her. At the end of the episode, "A" is turning on a record and cuts the stems from a handful of roses, which he/she place on a wreath. The words "Deepest Sympathy" are on it.

In Will The Circle Be Unbroken, Mona gives Spencer a second chance to join the "A-Team."

In I'm Your Puppet, It is revealed that Spencer accepted Mona's offer and was the one who took Malcolm.

Pretty Dirty S​ecrets

In CAll Security, "A" hides in the Halloween store after Shana closes up. "A" then admires a blonde wig that resembles Alison's hair, After a security guard comes and goes, "A" checks all the videos on the computer that was put through the security camera's. "A" looks at the video of CeCe and Jason and pauses to admire CeCe possibly because she looks like Alison or "A" is somebody who knows CeCe.The next video is of Noel and Garrett talking. The hooded figure zooms in on the mystery woman emerging from the dressing room, and nods. The last video is of Lucas and the "baby face" talking. The figure rewinds and zooms in on an individual passing in the background, wearing a red hooded trenchcoat like Vivian Darkblooms and black boots. "A" copies the videos on a hard drive and deletes the video's on the computer.

In The "A" Train, "A" is seen looking over plans for the Halloween Train.

Season 4 (Red Coat)

The truth won't set you free. I'm going to bury you with it.

In "'A' is for A-l-i-v-e," it is revealed by Mona through a video that Melissa and Darren were the Queen of Hearts on the Halloween train. Darren's face is shown but just as Melissa's is about to be revealed, "A" begins deleting all of Mona's files.

It is also reveled that "A" gave five little girls dolls of the liars. The girls tell the liars that their friend Alison gave them the dolls.

"A" sends Toby a text to have him bring the lair in exchange for information about his mother.

At Darren's funeral, a woman dressed in black with a veil over her face is in attendance. She sits behind Jenna and Nigel during the service. Afterwards, she quickly gets into a limo and leaves.

She is later shown in a lair. She lifts the veil revealing an "Ali mask." When she turns to the side, the left side of the mask has burn marks.

In "Bring Down the Hoe," it is revealed that CeCe Drake is on the A-Team.

In "Now You See Me, Now You Don't," it is revealed that CeCe Drake is actually Red Coat and that there are two Red Coat's. One is supposedly Alison DiLaurentis. However, this is Alisons disguise to hide from A. It will possibly be explored in Grave New World. At the end of the episode we learn that Ezra Fitz  may be  Big A not Red Coat. He may also be Board Shorts.

In "A is for Answers," it was revealed that the first 'A' Mona had helped Ali when she ran away from Carla Grunwald. Mona used her powers of persuasion and manipulation to convince Ali that she should dissapear. In the room next to where Mona is nursing Ali back to health we see Mona in A's lair humming and stroking a doll whilst saying 'pretty girl'.

Later on in present day 'A' is searching for the liars and Ali there are shots as 'A' tries to reach the girls with a gun. 'A' breaks a glass window with the gun and then whilst chasing the girls shoots a door open. Furthermore he chases the girls and fires some shots while leaning out of a window to the fire escape, however he/she misses. They then dissapear whilst the girls are running up the stairs, however they come back through a door on the roof just as Ezra also appears. Ezra attempts to tackle 'A' whilst the gun is being shot, the gun then falls from 'A's hands and Hanna is able to retrieve it. Hanna and Aria demand that 'A' takes off their mask however 'A' has other plans and jumps from the current building to another then looks back at the girls and leaves with his/her mask still intact. We find out that 'A' has shot Ezra when Ezra collapses with a gunshot wound.

At the end of the episode we see 'A' dragging a presumably dead Mrs Dilaurentis to a grave and burying her.


"A" poses as Alison in her text messages. After Alison's funeral, she says "I'm still here." When the girls are preparing a memorial for Alison in "Please, Do Talk About Me When I'm Gone," she says that she will be watching like Tom Sawyer - who was also presumed to be dead and had spied on his own memorial service. In the first episode, she tells Emily, "I've been replaced," referring to Maya; clearly "A" knows that Emily loved Alison. "A" even explicitly says "A" is for Alison in "Know Your Frenemies." When Spencer becomes a person of interest in Alison's death, "A" refers to it as "my death".

In "UnmAsked," one of the "A's" is revealed to be Mona. In a monologue in Mona's mind, we hear that this is originally what "they" wanted. We learn that "A" is not working alone when a visitor arrives to see Mona in the mental institution. This visitor wears a red coat, much like Vivian Darkbloom's, and Mona says, "I did everything you asked me to."

In "The Lady Killer," another one of the "A's" is revealed to be Toby.

In "I'm Your Puppet," Spencer joined the "A-Team" making her the third "A."

In "Bring Down the Hoe," CeCe is revealed to be one of the A's and in "Now You See Me, Now You Don't," she is revealed to be Red Coat for the A-Team.

Multiple IdentitiesEdit

Throughout the series the Liars were lead to believe that "A" is a single person. However, there may have been hints that multiple people could be in on it. In "UnmAsked," it is learned that "A" is working with a partner, possibly a series of people. The dramatic irony is that the Liars have not found this out yet.

To date the only known identities of "A" is Mona Vanderwaal, Toby Cavanaugh and Spencer Hastings. However, it is revealed at the end of the episode that Mona and Toby are simply  workers for the stranger in the coat. Which many think could be Vivian Darkbloom, Alison's alter ego.

It is speculated that this unknown individual may be Jenna Marshall because during UnmAsked, she meets an unseen person in the park and hands them an unknown item with the instructions "you know what to do." Some believe this person to be the same person who visits Mona at the end. This might make sense if Mona and Jenna formed a friendship after Halloween 2008, as alluded to in "The First Secret."

Before Ian is pushed to his death in the church, he says "What are you doing here!?" indicating he knew his assailant. If this was "A," "A" saved Spencer's life.

It is confirmed during Season 3 that there is more than one "A," and producers confirmed that "A" is a team of people. This team is controlled by the Big A. The next identity of a member of The "A-Team" was revealed to be Toby Cavanaugh in "The Lady Killer."

In "Dead To Me," Emily remembers an event from "It Happened 'That Night'" which consists of her watching an "A" dig up Alison's grave. Big A is also overlooking this. You see "A" struggling with the shovel, and her head turns upward in a quick motion, revealing long, brown hair coming out of the hood, revealing that this A is female. It is speculated that this could be Mona, but she was locked up in Radley at this point, though it is made evident age could escape.

Psychiatric FileEdit

Physician: Dr. Rollins
Patient DOB: 10/8/1994

  • Overpowering feelings of revenge and anger management.
  • No desire to kill themself, only others.
[...] prone to sudden outbursts of anger and aggression. Client seems confused about the nature of [...]; assumes it is their job to "police" and monitor all activity in the neighborhood that [...] us." Often refers to unnamed adversaries as "nosey bitches."
[...] "impulse control" [...] Perhaps the driving force behind recent problems. May have [...] their own omnipotence. Client appears to demonstrate the ability to [...]
[...] demonstrates a total [...] Client becomes agitated [...]

It is all but confirmed that this was Mona's patient file.


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The Alternate endings for pAige and cAleb
Tommy CichonAdded by Tommy Cichon
  • In the episode "The Lady Killer," The betrAyer and 2nd member of the "A-Team" is revealed to be Toby. Multiple endings were shot to avoid the real one from being leaked. Alternate's for the betrAyer role were Caleb and Paige. These alternate endings will be on the Season 3 DVD.
  • It was highly hinted at by Oliver Goldstick that Shana is an adjunct for the team. Which is why she is listed as A.
  • The first appearances listed in the character info boxes are for their reveals. For A's appearances see A's biography. For the first appearances of the characters as individuals see their individual pages.
  • When Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily start therapy, Dr. Sullivan states that she cannot tell the police - or anyone else what is said in the therapy sessions unless she believes that they are a danger to themselves or to others. In the files that Dr. Sullivan is searching in I Must Confess, it states that "A" is more than willing to hurt other people, has an obsession with revenge, and even refers to the Pretty Little Liars as "Nosey Bitches."
  • Mona was clearly horseback riding with Hanna at the time "A" gave Emily a massage in "Touched By an 'A'-ngel," indicating Mona had a helper (Mona reveals this to be Lucas in "'A' is for A-l-i-v-e"). Toby was with Spencer helping her look through Ian's things at the time, so he did not give Emily the massage. This likely indicates there is a third member of the "A-Team." Since there is never any record of Big A physically taking out the "A" actions, it is safe to assume that there are at least 4 members on the "A"-Team.
    • In "This Is A Dark Ride" since there was two known members on the halloween train. There was a 3 third unknown member wearing the Queen of Hearts costume who sedated Aria, then trapped her in a wooden coffin with a dead Garrett Reynolds (who the fans suspect that Toby killed). Also, when Aria was being pushed off a train, you could clearly hear a female and male voice encouraging a reluctant second male voice to help push. If the Mona and Toby were two of the people, there has to be at least one more male member on the "A-Team."
    • In Dead To Me, Emily recalls remembering another event from That Night. She saw an "A-Team" member trying to open Alison's coffin while the Big A watched and supervised (?). When the black hooded person turned around, you could clearly see long brown hair. If this was not Mona, then there would have to be at least five members of the "A-Team": Mona, Toby, the female from Emily's flashback, the male who helped push Aria off the train and finally: the Big "A".
    • So a reasonable estimate is that there are at least 4-5 members on the "A-Team," including the leader.
    • "A" carries around Vivian Darkbloom's driver license and uses it
    • Red Coat was revealed in 4x12. It has been revealed to be 2 red coats. One being Cece Drake, and the other being Ali (presumably).


  • "A" is left-handed.
  • In an interview for ABC Family, Oliver Goldstick and Marlene King discuss "A," clearly referring to "A" as a she multiple times.
  • "A" often uses Wizard of Oz references, custom designing a fortune cookie that reads "Lions and tigers and bitches, oh my!" (from "Lions and tigers and bears, oh my") and There's No Place Like Homecoming. (Dorothy's words at the end of the film: There's No Place Like Home.") In Can You Hear Me Now? "A" sends a flier towards the Pretty Little Liars that reads, "Ding Dong, the Bitch is Dead," a reprisal of the film's song "Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead."
  • A symbol
    A's lipstick symbol
    "A" is extremely talented at hacking into computers and databases.
  • Money must not be a problem for "A" to come by, because "A" can afford extravagant pieces.
  • In For Whom the Bell Tolls, it is believed by fans that Toby was the 'A' that saved Spencer from Ian following the end of The Lady Killer and was one who gave Emily that call towards the end of "The Lady Killer."
  • In the same episode, Mona revealed that The "A-Team" was plotting to frame Paige prior to Nate/Lyndon disclosing he murdered Maya.
  • Mona and Toby seem to be following the orders of another person, therefore neither is the leader of the "A-Team."
  • Toby, while definitely a part of the "A-Team," may not be "Big A," only another member of the team.
  • While "A" exists in both the books and TV series, in the books, the two "A's" are not affiliated with each other whereas the "A's" in the TV series seem to all be connected.
  • In the interview promo, Mona tells Toby that she isn't the one calling the shots
  • In the season 2 finale, UnmAsked, it was said that A was supposed to be revealed. After Mona was revealed to be A, we see a person in a red coat visiting her at the end in Radley. Mona looks up, and says, "I did everything you've asked me to do." This tells us that Mona is in fact not the real A, but simply working for A. This seems contradictory, considering that that A was supposed to be revealed in the episode, and that moments after the finale, Marlene King tweeted that Mona is indeed A. It is possible that the show's writers were being cyrptic when they said: "A will be revealed" and that "Mona is indeed A". One could say that Mona (and Toby) is A at "face value" since she has physically done everything that A has done to the liars. However, she is simply a worker for the true A, and that it is the real A (the person in the red coat) who was telling Mona what to do, the one who controls the A- team and the one who calls the shots. It seems as if a new -A team member will be revealed every summer/spring finale, and that the "Big A" will be revealed in the series finale.
  • In Seasons 1 and 2, multiple people have commented on A's pretty eyes.
  • Big A, the leader of the "A-Team" has been revealed to be a female in the new sneak peek for Misery Loves Company.
  • In Misery Loves Company, Mona says that we're all set for "tomorrow" after she hacks into someone's alarm system to turn it off. "Tomorrow" could indicate the plan for Toby to be found out since he felt like they were "rushing this."
  • It has been revealed by Janel Parrish (Mona Vanderwaal) that Red Coat will be revealed in Season 4, Episode 13. 
  • Throughout 3A, it is possible that there were more than one "A" doing the dirty deeds. This is thought because the episode before Cece Drake came to town, A rents an apartment. In addition, in Single Fright Female one A gives an apartment key to another A. with the recent A is EzrA reveal, it makes sense for Cece, with the 50K Jason DiLaurentis possibly gave her, that she rented the apartment and then gave the key to Ezra, or vice-versa. Many fans believe that Cece, Ezra, Lucas and Toby were acting as A in Season 3A

A's ExpensesEdit

First A:

  1. A long-term rental room in a motel. (UnmAsked)
  2. A presumably designed "Black Swan" dress (UnmAsked)
  3. A large amount of money in an envelope for the doll maker. (If These Dolls Could Talk)
  4. Numerous cell phone's with a talk and text plan (Costing Approx. $2 per day of use, plus initial purchase fee) Specifics revealed in Let the Water Hold Me Down from the packaging.
  5. Four custom-made pull-string porcelain dolls that "A" can program to repeat specially designed voice messages as well as four gold nameplate necklaces for the dolls. Over My Dead Body (Although, it is revealed in A Hot Piece of A that the dolls may have belonged to some Hastings ancestor, and may have been found in The Hastings' Cabin.)
  6. Therapy sessions with Dr. Sullivan. (Touched by an 'A'-ngel)
  7. A $450 pair of designer Tory Burch boots (ordered online). (Never Letting Go)
  8. Melissa's diamond ring from the pawn broker (approx. $7000). (My Name Is Trouble)
  9. A complete set of dark room equipment (unless stolen). (Picture This)
  10. Multiple boxes of AlphaBits cereal. (Touched by an 'A'-ngel)
  11. A gift basket for Hanna and Emily delivered to Hanna's door (with stuff dolls and candy). (Surface Tension)
  12. A box of syringes and a bottle of Human Growth Hormone (HGH). (Surface Tension)
  13. A box of Danby paraphernalia (mug, sweatshirt) shipped to Emily's house. (Blind Dates)
  14. Two custom-designed beaded bracelets ('Alison' and 'Jenna') (Approx. $72). (To Kill a Mocking Girl)
  15. A fake marble trophy. (The Badass Seed)
  16. Sustaining three (previously four) pet rats. (The Badass Seed)
  17. "A" seemed to have rented a room in the Rosewood Motel for at least one night. (A Person of Interest)
  18. Owns high-tech equipment, including surveillance cameras, room bugs, and a projector. (Numerous occasions shown, however prominent in I Must Confess & The Devil You Know.)
  19. Half a dozen custom-designed cupcakes (for Hanna). (Know Your Frenemies)
  20. A ticket to an art opening in Philadelphia (for Hanna). (If At First You Don't Succeed, Lie, Lie Again)
  21. Custom-designed fortune cookies (for the girls before homecoming). (There's No Place Like Homecoming)
  22. Zombie Killer costume. (The First Secret)

Second A:

  1. Leather gloves and multiple black hoodies. (Blood Is The New Black)
  2. A large deep freezer large enough to hold a body/corpse. (Kingdom of the Blind)
  3. A bottle of Vodka. (Kingdom of the Blind)
  4. Plane tickets to Montecito, CA and back to Philadelphia, PA.
  5. An apartment to rent. (The Remains of the "A")
  6. $50,000 in cash (Stolen Kisses)
  7. Two Tickets for the Halloween Ghost Train Party (The Lady Killer)
  8. Queen of Hearts costume $179.99 (seen on This Is A Dark Ride, price shown in Hot Water
  9. A gift basket with an "It's A Boy" balloon attached (She's Better Now)
  10. About 100 bottles of Whiskey (Dead To Me/What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted).
  11. Four bobbleheads that resemble the liars
  12. An RV (rented)
  13. Possible pilot lessons and a plane or plane ride (A dAngerous gAme)
  14. Construction manual and gift card (Crash and Burn, Girl!)


Spencer: It’s like I hear "A" laughing in my head.

Hanna: If Ian didn’t kill Ali, did "A"?

Aria: "A" knows everything.

Emily: If that bitch is ‘A’, then this could be a trap.

Alison: You know, I really should do something about that "A." That bitch is genuinely getting on my nerves.

Mona/A [to Spencer]: You're not the only genius in this car. You bitches underestimated me.

A: I'm still here bitches,and i know everything.

A: Mona played with dolls, I play with body parts. Game on, bitches.

A: Lions and tigers and bitches oh my! There's no place like homecoming. See you there.


A: You'll get your $$$ back if you do what I say. Sweet dreams.

Toby [about "A"]: It's always felt like a 'she,' hasn't it?



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